Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Few New Thrifty Buys.....

As gardening season draws ever closer...

I am always on the hunt for garden things...

The baskets will be filled with a riot of colours...

Blooming 'til late into Fall...

Bringing delight to all!!!   hahaha! 

Mirrors are always an attraction for me...not sure where this little fella will go...

But...I KNOW I will find a spot...

Couldn't resist the guy in the striped socks!

He screams FALL to me...he will find a hiding spot until then!

Love the button detail...and his basket of Fall things...

As I did some toll painting...

I always buy these when I see them...

I know how much work goes into them...

Would you be interested in seeing some of mine???


                HAVE I SAID FALL TOO MANY TIMES???

                DO YOU THINK SPRING HEARD ME????


Hope so...maybe she will get her butt in gear...and get busy!!

Lastly...the framed ceramic roses...

They look vintage to me...

Love the frames...and the signature...

After they are cleaned up...they will hang somewhere...

To be appreciated....once again....

Any thrifty buys lately????



These are my thrifty finds from last week...

Think I spent....about....$4....YAY!!!!

Hope you are all having a great day....



Expecting my friend D for a cup of tea, cake/berries and a chit-chat...

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                        Cheers!  :o)



  1. What is D's full name? Four smackers? That's a deal. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. My friend Devon♥️
      Yes.....4 smackers!

  2. Fun buys you have there! I haven't been to the thrift store in months! It's snowing here at the moment along with sunshine! Crazy! haha.

    1. We just had a blizzard blow thru! No kidding! Crazy is right!
      You get your treasures at the auctions......

  3. wonderful thrifty finds!! The ceramic roses are lovely!!!! You did well this week!

    1. Yes....I thought so...and after I clean them, I can find them a new home.....

  4. I love the ceramic roses, have 4 long stemmed ceramic ones that would match exactly. Great thrifting. I went out the other day but nothing caught my eye in my favourite store, it seemed like it had turned into a second hand clothing store with hardly any treasures that could be used in the garden.

    1. I understand...sometimes I see lots of things....other times....nothing!
      I actually spotted a few other things I liked, but I said....."NO".... hahaha!

  5. YES!
    i would very much like to see some of yours.
    yet another creative outlet you do! wonderful.
    bring it on girl! xoxo♥

    1. Really?
      Ok...you're on!
      I'll start taking a few pics...
      Thanks for mentioning...but...you missed me in one of the mirror shots! Hahaha....

  6. Love your thrifty finds. All are so cute, and I even like the way to displayed them all together in the first picture.
    I remember a time when ceramic roses were so popular and beautiful so I think they are vintage looking.
    I adore little "people" for the seasons. Your Mr. tall and handsome with his basket is darling.
    I had to mail a box at the post office this morning, and guess what is next door...my favorite Thrift Store. I did stop in and picked up a blue Pfalatzgraff pottery plate, same pattern as the mug Martha sent me at Christmas filled with cookies. A blouse that is a little small....but it was so lovely, the material and style and for $1.00 I could not pass it up...OK I need to lose a few pounds anyway.
    Some days are better than others, right? Enjoyed all your goodies...Sending smiles and hugs

    1. Gee thanks Wanda♥️
      I am sure the blouse will fit....VERY soon!
      Happy thrifting!

  7. Seems like 4 bucks well spent to me! You might just have said fall too much if it weren't that you are so excited about the coming of spring!!! xx

    1. I know...guilty as charged!
      It won't happen again!

  8. Fall? FALL? Wash your mouth out!!
    Jane x

    1. Done.......{ashamed...head down...skulking away}

  9. We had snow today, too, Linda, so quit bragging. hahaha! Love your thrifty finds, especially the baskets that will be soon (positive thinker here) filled to the brim with flowers. Hope you enjoyed your tea and chat with D. There is nothing better than getting together with a friend. Have a good evening, Deb

    1. Yes sirreeee....hopefulyl in another month....or so...
      Had a great chat...unfortunately my D is moving away....far far away...in a few months :o(

  10. I have not found anything of lately while thrifting except some vintage pillowcases. Why? Because everything is way over priced! That mirror would go for $8 or $9. The roses would be about $5/ea. The scarecrow would be 3 or 4. No way I am paying that for 2nd hand items.

    1. What thrift shops do you go to?
      That mirror was $1...the roses were 50 cents each...scarecrow guy 50 cents...
      I have great luck at The Benevolant Fund...and BIbles For Missions...
      Do you have those out West????

  11. Very cool finds at a very cool price; my favourite type of shopping! I haven't picked up anything yet for the garden. Or even anything thrifty. Everything I run into doesn't seem like much of a deal; even at second-hand shops. I need to find new places to check out!

    1. yes you do!
      see my answer to Birdie....

  12. Great finds for $4.00! I like the mirror and the yellow roses all framed up. Kind of unique, they are. I went to VV 2 weeks ago and found 2 small oval white ironstone platters/plates for $1.99 each. They have the tea leaf in the centre so they go with my other dishes in this pattern. I didn't need them but.....you know how it is. :) Waiting on the big snow event here. Getting breezy but no snow yet. I don't think we'll get it very bad. Another one coming on Sunday. Yay!!


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