Thursday, 13 March 2014

Something "Springy" For My Front Door....



Enough of the snow...

Let's move on to more lovely things..

Like this...

Picked this up at Homesense the other day...

Thought it would look just perfect...



Front door.....♥️♥️♥️ gave me an "excuse" to remove my Christmas wreath...

Which was still hanging....not really looking all that bad...but...really???

Christmas wreath in mid- March???

Enough is enough...


I thought it was perfect!

Right down to the lovely green ribbon....

I added one wee thing...

Can you spot it???

See him tucked in there???

Nothing like the $ store...

To add...just...


Finishing touch!



Is what...

It looked like...



Still...cute as a button!!!

Hope you are all shovelled out from the storm....

Lovely and sunny here today...

Got the rest of my cleaning chores done...

My boyfriend should be home anytime now...driving back from Pennsylvania...

Said New York State had lots of snow....

I have Potato and Leek soup simmering on the stove....for a light supper...

Along with some Egg Salad sandwiches....YUMMY!!!

He will be pooped from the drive....hope he notices all the changes I have made!! clean everything is!

Also made some beef stew yesterday in the crock pot...

All ready for Friday night...served over garlic smashed potatoes...

I love when I am so organized...this week was great to be on my own...

Got a lot of fiddly diddly things cleaned up and put away...

Have a bag for the Sally as well...can't forget her! hahaha!

         Enjoy the rest of your day....

           What kind of trouble did you get into?

                            Cheers!   :o)


  1. such a cheerful post.
    I can smell the luscious cooking all the way from here.
    hope the boyfriend realizes how lucky he is.
    darn snow.
    raining on your spring door parade.
    well. totally mixed metaphors.
    but you know.
    you have summer in your heart. and it shows.
    NUTHIN' keeps the cc girl down. NUTHIN! xoxo ♥

    1. Ha!
      You know me so well, Tammy....
      Boyfriend knows how lucky he is....I constantly remind him!♥️

  2. So pretty and even better with the snow!

    1. Yes...even with the snow. ♥️

  3. Lovely wreath and the added Easter touch is really cute, bet Miss V will like that.
    Enjoy the yummy dinner, sounds delicious with 2 of my faves.

    1. I am sure she will!
      Looking forward to dinner....all done!

  4. Oh Linda, the Spring basket on your door is just too darling!! I love it. Even with a dusting of snow it looks great.

    Sounds like to did get a lot done with boyfriend away. That works for me too. But can't get my dearest to go anywhere for any length of time. He had a dear friend in Texas, and when the weather there gets better, I'm sending him off for a visit.
    Did I get into trouble today..sorta...let a pan of cookies burn chatting on the computer....oh well, 2 pans didn't.
    Sending smiles and hugs

    1. Ha! Mine only goes away on business...otherwise we are joined at the hip!
      Oh dear....burnt cookies....
      Enjoy your day, Wanda ♥️

  5. Lovely and springy...and i do like the sound of that stew. And...eggs sambos and leek soup sounds incredible, lucky your boyfriend!!!

    1. Thanks Jo.....I am getting hungry.....

  6. The basket is darling! Will have to locate a "Homesense" equivalent! :) I did get into trouble at the local "Amish store" in the country...lovely drive and wonderful, organic spices, flours, treats...delicious chocolate...AND an attached antique store...oh, no! Must be almost-spring!

    1. Oh yes.....what did you buy?
      A drive in the country would go quite nicely....too bad about all that SNOW being in the way!
      Thanks for visiting Kitty!

  7. You do sound happy. I should send the retired guy away for a few days. hahaha! No, really. Love the post and loooooooove the wreath. My favorite time of year is the Easter season. I can't wait and will bring some bunnies out this weekend. I wonder if my visiting cats will eat them? We have 2 acres just south of Ottawa (Manotick area). I have owned this piece of land since my mom passed away 16 years ago but never did anything with it. So, we put a new well on it last summer and we are getting ready to put a carriage house on it so we can be living there when we build our retirement home. I'm not looking forward to living in a one bedroom apt. above a 2car garage (are you gagging yet) but it will hopefully be for a short time. Our youngest daughter will keep our family home for now as we are not selling it for awhile. If I can't take the small living quarters I may live with her while the house is built. I'm sure she is thrilled beyond belief. :)

    1. Hahaha...abscence makes the heart grow fonder......right?
      I love the basket.....fits perfectly!
      Will email you about the other...I am confused 😜

  8. Love the new wreath and the cute addition of the chick! Very sweet and it did look lovely with a light dusting of snow on it!

    1. Thanks!
      The $ store has a lot of cute little things....
      The "dusting" looks good......but ONLY on the wreath! Hahaha!

  9. I love your spring basket! It is too cute and the little chickies and eggs are sweet for Easter. The snow actually looks pretty too but a bit out of place. Go away snow! Not sure how much we got here but it was a lot. It just stopped snowing in the last hour. Almost 36 hours of snow and wind. Hope your boyfriend gets home safely. Enjoy your evening.

    1. Thanks Pam....I really liked soon as I spied it.....and...there was only 1!
      Boyfriend home....8 hour drive!

  10. I do love the flowers on your door! I need some spring around here too.
    Maybe some silk flowers will do...
    Did I get into any trouble.... ?
    Can't think of any.

    1. Think harder! Hahaha!
      Get yourself a plant or something.....brighten things deserve it!

  11. It is beautiful and springlike, even if it is snowy too!! It has to be more likely to welcome spring than your Christmas wreath - perhaps it will tempt it in!! Hope that your boyfriend gets home safe and sound and that you love having him home again - which I am sure that you will!! - hope too that he notices all that you have been keeping busy getting up to while he was away. xx

    1. Good thinking will MAKE Spring come...I like that!
      Boyfriend home....tired.....sleepy......fed

  12. I bet Miss V. will like the little chick in the basket.

    No getting into trouble here but it is only 5:52....

  13. Aw, it's so cute and cheerful! Vivian is going to love it. I hope your boyfriend made it home safely.

  14. So, so pretty! I have to start getting some spring things out. Only a few more days now and I can't wait. The little chick and eggs are perfect with the basket. It's amazing what you can find at the dollar store.


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