Thursday, 6 March 2014

Back With Miss V....♥️♥️♥️

What could be better.....
Than getting back in the groove....
With little Miss V herself ♥️
I had bought her some new slips, as I fgured her old ones might be too small...
These fit the bill perfectly....altho...she was rather sad about the old ones...
I hid those!
These are sparkly and she loves to dance in them!

I had picked up this sweet cardigan while away...

She quite liked it...

I think it suits her just fine!
She got busy right away....

Now climbing up onto the kitchen chairs...


Loves writing in Grampas book....

And....using Grampas pen!

I know...I know....I need a pedicure! Soon!

After a lovely nap....and more running around...

It was time to slow things down a wee bit...


TIme for Bubble Guppies....but....only a short 20 minutes...

Just time to relax....and regroup...hahaha! for Nana!!!

MAN....she loves that is kinda cute, and teaches them things...

It was wonderful seeing her again...

When I went to pick her up....she ran to me..."Nana  Nana"...

Brought a tear to me glad we are a big part of her life  ♥️♥️♥️


Hope you are all having a great day....

Sun is shining....small warm up on the way....

Gonna take a run to the cottage tomorrow....

Can't wait to see what is going on out there!

Picking up Miss V this afternoon....having a sleepover...

Her mom is away overnite on business....

Gonna be fun!


On the menu this fine Thursday....

      Pepper Steak....with fresh green peppers and green onions...

              Served over No Yolk a thick sauce...

                Chunks of tomatoes added at the end.....YUMMO!!!!

         Side of Greek Salad...

Enjoy the rest of your day....

                         Cheers!   :o)


  1. Lovely that she enjoys spending time with you. I very often get a photo that Little Pumpkin asked to be taken and sent to Granny, or grandson will phone me to tell me something he did. So lovely they want to share with us all the time.
    It's a lovely sunny day today.

    1. Aren't grandchildren awesome? I think our generation are special grandparents as well...
      Not all stuffy....but fun and silly!

  2. Wonderful photos ! She is such a little love ! Oh fuzzy slippers I like ! Looks like Miss V is giving Nana a run for her money lol ! Love the photo of you two . Supper sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Aren't those slippers hilarious....and her shuffling around in them...too cute!

  3. Miss V is getting so big! Love the new slippers. And I see she and I share a fondness for Christie's Arrowroot biscuits.

    1. Yes.....doesn't everyone? Hahaha!

  4. I may have missed some of your Florida trip, Linda but I sure am glad I didn't miss your Miss V reunion! She is just so cute and still a ham I see:) I just love that picture of you two. Priceless! Thank you so much for sharing, Linda...Hope all is well at the cottage and Welcome home!

    1. Well thanks Louise. ♥️
      Hope you get a chance to browse thru my Florida posts....some pretty good pics, if I may say so myself!
      Glad you are back as well.....

  5. She is sooooo cute!! Im sure she missed you and you too:) what really sweet thing is she:)))

  6. Im on the beach by some days:))

  7. YUMMO in so many ways!
    the food
    the most beautiful baby in the world
    the glamorous nana
    the gorgeous new header!

    1. Oh you sweet talker you♥️
      She has really grown.......very tall!

  8. Hope that you have fun at the cottage. How lovely that Miss V was so pleased to see you!! She must have missed you as much as you missed her which is so nice. Did your children run towards you saying Mom, Mom!! Have a good weekend. xx

    1. No.....the big kids were not as exuberant! Hahaha!
      Actually......I have only seen Erika and Vivian so far...
      Hope to catch up with the others SOON!
      Thanks about the header....I do believe you mentioned that yesterday♥️

  9. The picture of her pudgy baby hand is adorable! Even though you came back to snow I bet you are glad to be back.

    1. Oh.....absolutely Birdie.....absolutely♥️

  10. Aw, she looks so sweet in her new sweater, which is just adorable. Don't they love their special programs and videos? Big E got to go to see the Backyardigans Live on Sunday with his Daddy. He had so much fun and they went to McDonald's after for supper. A special time as he loves to watch the videos of this group. Enjoy your sleepover and the visit to the cottage. Take lots of pics. :)

    1. I have seen that show....cute!
      I remember taking my kids to see Polka Dot Door once.....what a scene that was!
      I got miss V a few other things....will share much fun buying girls clothes.....
      Looking forward to the trip tomorrow.....hopefully some thrifting!

  11. Love the slippers and very cute! She looks like she grew up just a little in the last month!

    1. Yes.....much taller♥️
      Talking a blue streak.....some other language though! Hahaha!

  12. She is a beautiful little girl and lucky to have her Nana and Grampa in her life.
    Love her slips and the sweater is sweet.
    We had sunshine too!

    1. Thanks Martha.....we are lucky to have her♥️

  13. Aw she's such a doll. Love the little sweater on her and it's her colour. Nice photo of her and Nana, too.
    We'll be celebrating John's bday this weekend. I'll be baking my requested banana cake. It's going to warm up a bit for us, Linda. And don't we deserve it! Deb

    1. Yes we do Deb.......we sure do!
      Let's hope at least some of this crappy snow melts.....

  14. Oh my gosh, she is growing before our very eyes! Such a beauty! Love her new cardigan and slippers. So soft and cozy!

    1. Yes she is....getting to be a real little girl!

  15. I seem to be missing all your posts Linda, I've a lot of catching up to do! Gorgeous pics of you and Miss V. Have a lovely weekend

    1. Get busy......lots from Florida!
      You have a great weekend as well, Jay!


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