Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Family BBQ....♥️

And off we go for a walk...er...I mean a drive!! hahaha!
It was a gorgeous sunny day...
There is a lovely walkway thru an old cemetery, near my daughter Lissa and her husband Jeff's house...
Perfect for a Sunday drive!!
Complete with cat ears headband and new sunglasses...courtesy of Aunt Lissa!
My son Ryan and I are the photographers...
Want to see his!
Not sure if he got any of me!! 

Isn't this a gorgeous spot?

Back at Lissa's and Jeff's yard...love it here!
They had a new fence put in this Spring...
And their old deck ripped out...and completely rebuilt...bigger and better!!

Playing with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lissa...
What a great yard,eh??

Miss V keeps telling her Uncle Jeff to clean out the treehouse!!

Is that Santa in there? hahaha! 

Chasing Uncle Jeff with the hula-hoop!!

Miss V having some yogurt after dinner...
You can see behind her...they had a big bench built in an L-shape...in front of the deck wall...with storage underneath...and their table has drop leafs, so we could all sit at the table together!! 

You can see the other side below...a cute bench,table,
umbrella and 2 cosy chairs!!

They are still looking for some new furniture...

Awesome job on the deck!!

Hi Lola!!

Lissa has added stones from the beach at the cottage...small pieces of driftwood, gathered on their trips to Maine and New Brunswick...
Looks cool,eh??

I made them both up a small basket of goodies...to help celebrate their new outdoor space...and some nice hot drinks for the upcoming Fall weather...He loves coffee and she drinks tea!!
A few tea towels...placemats...spoon rest...cute "piggy" plate...paper napkins and some lovely blanket stitched Fall napkins...I hope they enjoy everything!!

We had a great afternoon...everyone enjoying our time together...
Dinner was grilled chicken,steaks,veggie burgers,potato salad and gluten free pasta salad...delicious!!

Hope you are all having a great day...
Weather is kinda gloomy here...threatening rain...breezy...on the cooler side...
Did a HUGE grocery shop...and a new wee plant!!

Looks like we are going to enjoy some baked pork chops...
Mashed potatoes with gravy...
Fresh Peaches and Cream corn on the cob...
And some sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms...

Chicken soup on the stove...will be delicious for tomorrow...

Have a great evening... 
Cheers!  :o)


  1. Is that a mobile phone for the little one?

    1. Hahaha! No....silly!
      That belongs to Anna...I am surprised Miss V didn't pick it up though!

    2. I wasn't sure :-)

      Videos are back up. Dunno what was going on with Blogger but when I got up this morning, they were all back.

  2. We just came in..and Jacques is walking Max home after a waffle cone and chocolate milk and an Activia yogurt:)

    We picked Max up in Ontario..just over the border..he was at his good friend Nicholas' cottage for a sleepover and we were all going to go out on his dad and mom's boat..we tried last night and a storm was threatening:( Still LOVED it..but didn't :"sail away with me".
    Tonight was raincheck..and rain it did..so nana's got her boating attire on..a picnic packed..and yet again a rain check..all this to say..here I am reading your cute post..

    Miss V is the star..starlette :)
    Lissa is so much like you:)Same tastes etc..

    The walk is beautiful..I have one walking distance..on the water...gorgeous ancient cemetary..but no meandering paths..just gorgeous relics and views..

    and another..up another road..funny small town w/ 2 post offices.. 2 cemetaries..and no less than 4 churches.
    3 Anglican..one Catholic.

    love the rocks.. all the great decking..seating..etc..
    she has a whimsical side like you..
    The Santa:)


    1. Sounds like you had a full day!
      Max lives close enough to walk him home?
      Thanks for all your sweet comments....
      Lissa has a lot of style...and class♥️

    2. One of our daughters..Caroline and her husband and 3 boys live across the street:)

    3. Oh...how cool is that! So nice for you and J....and the 3 boys! Now I understand how they come after school...precious!!

  3. Yes, clear out the 'stuff'...Miss V needs a penthouse to go with her car!
    Jane x

  4. Your dinner sounds great. Isn't it so peaceful walking in the cemetery? Love Miss V's wheels!

    1. It was! And such a gorgeous day! Oh my god....she LOVES that car!

  5. what a great outdoor space, and best of all they're putting it to good use!! Little V looks very stylish in her little car !

    1. They love their new space...so nice!
      She seems to suit the car!

  6. Oh their backyard is so lovely and the new deck looks wonderful. Looks like you all had a fun time and that Miss V had a great car ride. xo Pam

  7. She takes after her Nanna with the ownership of a nice fast car . . . . a little red Ferrari no less . . . :)
    Great shots and the photographer must have run a long way to get in position for the next shot . . lol

    Nice tree house . . . and I always wondered where Santa hid in the summer . . :)
    Lovely to see a happy family bunch of bunnies . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      It is a VW! You kill me! You must buy Peter and Rosa one!
      And yes......I did run ahead! My son got a few with me in them....
      The tree house is cool eh?
      Bunch of bunnies? Is that a British thing? Hahaha!

    2. Glad it's a VW and not a Ferrari ~ I might be able to afford it . . . lol
      I think Rosa will be a while before she could drive one . . lol I think Miss V should show Peter how to drive it , , , lol
      Sort of British . . . with a dash of Eddie . . lol

    3. Ah yes I now see the VW motif . . .at first she was driving so darned fast I just saw a red Ferrari streaking past . . . haha

    4. Hahaha!
      She just left here...we went around the block twice on her bike!
      Nana is tired! :o)

    5. Had a lovely cuddle with Rosa yesterday for 3/4 hour ~ was making contented noises all through as I rocked her . . . still have the technique you see . . lol
      Lovely rosy warm and healthy coloured look about her ~ she won't need Estee Lauder a little later on . . . lol

    6. Do you use Estée Lauder?

    7. haha! . . . I thought you ladies do? . .

    8. Nope.....I am an Oil of Olay wrinkly gal!

  8. Lovely back yard and Miss V looks glorious and posh in her car . Lovely cemetery with the walk ways and big trees ! WOW ! supper sounds delish . Thanks for sharing and all wonderful photos . No rain here just cloud and cool fresh breezes . Have a good evening !

    1. It was a really nice day....all around....
      Same weather here....supposed to rain tomorrow....
      Enjoy your evening!

  9. They do have a beautiful back yard! Love the trees that connect overhead, too!
    That car is so fun...lovely walk and family time.
    Love the little deck celebration baskets....yummy stuff! You're like me...
    never come empty handed and it's just so fun to put together a little gift!

    1. I knew you would appreciate the wee basket of goodies!
      It always gives me such pleasure....

  10. Cutest little kitty I've ever seen! What a sweetheart! I'm loving all the Fall goodies. Oh, I am so ready. It was 56 early am in TN. Perfectly, beautiful day.

    1. On the cool side here too...but promised to warm up again on Friday...hoping for a warm sunny Fall!!

  11. What a wonderful day. I absolutely love the deck---the whole backyard. Very neat ideas and love the coastal touches. Your gift was so thoughtful and spot on. Miss V stole the show--I thought she was eating yogurt out of the big bowl in front of her in that pic. Thought maybe that's the way Canadians serve yogurt!!! Ha! Love Lissa's hairstyle.

    Jane x

    1. It is a nice deck...and yard!!
      Hahaha! Nope...a small yogurt...with Cinderella on it!!.. courtesy of Aunt Lissa♥️
      Yes...she has great hair!!! I am very envious of the thickness!!
      Enjoy your day!

  12. Great family time on a beautiful day. And, as you know, I love cemeteries.
    They've put a lot of effort into their garden space - pays off at this time of year, doesn't it?
    Such sweet gifts you made up - bet they loved them.
    I had a great buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant with a friend today. Kept threatening rain, then sun, then rain. But no wet drops today!

    1. Yes...they are hard workers...for sure!
      Yes, they really liked their basket of goodies...so did I !..hahaha!

  13. Yum - I want to come to dinner at your house, Linda. What a gorgeous sight, Miss V driving her little red car in the park. The gift basket looks beautiful, and very inspirational (making mental note here). It looks like Miss Vivian has her own little garden, so sweet.

    1. Yes...her Aunt Lissa put that in one of her planters...cute,eh?? Had to get a pic of that♥️
      Perhaps enxt time you are in Canada, we can get together!!

  14. I've had dreams of making a backyard area like that but so far that is what they remain, just dreams.
    I'm not complaining though. We have an incredible yard and I am blessed. I no longer have small children in my care five days each week, so perhaps a fenced area is no longer a necessity. Maybe we can just fix up the patio area.

    I love your walk through the cemetery.

    1. It is a fabulous yard...especially for Miss V to visit...all fenced in!
      You have a darn countryside behind you...fabulous!
      It was a great walk!

  15. So THAT'S where Santa goes the other 11 months of the year! Is he hiding out from Mrs. Claus?

    Love Miss V's cat ears and little red car -- how cute!

    1. YES! Now we know! hahaha!
      How is your Summer going??

  16. Loved the walk/drive through the cemetery . . .
    I enjoy an explore/walk through cemeteries . . .
    Lovely yard and play spaces . . .
    I would boot Santa out and set up a tea party in that tree house!
    Pretty basket of treats for the deck redo celebration . . .

    1. Miss V is always excited to visit her Aunt and Uncle...they have every imaginable thing for her!!
      I am sure by next Summer...the tree house will be all for her!!

  17. I'm betting on how long before Jeff caves and makes a proper tree-house for Miss V. She would love that and it would remain a favorite memory for her in years to come. "Come on Jeff" haha! You have such a beautiful family and it's so obvious how much you all enjoy each other. That's very special. I used to walk Kanie through a cemetery near the old house. It is just beautiful there. I've done a few posts on it way back. There's something so calming there and after my best friend died of cancer it was a place I would go and just sit. It helped me get through it. Anyway, enjoyed the post but missed mama bear in the photos. ;-) Deb

    1. Hahaha! I will give Jeff your message!
      We saw a lot of headstones of very young people....
      No photos of me....only one that my son sent me...in the group walk....

  18. such a beautiful cemetery.
    and the whole yard of lissa and jeff's with the deck .... wonderful. a child's paradise really. places to explore... and eat yogurt and feel very grown up! and a tree house with santa hiding! LOLOL.

  19. Isn't it Tammy??? I am so happy for them...and,yes...truly a childs paradise♥️

  20. Now, that's a BLUE sky, alright!

    1. Hi Blue....
      Is that all you noticed? Hahaha!


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