Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Glorious Blue Morning Glories....

Finally had some Morning Glories in bloom at the cottage last weekend...
Not a LOT, mind you....but SOME!!
I am trying not to be negative!!
When I see them on some peoples homes, they look huge and full of blooms!
Could be that I have them in a pot...and not a big one at that!
Already planning for next year!!
It seemed that as the morning wore on, they became a brighter blue!
They were certainly a welcome sight!
Even if they only last til dusk...

Hope you are all having a great day...
Back to the hot mugginess today...YUCK!!
I think I may have to buy a few new planters next week...
I only had 3 in the backyard, and they served me well...
But...they are looking kinda put it mildly!
You can only water so much!! 

Miss V had a wonderful nap...we made pizzas with play-doh and did some colouring!
She has gone home with her Mommy...
She was excellent funny...and SO smart!!
Planning some delicious moist Cod for dinner... 
Some nice flavored rice...fresh yellow and green beans...
Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes!! Very juicy!
Gonna try BBQ'ing the Cod, as I usually do it in the oven...

Enjoy your evening...
                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. Your dinner sounds scrumptious! And, your Morning Glories are very pretty. Mother Nature knows just the right way to color our world.

    1. The cod worked out well on the BBQ! No smell inside the house!

  2. Good job I had dinner some hours ago otherwise I would be hungry after that dinner description!!! Beautiful morning glories!!! There might have only been a few blooms, but gosh they sure are pretty! xx

    1. Hi Amy!
      I love them! Hopefully more this weekend!
      Raining here today...we need it!

  3. My morning glories always bloomed so late!!!
    I have bought seeds.. I have started indoors..I have bought pots ..well established and plopped in a nice hole..always late bloomers..
    so the last 4 yrs I have stopped..maybe I could be coerced..
    Oy no gardening here its a heat wave and a grateful for a home.

    I can look outside and see..:)
    do post office early in the morning..baking..well I am crazy..I do it in the morning and get inspired again and crank up the oven;)

    Our Littles are our gifts:)

    1. I agree garden here at home needs a lot of TLC!
      Need to tidy it up, and add a few new planters....perhaps next week will be a bit cooler!
      Nothing wrong with baking......especially in your kitchen!
      Yes...the little are our gifts♥️
      Enjoy your day.....

  4. Beautiful blue morning glories . . . .haven't seen those for ages.
    Meal sounds very appetising . .
    Had a lovely day out with Peter and family . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Dinner was very delicious....what a great cook I am! Hahaha!
      Has Peter met Rosa yet?

    2. I am sure you are a great cook .... . I am sure you have many talents . . . :)
      No, Peter has not met Rosa yet but I went to see her this evening and had a lovely cuddle . . . . rocked her like pro . . . you should have seen the technique . . . pure magic. I thought she'd smiled, but it was the wind . . . lol
      Having Peter tomorrow and I might take him round if Selina is up to it . . . :)

    3. Hi Eddie...
      Hope he gets to meet her soon...he will be fascinated!!
      I assume they are home now??

    4. Yes . . . they came home yesterday afternoon but Rosa is a lazy feeder and keeps falling asleep on the breast . . they will have to persevere with that. I might take little Peter over to see her tomorrow . . . if Selina is ok about it . . :)

    5. oh . . . I just said that . . lol

  5. Lovely photos . I used to grow morning glories and they took over at one time . I think for next year I will grow them again as I do like them and they are very pretty ! Where do you get your cod I have a hard time finding it here every where seems to sell salmon . Rain on the way here this evening dark clouds moving in from the south west . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

    1. I have emailed you....
      Morning glories rock! Raining here....well....dribbling! Hahaha!

  6. Love your new summer daisies header. And the morning glories, of course. Wondering how the BBQ cod turned out, yummy, I'm sure. I fought the traffic into Toronto to a ladies lunch at a girlfriend's. Fun to catch up with the urbanites, ha, ha. Dinner here was dijon/honey chicken breasts and steamed Brussels sprouts. Take care...

    1. Thanks for noticing Hester!
      Bbq'd Cod was great! I even put Panko on...on foil with some olive oil....put it on the side with no heat, when it started to puff up, I put it over the flame for about 5 minutes, to brown it up a bit! Tasted excellent...and no fish smell inside!
      The traffic to downtown is ridiculous! You are a brave girl!
      Enjoy your day!

  7. What a beautiful shade of blue - gorgeous.
    Oh, dinner sounds wonderful. Love those juicy, bright red beefsteak tomatoes.
    Had dinner tonight with one of my best friend's daughter who is like a god-daughter to me. She returns down East for her second year of university so we had a delicious Middle Eastern dinner tonight before she leaves next week. Was so good - my first time at this restaurant. Fun to try different places.

    1. Tomatoes are excellent right now....wait til January! Blech....
      There you go the life, eh Suzanne?
      Never had Middle Eastern food....

  8. Replies
    1. Hi there Blue!
      This post was just for you!
      Thought this might perk you up...
      Nearing the end of your torture!
      Monday will be here before you can blink a blue eye!
      Take care!

  9. What a beautiful blue-even if only a few.

  10. What beautiful flowers!
    Last year I planted zinnia's in two places, down in the vegetable garden and up here by the house. The ones by the house had a bed full of crushed egg shells and were twice as tall and so pretty! Maybe you need to feed them something yummy like egg shells. Or coffee grounds.

    1. Well...I might look that up! Perhaps they needed some extra help....

  11. Your soft blue Morning Glories get my vote! So pretty . . ,


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