Monday, 24 August 2015

From Morning 'til Night.....♥️

This is what Saturday morning looked like thru the lr window...perfect!!
Get the coffee ready!!...
Fruit and yogurt for moi...
Bagel,cream cheese and smoked salmon for my boyfriend...
Breakfast on the sunporch...♥️
Some new flower arrivals...
More Morning Glories...
Beautiful sunshine...
A wee hint of Fall...
Love the late summer blooming Hostas...white flowers with a hint of pink...
Glorious sunset over the Lake... 
My favorite thing...firepit!!!
Burning the old baskets is awesome!!!
Moon visible while the sky is still blue...
Darker blue...
Saturday was a lovely day...indeed...

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend...
Weather was perfecto!! hahaha!
Also got alot of gradening chores know the kind...out with the old!!
I have a sea of pink Obedient plants just about ready to bloom...what a sight that will be!!
Sunday was a family BBQ at my Daughter Lissa and husband Jeff...
Miss V drove her car...for to come!!

Tonight is gonna be breakfast for dinner!!
Fried Peameal bacon...scrambled eggs...fresh homefries!!
And....of course...some sliced tomatoes!!!
Just because they are sooooo beautiful right now!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!
Cloudy humidity...perhaps a passing shower...

                          Cheers!  :o)



  1. LOVED all your photos, and I just put a little creeping charlie in one of my MIL milk glass containers. Have a great day...breakfast for supper is a super Idea. Hugs.

    1. Hi Wanda...
      Don't we just love milk glass?
      Dinner was delish!

  2. Love that fire pit! Beautiful!

    1. is! I love it too!
      Especially when there is a Moon!

  3. Pleased Saturday was so good to you . . . loved the bonfire shots and you had a very productive weekend . . . :)

    Baby Rosa and Selina are back at home again . . . as my latest post . . . Middle name has been decided Rosa Florence. . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Very nice weekend! How was yours?
      Florence was my Grandmothers name! Great choice!

  4. All look beautiful Linda , amazing pictures!!

  5. you truly live the good life,

  6. Moon and fire - can't get much better.
    I would have to have both your brekkies - yum!

  7. Beautiful photos of your plants and the moon and bonfire. Summer is just going by way too fast. xx Pam

    1. For sure Pam...especially after that long winter!
      Perhaps a beautiful warm Fall is ahead...

  8. Awwwww...
    lost my comment and it was rather involved and full of love and accolades. Please use your imagination, my friend! Your day and narrative---so fun.
    My arm is slow to trying to type.. .ugh.. I'll get by more soon, I hope. Forgive me---I've never been such an inconsiderate blogger :(

    Jane x

    1. Oh Jane....why is your arm not healing? You have been such a trooper
      You have also been very busy the last judging here♥️

  9. Nice . . . really, really nice . . . like beautiful perfect every thing!

    1. Gee thanks means a lot!

  10. Those flames are amazing:)

    I don't think any of my hosta blooms have a pink pretty..I will check my late bloomes..but so far have only seen never know though..till you really look;)
    Can't wait to see the driver:)

    1. It was an excellent fire pit of my favorite things!
      I only have one of those Hostas at the cottage...and one at home....the others all bloomed earlier....with lilac flowers...
      Working on the post.....

  11. Your BF's breakfast choice is one of my favourite things to serve when having guests for brunch, yum. Looking forward to seeing your photos from the family BBQ, including the little cutie in her car. Just on the train to Montreal to visit family, relaxing way to travel. Have a good week...

    1. I cannot eat smoked salmon....too chewy for me! Love baked or bbq'd salmon....just not the smoked.....just me!
      You too Hester!


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