Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Begonias In My Baskets....

I do believe...that the Begonia is most likely my very favorite Flower!
I have really good luck with them in my baskets at the cottage...
Even though I leave them for 4-5 days...they NEVER disappoint!
These first few, are a Dragon Wing variety...
Unfortunately, I did not keep the tags...:/...so not really sure of the name...
I love the deep red underneath of the leaves...
A very delicate flower...understated...but, beautiful none the less!
There are 2 varieties in this basket...
They flower non-stop...and for this reason...I love them!! 

Do any of you find it difficult to photograph red or deeply coloured flowers???

I find they always look washed out...

This is a peach Begonia, which I paired with a peachy Geranium and a peachy succulent,called Portulaca...it is doing really well, but hard to photograph in bright sunlight!
Will try again this weekend! 

These are 2 shades of Pink...one a wee bit deeper...I paired them with a Polka Dot plant, and an annual grass...they look awesome together!!

The wee waxy Begonia below, is with some Nicotiana, a Pink Geranium and a grass as well...

Love these waxy ones...I usually try and bring them inside for the winter...

And they are so grateful, they reward me with sweet flowers all winter long...♥️

This gal is my prime love!!!

I only bought one of these dreamy creamy pale pinky peachy ones...what was I thinking???

She is paired with a tiny flowering annual...again I forgot the tag...I better remember to do that in the future!!

Well...there you have it...these are my beloved Begonias....here for your viewing pleasure!!
Nothing much else going on in my life right now...
Except for a hideous trip to WalMart today...but I won't bore you with that!!
I am trying to forget it!!!

Hope you are all having a great day...
We had a wonderful rain yesterday...I sure hope the Cottage got its share...
It is so nice to have the windows open...and the breeze blowing thru!! 

It is Fish night here...got a lovely piece of Cod...
Think I want fries with that....and some green and yellow beans...
Sliced tomatoes,cucumbers and goats cheese!

Enjoy the rest of your day...
Tomorrow is Miss V...hope to get outside with her...perhaps the park!!

                       Cheers!  :o)


  1. Brilliant blooming basket begonias blossom breathtakingly beautifully. Behold, bloggers bow before buds becoming blossoms . . . :)
    Love then Linda . . . and that Cod, fries and beans sounds great . . yum . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Holy alliteration!
      You must have excelled in English class in school!
      Dinner was scrumptious....no beans though!
      Got lazy, and just made Greek salad :o)

    2. lol . . . love doing alliteration but I was not a distinguished scholar by any means . . .
      I am sure anything you prepare would be great . . . can I come and live next door? . . . lol

    3. House across the court just sold! Nothing for sale! Hahaha!

  2. I love your begonias and my friend Susan's definitely trying those dragon wings next year..she has them also..and yes..give me a bloom that blooms all season!
    Grilled chicken caesar salad tonight..
    My Littles are away..
    so we have time on our hands..so humid here today..and so much rain..

    so.. yes.. get some local garlic..and let's have a plantathon in Oct:)

    1. With your new Caesar dressing made from your very own garlic? Wonderful!
      I will ask my neighbour at the cottage, if he could part with a few cloves, and plant them in the fall!
      You must miss your Littles....♥️

    2. Yes..I am sure he will part w/ a bulb!
      I just talked to them..and we email:)

    3. Hahaha! I am pretty sure they don't even have a computer!
      You are funny Monique!

    4. There's nothing like garlic from the ground. Hope you gets some.

  3. Wow! Eddie's on a roll! Haha!! Your flowers are beautiful and I have trouble photographing the bright ones, as well. Your dinner sounds delish! We're having Buddha Bowls.

    1. Ha! Don't encourage him!
      Pray tell....what are Buddha Bowls?

    2. I don't know how it got its name, unless it makes your tummy so full it makes it look like Buddha's. Anyway, you layer the following: rice, black beans, chopped cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, diced jalapeño, corn, chopped onion, grated cheese, chopped romaine, cilantro, squeeze lemon juice over the top. There is so many variations, you can pretty much use whatever vegetables you choose. It's very light, yet filling.

    3. OMG! I want one.....or three!
      Kinda like a loaded taco, eh?

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Gloria.....
      Do you grow Begonias?

  5. Begonias are lovely and just keep blooming and blooming. We got that heavy rain starting last evening and over night. It broke rainfall records for this area with 62 mm of rain. The gardens soaked it all up so won't need to be watered for a day or so. Still hot and humid this afternoon, so continued working on my project in the garage (involves and old gate, rocks, twigs and glue)

    1. Gee you got lots of rain! Not humid here today, actually quite pleasant!
      What the heck are you doing out in the garage?
      You break me up Llinda!

  6. They are beautiful flowers..especially Miss Blush Pink.
    For some reason ,teeheehee, I wasn't able to copy your basket idea this year...perhaps next year?
    Jane x

    1. I think you had a darn good reason, Jane!
      Hope you are on the mend♥️

  7. So pretty . . . I have this kind of Begonia in my wire wall basket next to our front door. Paired with Fern Ivy and some pretty light green vines.
    I think my Begonia is called Illusion or Illuminating Begonia. Very pretty . . .
    I love your peach . . .
    I wish we would get some of the rain. We need it!
    Enjoy a happy day with Miss V . . .

    1. I must remember to add a Fern next year.....will you remind me?
      The peach is the peachiest!
      Had a good rain yesterday....it was very calming....
      I will enjoy Miss V......thxs!

  8. Your begonias are lovely!!!! Rain, how nice!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Hi Kris!
      You are pretty dry,right? Good old California!

  9. surely you jest! a faded washed out picture here???
    even the polka-dot leaves are beautiful!

  10. they are all amazing, i am always always in awe of your photography, its always perfection!

    1. Thanks so much Laurie....I feel the same way about your paintings!

  11. They certainly are fabulous colours aren't they! Obviously very happy at the cottage and with being ignored for a few days at a time!! xx

    1. Hi Amy!
      They must love being neglected!

  12. Lovely shots and such pretty shades of pink. Your dinner sounded great. I was at the baseball game last night. Had great fun - Jays are hot! Tenth win in a row!


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