Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Golden November.......

Where I live...
This November has been spectacular!!
At home here...and at the cottage...
We have had a lot of days, where the temps were in the teens...{celsius}
The colour on the plants and trees has been amazing...
The weather has been up and down as well...
Horrific winds...plenty of rain...and plenty of warm sunshiny days...
We have been able to get out, and enjoy the lovely Fall weather...
Certainly makes the Winter look far off...
I like that!
Here are a few of my November pictures...
Hope you enjoy them...

                                           Here at Home...

                                                         And at the Cottage...


I am certain that your colours are just as spectacular...

Hope you have enjoyed them!

Today started out sunny...but...I am afraid the clouds are rolling in! is fairly warm out..the winds are starting to pick up...
We promised Miss V a bike ride after her nap...

Her and I prepared 2 banana/spice/raspberry loaves before her nap...
They have baked...the aroma is wonderful...
And we will enjoy a slab when she wakes up! 

Her Mommy is under the weather...ear and sinus infection...
She will stay and have dinner with us...
And...then...we will drive her home...

We are having pasta...ceasar salad...and some nice crusty bread, that Miss V and I picked up at the grocery store...before heading to the car wash!!

What a good wee girl she is...enjoys the baking...helping..."I am a good helper,Nana"..."yes you certainly are my dear!!"

We gave Red the apple core from her lunch...
Still waiting for him to come and fetch it...
He was enjoying all of the bird seed!! grrrrr...

Hope you are all having a great day...

Isn't November flying by??
First day of Winter not 'til December 21st...I I right??

It will soon be time to go and pick up a tree...
And start the Festive Season...
What fun!!

We think this may be our last chance for a sleepover at the cottage...
We are gonna chance it!
Who cares if your head is freezing while in bed....right?

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                 Cheers!  :o)



  1. She is getting tall ... that adorable little girl .. tell her to slow down, don't grow up so fast ! :)
    Your colors are lovely. Mine are beginning. Then I will be buried alive in leaves. I like the look of it but not the work of it .
    chau ! C

    1. I know Candice....way too fast!
      I agree....they look nice, but a pain to clean up!

  2. I love the gold of autumn. It makes the whole world feel warm, even though it's getting cold.

  3. What beautiful photos
    The wind has been crazy here today. Supposed to be blowing in a cold front. Temps are supposed to drastically drop this weekend!

    1. Hi Angie.....Welcome!
      Yes...cold moving in....:o(

  4. A very beautiful and golden November in many ways! xx

    1. Yes indeed Amy!
      It has been beautiful!

  5. It's such a special time of year, isn't it. My favorite. Love the photos of the vine on your home. So pretty. Have fun at the cottage and wear a toque to bed. :) Hugs, Deb

    1. How romantic is that! " goodnight boyfriend....yes...this is a toque" hahaha! You crack me up!

  6. Beautiful golden photos...I've enjoyed this fall so much...nothing like it all year...gorgeous!
    Those banana raspberry loaves sound wonderful! yum!
    You need to knit yourself a little night cap to wear at the cottage! lol...

    1. The cake was sooooo moist!
      We thoroughly enjoyed our pieces!
      Hahaha! You and Deb......make me laugh!

  7. WOW ! still lots of leaves there . Our trees are all bare now and the grounds are leaf less as well . It has been a lovely November why this time last year we were deep in snow and very cold . Lovely photos . Sounds Yummy at your house today . The winds are picking up a bit now here but not to be as harsh as they were last week no 90 to 130 km/h this time thank goodness and temps are only going down tonight to 12C it is 15C out right now rain is on it's way for this evening and over night here . Thanks for sharing . have a good evening !

    1. We still have LOADS to rake out there!
      Winds are gonna be 60 kms/hr down there....geesh!

  8. Beautiful selection of photos . . . love the golden factor . .
    Hope Miss V's mum is better soon.

    Peter's mum has been in hospital with pneumonia in her right lung She came out today but off work for a few weeks.
    Peter coming round tomorrow . . .

    The weather is awful here . . . . . rain, rain and guess what? . . . rain . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Thanks for your sorry about Peters Mom...pneumonia is very serious...give her my wishes for a speedy recovery...
      Raining in Britain? You are pulling my leg! :o)

  9. Such beautiful golds and oranges - you have captured them perfectly.
    Hope Erika feels better soon. How nice that Nana has a willing helper! Yum to the loaves.
    You crochet so many lovely things for others, you need to make a cosy headpiece for cottage sleeping!

    1. Thanks Suzanne...she is on meds...
      Not you too with the cosy hat!
      No way!

    2. Well he has to wear a matching one, too!

  10. Love those leaves and golden hues at the lake. I'm not sure how cold it gets at night at the cottage, but I love to sleep with the temps a little cool and pulling up the covers. You'll be alright....go enjoy it.

    1. Laurie....40 degrees is darn cold!
      Unfortunately all the warm air disappears!
      But I agree...I think we will go and enjoy it....especially the fire and the dancing!♥️

    2. Mmmmm... fire and dancing. Lovely.

  11. Oh, those golden trees and Autumn leaves - what a beautiful month is November. Love the golden glow of the light at the cottage. Hope you go for one final sleep. I like to sleep in a cool room - I think it would suit me perfectly :)

    1. It certainly is...when you actually drink it in!!
      Cool??? YES!!...cold is a whole other thing! hahaha!
      I think we will stay over...I can be very persuasive!

  12. Lovely . . . beyond words . . . photos of November . . .
    Love the sweet little munchkin pics . . .
    And the "good helper . . . " bit . . .
    (I like your shoes and tan feet too . . . smile)

    1. Hi Lynne...
      She is a great helper♥️...and a very good listener too...does what I tell her!
      The tan is gone...:o(....but not for too long!!

  13. She is a good helper and a precious little girl:)♥
    Hope her mammy feels better soon..glorious golds Lind and yes flying by..
    I like that she gets up to a treat at your home:) Cozy.

    1. She is Monique...for sure!
      Her Mom is back at work today...but only feeling slightly better :o(
      She always has a snack {treat} after her nap...always has...always will ♥️
      And what makes it so much she actually helped make the treat!!
      enjoy your day...

    2. Thanks! So glad you are here.....

  14. i say put on knit sleeping cap and go for it!
    these pictures are gorgeous.
    hope erika feels better soon. just got over a sinus infection myself. miserable stuff. i thought it was allergies! LOL.
    have a great weekend at the cottage cc girl. i always say that... don't know why. because i know you WILL! ♥

    1. Always love to hear from you my dear...
      Hope you are well...

  15. I enjoyed all these beautiful fall photos Linda. You've had very nice weather for the most part this month and we've had mostly clouds and chilly air.....except that one Tuesday when it went up to 15. :) Oh well. At least it's not snowing yet! I hope your daughter is on the mend and Miss V doesn't catch the bug. Or you! :)

  16. Very nice golden november. Here, the trees turned a lot eariler and they've been long without the autumn fun. But, now they're ready for snow and I love that look, too.

    Wishing you the best.


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