Tuesday, 3 November 2015

First Bake With Miss V...♥️

Remember last Wednesday??
Dark and gloomy and wet...
Miss V and I decided to make a coffee cake!
I got everything ready...
Very clumsy with the Ipad for the recipe...
And trying to take pictures...
And trying to keep her busy!!
First..I got her to chop the Walnuts for the topping...
Banging them with her fist!!
Then... brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and walnuts mixed together... 

When downloading these pics...
 I realized that my camera was on the wrong setting, for the darkness of the day...
The pics are a wee bit out of focus...DARN!!

Next the wet ingredients for the cake...
Sour cream...
She did a great job blending them together...
I showed her how to hold the bowl, so that it doesnt move all over the counter!! 

Next..we added the wet to the dry!!
Only a wee bit of flour on her sweet face ♥️

I put the batter into the pan, as you know how sticky it can be!!

I let her sprinkle the topping into the middle of the cake, and then again on the top!!

How proud was she when it was ready for the oven!!

Don't look at the mess of Nana's kitchen!!


She wanted to wash the dishes!!!

I told her that we could load up the dishwasher, and put that on, while her cake was baking in the oven..

While she napped...
The cake baked...
And filled the house with the glorious aroma of Cinnamon... 
When she woke up...
We sat down at the table...
And enjoyed a piece of coffee cake...and a glass of milk!! 

it was delicious and moist...

Good job Miss V!!!

We are off to a good start with the baking...

Perhaps some cookies next time!! 

Hope you are all having a great day so far...
Isn't this weather fantastic!!
Supposed to be nearly 20*c today!!
The normal temp is 10*c...so...WAAAAY above normal!

My boyfriend is away on business...
I got some painting done yesterday...that was sorely needed!!
Baseboards and trim...all shiny and new now!!

Started a new crochet last night...I have finished 3 now!!

Hope to get outside today..take my camera with me...

Enjoy this weather...have a great day!!

                 Cheers!  :o)


  1. How fun! My granddaughter has graduated now to wanting to do it all on her own. I let her go for it. I draw the line at using knives, though, and putting things in or taking out of the oven. Making memories with the grandchildren is priceless!!! Miss V will cherish them forever.

    1. It was fun Laurie! And she was soooo patient!
      I hope she remembers all this stuff...but...I will keep trying!

  2. Well done, Miss V! I'd love a piece of that coffee cake!

  3. there is nothing more fun than banging ingredients with your fist!
    and i love the picture of both your feets... hers on the stool.
    delightful in everyway. can smell it from here.
    the cinnamon. not your feet!
    her first endeavor looks delicious!!! xo

    1. Hahaha! She did a great job of breaking up the Walnuts!
      Yes...it did smell great! Yes.....not the feet!
      You are so gunny Tammy...love it!

  4. Way to go Miss V! You will be a baker just like your grandmom. That cake looks delicious!

  5. Love Miss V.'s toothy little smile in the first photo. What fun! There's nothing like the aroma of cinnamon. In fact years ago, I remember a realtor telling us to bake some cinnamon just before an open house. Good trick! Enjoy the rest of the week, LSK, hope this lovely weather continues. :)

    1. Oh me too Hester! It is like Summer again!
      Will have Miss V tomorrow....fun and games!
      You have a great week too....let's have a coffee soon!

    2. Yes, coffee soon, for sure, just thinking that yesterday. :)

  6. Beautiful today!
    What fun baking with Nana - I love her expressions! You are creating some wonderful memories.
    Nice that you're able to get some chores done, but hope you're relaxing a bit too!

    1. Had my SIL over for pizza,Greek salad and a nice cup of tea with a butter tart!
      Tomorrow Miss V....
      No rest for the wicked,eh?

  7. How very fun! I make a mess when I bake, too!
    I LOVED that crochet you showed on Instagram last night,...big yarn, big stitches, big hook! haha...Gorgeous!

    1. Why thanks Betsy!
      That is a cowl hoodie! Made up a pattern from a pic on Etsy, that my daughter sent me!
      It is going pretty well...not much done today....cleaning bathrooms! Yuk.....

  8. Some of my best memories are baking with my grandmothers. :-)

    1. Thanks....so nice of you to say, Birdie!

  9. What wonderful memories you are making with Miss V! She will remember all of them....

    1. I sure hope so Devon....it is fun!

  10. I think the photos are perfect. The kids are so busy, you have to get them on the fly. Such cuties. I can't wait til mine are old enough to bake with. I think I may have a little one who already is.

  11. I think the pics are great too..she is edible hersel..and I love her LSK tattoos
    You are a great nana!

    1. Ahhh yes....the tattoos! Cool,eh?
      Thanks for your kind words......as always!

  12. Lovely ! I love her smile she is cuteee!!!

  13. Teaching the little ones to cook is so much fun. Miss V looks so pleased and proud of herself, and the coffee cake looks absolutely delicious!

    1. Yes....yes....and yes!
      How are you Patricia?

  14. Oh what fun for you both , Fantastic photos Linda ! Looks YUMMY ! thanks for sharing , Have a good day ! P.S Hasn't the weather been wonderful ? sunny and temps have been 20C here !

    1. Hahaha! Yes..lots of fun!
      The weather is glorious....bet you are outside!

  15. Well done Miss V and Nana. You need matching aprons.

    1. YES!
      I already thought of that!
      I have some gingham...could be a winter sewing project!
      Enjoy your day!

  16. Now didn't you two have fun! She looks so sweet helping Nana bake and so proud of her creation too. It sounds yummy. The sun finally came out here this afternoon and it's 10 so I think I'll head out and putter in the yard. Have a good afternoon. xx Pam

    1. We absolutely did Pam!!
      Have fun in the garden....

  17. You are such a good Nana and have the cutest little helper in your kitchen. The coffee cake looks yummy and is making me hungry. I think I might have to go and bake something!

    1. Why thanks Cheryl...how lovely of you to say!
      DId you bake anything??

  18. Very well done, Miss V . . . :)


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