Thursday, 12 November 2015

Yesterday With Miss V......

The visit yesterday started early...7:30 am...a whole day with us!!
First thing on the agenda...after my shower...was...
To make her Papa a Birthday card...which is today!!
She painted a coffee mug for him...which he loved!! 

After a teaparty...

And some play doh work...

We all headed out to Walmart, to return that crappy iron I had bought a few weeks back...

She discovered her Mom's Teletubby in the closet in her room...

"Why does he have a pickle on his head Papa?" 

Doesnt she look smart in her sweater, cowl and Poppy...I used a stud earring to keep it on for her...she was thrilled to have one just like us and all the other people!
We all went to Swiss Chalet for lunch...
And then home for 1/2 hour of Bubble Guppies..
And then a story and her nap...

After the nap...

Some banana bread...berries and yogurt...

And then....


"Aren't you coming Nana?"

I stayed behind to vacuum...

Lucky me!!

When they returned...

She grabbed her rake from the garage...

And got busy on those leaves!

Such technique she has...

Always wants to help with everything!!


"Papa...I think Nana's forest needs to be raked too...ok?"


Darn pine needles!!

"Can we go in the back, and go swimming?"

"no...sorry dollface...
Not til next summer"

As her mom came up the street to pick her up...

She ran and hid behind a tree...

"Shhhh Nana...I am hiding!"

I think she can see you!!


Even the faces in the garden, got a laugh out of that!!

What a day!!!

Til next time Miss V ♥️♥️♥️

Hope you are all having a great day...

Cloudy...dark...damp...wet...WINDY here.....

The cottage is experiencing 100km/hr winds...geesh...

How does the old girl stand up to it?? today is my boyfriends birthday...{happy birthday boyfriend}

I am making him some Mussels for dinner...

One of his favorites!!

Hope it is not too bad weather wise where you are...

We are taking a drive to the cottage tomorrow...

Will decide whether to stay or not, when we get there!!

New porch winter shutters are being installed this weekend...

Need to keep the old girl safe...I will take a picture!

The old ones were in really rough shape...time for some new ones!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                       Cheers!  :o)


  1. I love, love, love the little rake and those photos. My gosh, so great.

    Happy Birthday to your Boyfriend.

    1. Thanks so much Ivy...she sure brightens our days...for sure♥️

    2. I still cannot get over how big she's getting and so FAST. Oh my word.

    3. certainly puts life into perspective!

  2. Happy birthday to the boyfriend. Enjoy your special meal.
    Miss V sure had lots of fun and looks adorable in her sweater and cowl.
    Chill and rainy today, went out for brunch to a new restaurant, not bad but doesn't compare to a couple of our favourites, but we will go back another time.
    Went thrift store shopping, got some cute birdhouses, and some Christmas things. Been in the decorating mood since the last big Craft show we went too, but it's still too early. Hopefully I'll still be in the mood when December rolls around as I have my second cataract surgery on Dec. 1

    1. Will pass on the wishes to boyfriend!
      You sure have been busy...
      Get everything done before your surgery...I get my tree Dec 1st.....just because!

  3. How has she grown so big so fast? I swear she changes weekly. She looks so sweet in her cowl and sweater. And the expressions! :) "Happy Birthday" to your boyfriend. A favorite meal with his favorite gal sounds like a great way to celebrate. And chocolate...everyone should have some chocolate on their day. Sending a hug, Deb

    1. I know! She is so tall....ans mature....and smart...and beautiful....gosh....stop me!
      ♥️ her soooo much...
      I am his favorite gal....I hope ! Hahaha!
      No chocolate for boyfriend.....not his thing!
      Me? YES!

  4. Happy Birthday Boyfriend! ♫
    Miss V looks adorable in her outfit - can't believe how her looks are changing so quickly. 7:30 a.m. Yikes! That's a long day.
    Ooooo - Swiss Chalet - haven't had that in a while.
    Hope the cottage is battened down. Such dark, wiiiiiiiindy weather!

    1. Thanks Suzanne...I'll give him a hug from you!
      She is growing like a weed....
      Winds in Port Colborne...15 km away....107 km/hr!!!
      Wonder what we will find tomorrow..........

  5. Sweet photos! She's looking much older these days!
    Happy Birthday to your boyfriend! I've never had mussels!
    We're blowing away, too! Makes it feel much colder than it really is.
    Dark, rainy....good day to be a hermit. ha.

    1. Very grown up....indeed!
      I don't eat the mussels, but I make them for him....not my cup of tea!
      Wind gusts at the cottage 100 km.....yikes!

  6. What a delightful series of shots of your little helper . . . . so willing and enthusiastic.
    Loved your narrative and little story . . . don 't grands make it all worthwhile?

    Happy birthday Papa . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Isn't she gorgeous?
      Yes....they sure do....totally different feeling♥️
      Will tell Papa.....:o)

  7. She's stylin' Nana!..Soo cute..the great and poppy:)
    She is really a little doll..Oli would like her:) A lot.
    Happy Bday to your BF:)You can tell she is happy and calm with you♥
    Those are the very best of'll remember all these days..

  8. I love this series of photos with Miss V. She is so cute in her stylish outfit. I hope you find all is well at the cottage after the storm. It's supposed to be rainy and windy here but not as bad as what Ontario got, thankfully. Take care. xo Pam

    1. Thanks Pam...heading out there shortly!!

  9. Happy Birthday to the boyfriend!!! Hope he had a nice day. Seems you two are pretty busy with that little muffin....Miss V!! She sure is growing up and cute as can be. I'm sure you are having lots and lots of fun with her and all her antics! They are great to be around and grow up so darn fast....unbelievable. Have a good weekend looking after your cottage and putting it to sleep for the winter.

    1. Hi Ann...thanks for stopping by!!
      Yes...she is a cutie...and yes she keeps us hopping!!
      Not ready to put cottage to sleep just yet...still fairly warm down there!

  10. Happy birthday to Himself. Have a great day. Getting a bit blowy in these 'ere parts as well this evening, but a lot worse for those further north. Tis the season I guess.

    1. Hi Jessica...
      Yes...a way of life...but the winds are horrendous!!

  11. Wonderful photos . Miss V is such a love and very photogenic to . Happy Birthday to your boyfriend . Hope the winds were kind to your cottage all though pretty tuff for this 100+ year old farm house lol that creaks and cracks in the high winds . Have a good day !

    1. We will see today Elaine...fingers crossed!!

  12. Wow, that little cutie is really growing fast. What a busy full day with Nana and Papa. I drove 100 km. back and forth to my big grandkids today, Rainy, windy drive, but I needed some family time! :) Nice that you made the BF his favourite dinner for his special day. Enjoy the cottage, supposed to be lovely here on Sunday.

    1. Good for you!! We can never get enough of the grandchildren,eh?? are coming over on celebrate their Dads bday!

  13. Miss V is at a very active age---I don't know how you keep up with her but I admire your zest for fun, activities and overall joy in being with each other. You are creating wonderful memories for her and having the time of your lives enjoying her. She looks so smashing in that outfit, I want the very stylish!

    Happy Birthday to your boyfriend. I think he;s quite handsome! I hope you enjoyed your scrumptious dinner.

    Cold and very windy here all last night and today. A very glum day with the head aching and sorry to say...more issues as I emailed you about. I have reached out to see the little one more---it's become a stressful subject and quite confusing. Believe me, we have made every effort. I envy you and I pray this gets resolved. I appreciated your thoughts, Linda.

    Jane x

    1. Yes Jane...getting big...and very stylish!
      I will tell my boyfriend that you think he is handsome...will make his day!!
      I did not get an email from you?!
      Will send you something...dont give up...things will work out♥️

  14. Little Miss V is certainly growing tall, and she looks gorgeous in that sweater. She has mastered the essential Canadian technique of leaf raking already - what a help that will be! And I must add, I am quite partial to Bubble Guppies myself :))

    1. Yes...a great little raker...for sure!
      Enjoy your weekend Patricia....

  15. Little Miss V "Fashionista" . . .
    I love her look in the Uggs and the Wellies . . .
    What a glorious day for each of you!
    "Happy Birthday Boyfriend!"

    1. Hi Lynne...
      We did have a great day!

  16. i have to make up some new adjectives.
    are you getting tired of adorable and beautiful?
    but she is.
    and delightful! there's a new one.
    XO♥ have a great weekend at the old girl. :)

    1. Never tire of those words could I?
      Only visited the old girl on Friday...
      The beach is a mess...but no trees down...thank goodness!

  17. Happy Birthday to your Boyfriend!!! Hope that it was a great day!!! Fabulous card from Miss V of course. Miss V really is so very grown up! I cannot believe it, when I first starting reading your blog she was a little baby and now, she is out raking and doing all sorts! Time really does fly doesn't it! xx

    1. It does Amy...time to stop and smell the Roses, eh??

  18. Viv is just a doll. Think it's great she wears Gramma's handiwork.

    1. HI Dot!!
      Long time no see!
      She actually likes the cowls!!
      Such a sweetie!

  19. She has grown so much! But.... but.... you stayed behind to vacuum?

    1. Hi there Blue!
      So good to see you!
      Yes...I did...but, in my defence, they were only gone about 20 minutes!
      Just enough time to do a bit of tidying up..and then join them outside...
      How are you doing? Must do some visiting.....tomorrow!


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