Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Something To Help Brighten This Dreary Wet Day........

 It is rainy and drizzly and damp and dark here today...
I have been to the grocery store...
I have been to Michael's...{YAY}
Time to settle in...get cosy...and get the stove busy!!
I am going to make some lazy cabbage rolls...
They are so delicious..and very easy...and lazy...hahaha!

As you can see above...
One of my Begonia rescues is rewarding me with beautiful delicate blooms...
My huge Jade plant...which I put outdoors in the summer...
Is also gonna bloom...it did this last year...and I was amazed...
A few of you may remember...I will definitely post the blooms...
When they appear!! 
And who doesn't love fresh fruit...it will cheer up any gloomy day!!
Think I'll have a cup of tea...with some sliced apple...great afternoon snack..

this Salmon coloured Portulaca was from the cottage...
It loves it here in the dining room...full afternoon sun...lovely!

This cute Chick a dee dee dee looks like he is napping...
Not really...
He just finished a large sunflower seed...
Aren't they just the cutest darn things!!
I know Deb will certainly agree ♥️
And the bushy tail below???
Why...a Squirrel of course!!

 I brought in the few blooms that I had on my limelight Hydrangea...
They are a pale almost creamy pale green in the Summer...
And they turn this beautiful Rosey colour in the Fall...
Just wish I could get more blooms!

Check out these new slippsers I got for Miss V!!

She was so excited to have Elsa  on her glittery slips!!

She will be here tomorrow...

Can hardly wait!!

She brightens up any day!!

I got some Christmas stickers, and thought we might do a craft... 

Not sure about a bike ride or the park...the rain is supposed to stay with us...

Oh well...can't complain...better than  snow !!!

Hope you are all haivng a great day...
If it is dreary where you are...
I hope these pics brightened your day...even if for a few minutes!!

On the menu tonight...
Grilled Sirloin steak...mushrooms and onions...mashed potatoes...
Bok Choy for him...Brussels for moi!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. You're a wonderful nana..I know I keep saying that..but..look at her slippers:)
    You take GREAT bird pics..I wanna hear about those lazy cabbage rolls:)
    Your dinner sounds perfect Linda:)
    Wednesdays w/nana♥

    1. That sounds like a tv show! :o)
      The lazies are so easy...make the ground beef and rice mixture...both cooked...S&P...splash of tomato juice...simply remove the raw cabbage leaves...cutting out the hard core....and layer...like lasagna! Tomato juice on each layer...not a lot, just moist...top with more leaves...cover and bake...the cabbage is just in pieces...taste exactly the same when scooped out....I think I did a post....will check....
      Wednesdays w/nana! I LOVE IT!

    2. I will make that!!
      I could have missed that post..I just recently found you..
      have fun demain.

    3. I think it was before I started adding the labels to my posts...
      I am sure you will have no trouble...ask if you need to!
      Cover when cooking!

  2. You are the only person that can get a jade to bloom! I'm SO impressed! :)

    That portulaca is lovely. The only person to ever have one that I know of is my grandma...and
    she died when I was 8 years old. How I remember that plant is beyond me....but I remember hers!
    haha....now don't ask me anything about yesterday, I do remember that plant! lol....I should look for one
    to remember her by....

    1. Taking a bow here.....thank you!
      No idea why it suddenly bloomed last year....and now again! Must be because it was outside.
      What a great memory you have! I think they are only sold as annuals for the garden...but do have a look!
      I am so excited. That it is still putting out flowers! It is like a succulent...
      Let me know if you find one!

  3. Dreary here too but your post brightened the day.
    Lovely sharp detail . . . . . that Chick a Dee Dee looks as though he is really a lively little bird.
    Is Red around these days?
    Congrats on the Jade blooming . . . obviously your middle name is Greenfingers . . . . :)

    1. Oh and love the menu ~ I prefer sprouts . . . :)

    2. Hi Eddie!
      Glad to be of service!
      Red is around....eating pinecones....and burying things!
      Green fingers,eh?
      How about green thumb! Hahaha!
      I love sprouts!

  4. I love Miss V's slippers! How come grown ups cannot have these! Not fair! You are so green fingered getting all of these plants to grow so well and to flower when no one else manages it! You are so clever!! xx

    1. Aren't they the cutest things!
      She was...to say the least....thrilled!
      Yes...I am darn clever! Hahaha!

    2. Not sure what Bok Choy is . . . will it put hairs on my chest? . . . lol

    3. Yes....that is why I don't eat it! Hahaha!

    4. Too funny . . . . . but what are they/it? . . :)
      oops I am in the wrong slot . . . . . sorry Amy . . . . oh hello Amy, hope you are well and regards . . . :)

    5. A green leafy Chinese vegetable...I find it kinda bitter...boyfriend LOVES it! Go figure!

  5. We had a gorgeous day here Linda. It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky and 14 degrees! It felt like springtime. We were working outside this afternoon with no jackets and still got hot! Tomorrow, not so nice - cloudy and 8. Typical for Remembrance Day. All your blooms are pretty and even the bloom-less jade plant is so healthy looking. Sweet chickadee pic! We have lots of them around and the goldfinches just came back in a flock that hogs the feeders. Love the squirrel's tail! Too funny. Have fun with Miss V and her fancy slippers. xo Pam

    1. Sounds like what we had earlier....nice eh?
      It has some buds....will chronicle the flowers!
      I am sure she will "slip" into them as soon as she gets here♥️

  6. Yes, Linda, they are the cutest darn things. I had Gwynn here today feeding them at the front and back of the mouse house. She had lots of fun here running around and had a tractor ride; her favorite thing. Love the bushy tail shot. :) Dinner sounds good. How do you cook your brussel sprouts?

    1. Oh I'll bet Gwynn loves it out at the mouse house!
      I like mine boiled...my girls like them roasted....so....I boil them! Hahaha!
      My house...my rules!
      Just kidding...I have done them both ways...but...I prefer them boiled...

  7. When I was little my grandpa had a jade plant that was the size of a VW bus. Or at least it seemed to me because I was small but man, he had a green thumb. Because he loved jade plants I love them but they always die when they are in my presence. But I do have a spider plant that a client gifted to me and it is doing very well even through I keep it in my bedroom and it is the coldest (about 15 C.) room in the house. It is so cold that I have only had to water the plant once in the last two months and the soil is still damp. I am afraid to move it to a warmer part of the house because I think it fears for its life and has made itself a mission to like the cold. It isn't shooting out babies yet but I am just happy it hasn't died!

    1. I think the key, is to keep them fairly dry...although when outside in the summer, it gets any rain that fell...
      Jade is also called "friendship plant"..a nice wee gift for someone special...
      Good luck with your Spider!

  8. Your posts brighten my day even when yours are dreary and mine---well the day was quite bright and mild. Loved it but we have terrible storms and wind predicted tomorrow...perhaps tornados... so scary and odd for this time of year. I'll be safely at home but my family---well, that's beyond my control.

    Your plants brought in are so pretty. I have a huge old jade plant at the lakehouse. My neighbor has always kept it watered and living through the winters when we aren't up so often. I simply don't want to know what has happened to the plant and the palms we brought in a year ago. Really, really don't want to know. Every week we hear they will start the work. Every process takes weeks. We have been waiting for the inspector in charge of the 'Air Quality' report to let the crew have the go ahead. It's been three weeks since they came out.

    Always a treat to read your posts and I especially love to read your menus. As if I don't cook enough---you inspire me to do more. I often encounter those who hate to cook, be in the kitchen, so you have been a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Linda!

    Jane xx

    1. Oh dear.....hopefully no tornadoes! We are having those hideous winds today!
      Perhaps your neighbour has your Jade safe and sound♥️
      We will drive to the cottage tomorrow...to make sure she is ok...winds there nearly 100kms/hr!
      Your comments are always a pleasure to read, Jane....thxs!

  9. Adorable slippers. Miss V must be in pure delight!
    Love your flower, jade, succulent photos . . . Pure Yum!
    Just like it must be around your table each evening . . .
    Pure Yum . . . mashed potatoes sound so ABSOLUTELY right this minute . . .
    (I like a bit of fresh garlic in mine!)

    1. Hi Lynne....
      I put buttermilk in mine! Tasty!

  10. These pics did brighten my dreary day - lovely.
    Aren't those fancy-dancy slippers! Even in my "advanced" age I love wearing fun, wacky shoes.
    Aw - that sweet chickadee... he really does look like he's taking a snooze. Too cute.

    1. Too bad those slips don't come in adult sizes, eh Suzanne!
      I LOVE having a few different pairs of shoes....hard to find!


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