Monday, 23 November 2015

Second Bake With Miss V...♥️

When I picked up Miss V last Wednesday...
She brought a favorite book to share with me...
It is called "Christmas Quiet", and is really a cute book...
The illustrations are so sweet...
She is holding it there in the back seat♥️

She was thrilled that we were going to the grocery store...
We found her "car"... and off we went!!

Next stop...
Another of her favorites...
The car wash!!
Just look at those expressions!
We both laugh when the "octopus" washes the car!!

After putting away the groceries...with her was lunch time!!
Another favorite...CHEESIES!!! oh man...she loves those!!

After was time to bake!!
She loves my banana fruit that is what we made!!
I use a box mix for these...adding fruit to them...
I also use Buttermilk instead of water or milk...much moister!!
Bananas come from the freezer...and I had a small container of raspberries too!!
This was a "spice cake mix...very fragrant...
I added the wet ingredients...
And Miss v was sooo excited to use the mixer!!

Added the thawed bananas from their peels...

A short intermission break...

Papa was watching the news...

Adele was featured with her new song "Sorry"...

She had to go and join in with the sing-a-long!!

So cute!

It actually gave me a chance to get the batter into the loaf pans....tee hee hee...

Ok...back to business!!

She very gently placed the thawed raspberries onto the cake...

Then pressed in a few walnuts...for crunch!!

And...finally...a brown sugar and cinnamon topping...

Just because!!

"Look Papa"...

"Nana and I made some cakes...with cinnniamanon"...

{Not the wrong spelling...I type it as it happens! hahaha! It is a hard word to say!}

Don't they look spectacular???

Into the oven...

Off for her nap...

House smells DEEELICIOUS!!

Here we are....all refreshed...and enjoying cake...with yogurt...yummy!!

Thanks for all your help Miss V...
As you have said...many times..."I am the best helper"...

Yes....indeed you are...indeed you are...♥️

Hope you all had a great weekend...
Ours was B.U.S.Y....with a capitol B... 
Went to the cottage on Friday...still very breezy out there...
Got to have a bonfire...and an indoor fire, by the light of the moon!! 
Enough about that...I have pictures to share...

We picked up Miss V on Saturday...on our way home...and we had a sleepover!!
She had been to see Santa that afternoon, and she was thrilled!
We kept her until Sunday night...
Tired Nana and Papa...we are definitely not as young as we used to be!!
We did some more baking...
Not so successful this time... :o(...but Miss V loved it!!
Will share later in the week... 

My new dishwasher was installed this afternoon...YIPPEE!!
Boyfriend and I have dishpan hands...
Apparently the "Mother Board" was shot...$400 to replace that!!
New dishwasher...please! hahaha!
We are all ready to go...geesh...why do I use so many utensils and bowls?

Tonights dinner...
Boyfriend has a some comfort food is in order...
Baked Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and gravy...yum!
Green and yellow beans....

We had a few wee snow squalls yesterday...nothing stuck...
Very chilly today...
Time for a cup of tea...and some crochet...need to finish a few things!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                    Cheers!   :o)


  1. My favourite treat when I was Miss V's age was Cheesies too! A girl after my own heart.

    1. Loves them! Then....need to clean her fingers♥️

  2. Action packed weekend with you lovely little helper. And a song too . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Hope you had as much fun!

    2. Working at daughter's . . . fixing new skirting boards and plastering and a bit of decorating . . . fun for me and to have a cuddle with baby Rosa . . . :)

      Aren't I a good dad/grandpa?

  3. Nothing beats the smell of cinniamanon on a cold day!
    Jane x

  4. Oh what fun! Miss V will remember these times, always. And the cakes do look delish! I'm having a cup of tea right now, as well. Now, if I just had some fruit cake......

    1. You know was sooo moist! I have one in the freezer...
      The Spice cake mix, made it extra good...
      Wish I could have a cup of tea...and a slice of fruit cake with you!
      How are things at the Lake?

  5. She's that super cute age when she loves to help and knows she's a good helper! Aw. haha.
    Hope the boyfriend gets better. We're fighting off a cold here, too. Soup was good for dinner.
    Your cakes look good....yum!

    1. She wants to help with everything! So cute!
      Boyfriend finished off the chicken soup I had made, for his lunch..
      I soaked the chops in buttermilk....soooo moist!
      That stuff is pure gold!
      Hope your son is better...

  6. Oh what fun you have! What a cutie V is and such a great helper. Our littlest, at almost 15 months, LOVES to 'cook'. He has to be held by his mum while she's cooking. He says 'cooking' and 'pasta' and loves to play with the pots and pans and the rice cooker (popping the lid open). So cute. Thankfully they have a play kitchen for him to pretend cook. Appliance parts are a ridiculous price aren't they? I haven't had to replace any but Murray had to replace the hot and cold water hoses on our 20+ year old washing machine today. Observant me noticed water dripping from the ceiling to the basement floor yesterday and he was out. I looked high and low trying to figure out where it was coming from. When he got home last night he moved the washer out and found dampness on the tile floor behind it. The hose has rotted almost off. Can you imagine the mess if I hadn't noticed and had started a wash?? Yikes. Thankfully it was a simple fix but we'll be shopping to replace the washer and dryer in the new year. I'm scared to see the price and the technology they have now. :) And I bet they won't last as long as our current set!
    Hugs. Pam

    1. My dishwasher was only 5 years old!
      Nothing wrong with the machine...just the fancy dials! Geesh!
      I got the front loader washer a few years back...I missed my top loader!
      They don't build them like they used to!
      Play kitchens are so cute....Erika has bought one for Miss V for Christmas!
      You must really miss those wee boys....

  7. Wonderful photos . You two have a lot of fun don't you ? My that cake looks YUMMY ! can you tell us the full recipe ? please ! bashful smile here and batting eye lashes lol ! I had a dishwasher go like that years ago to , I don't mind washing a few pots and pans here and there but love my dish washer . A few rainy snow flurry's here they call it wet snow well DUH ! isn't snow always wet lol . Oh a cuppa tea and sweet treat sounds delish anytime for me lol ! Thanks for sharing , hope the boyfriend feels better soon . Have a good evening !

    1. Hi Elaine....
      Just a box cake mix...buttermilk instead of milk...4-5 thawed frozen with whatever fruit you have...
      Easy peasey....let me know if you make some!

  8. You are the best gram ever. Good on you for baking with her. That's what mine did with me and I tell ya, I'm never afraid to go for it and try a new bake because, the lessons that I got from Mamam (that's Hungarian for grandma).

    You rock.

    Happy Baking.

    1. Thanks so much Ivy....this means a lot to me...really...

  9. What a little doll she is. I love Cheesies! I stay away from them... but I love them.
    Do you know I just realized that I don't think I have ever driven through a car wash?
    Those look like scrumptious loaves with such bright, beautiful raspberries on top.
    Hope bf feels better soon.

    1. I love the way they make your gingers all cheesy....and then you lick your fingers!
      It was really good....gonna buy the spice mix again!
      He is on the know men....wink wink!
      Enjoy your week....

  10. LOVE the simplicity of that recipe. i will finally have to try it.
    i'd rather have that than cake! YUM.
    and i think it's wonderful that you're already starting her to love "helping" in the kitchen.
    she'll grow up to be a wonderful cook... just like you!

    1. Even a child could do it, Tammy!

  11. She is just precious! Cakes looked fabulous! Colds here too. Sniffles and sore throats. We also had a new dishwasher installed last week. Yippee!!!!

    1. We have Miss V today...a wee bit under the weather...:o(
      She is is the boyfriend!

  12. what a fun day your ladies had! I love Adele's new single! She has the most beautiful voice. That banana loaf looks very tasty indeed! Have a great day :-)

    1. We did!
      Miss V loves that song...really belts it out!

  13. Just so precious . . .
    Nothing better than Memory Makers times together . . .
    Special granny and papa you are . . .

    1. It is very easy to be with her♥️

  14. Baking with the grandkids is the best fun - glad to see Miss V enjoys it so much too. And the cinnniamanon sounds delicious! Happy week Linda.

  15. She's so expressive! I love that..

    Great selfie need a selfie stick for all your future photos..Oli took a pic of me yesterdayy..DELETE.

    We had pork chops too!Hope your BF gets better soon..
    Take care...

    1. No selfie stick for me! Hahaha!
      I usually crop most of it out! Very vain!
      Our pork chops...soaked in buttermilk....were amazing! Try it!
      I'll bet your picture was perfect!
      Enjoy your day....
      2 nappers upstairs ♥️

  16. On this end of life I am ever so appreciative of my own mom's patience as I helped her in the kitchen, and I am a bit more forgiving of her frustration over me dropping the jar of chopped nuts on the tile floor. It was probably all she could do to be patient with my "helping" without me making extra work and wasting ingredients. They are some of my best childhood memories, aside from the broken jar.

    1. Awwww..thanks for sharing your memories Martha..
      Gives me hope...
      I am sure your Mom didn't mind♥️

  17. what lovely she is !!!
    Always, always enjoyed her face , look like a lovely and happy girl, so cute.
    And love she bake with you,
    loads of love for both
    <3 <3 <3

    1. I knew you would love this Gloria!

  18. Replies
    1. Why thanks Linda!
      I'm sure you have done a lot of baking with your grands!

  19. What a great tutorial on how to make one of your delicious loaves! They are yummy, I can attest to that! As I read this I could smell their aroma! Miss V is having a ball with you and Papa. How wonderful for her!

    1. We sure ate a lot of cake and berries and yogurt, eh Devon?
      We are really enjoying having her here♥️


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