Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Big Top Vivian....

courtesy of Erika

My daughter, Vivian and I went to IKEA today...

My daughter spied this Circus Tent...

And I said...

"Let me get that for Vivian"....

She said...

"Ok Mom"...

Could this be any cuter????

I picked up a ton of candles...my semi-annual visit!!!

And a couple of cutesy things for the cottage....

Hope you all had a great day...

What did you do????

I also got some baking done...yummy!!

Going out to Swiss Chalet tonight..

The cook is getting a night off!!!..

Erika and Vivian joining us!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...it was actually HUMID this afternoon...YAY!!!

                         Cheers!  :o)



  1. Oh How I wish there was an Ikea east of Montreal! Is there even one there now? Maybe when my kids move to Calgary I'll get to visit one there. Yippee. That's a cute tent for Vivian to play in. Such fun stuff at that store. Sunny and 21 here again today. and the same for tomorrow. I'm smiling. :D Hugs, Pam

    1. Hopefully you will get to one soon...
      You are heaving fabulous weather,Pam...us too!!

  2. our closest ikea is dallas.
    that tent is something she can enjoy for years to come. well ~ unless she get REALLY tall REALLY quickly! LOL.
    glad to hear the cook getting a night off. enjoy! plus. tell erika that when she smiles she lights up the room. does she realize that? I like her "new hair" ~ well at least new to me!

    1. Like Dallas Texas???
      I thought there were more than that in the USA...
      We have 3 to chose from here...all about the same distance...
      I will pass your compliment along to Erika!! Thanks!

  3. That is adorable! She'll enjoy that for years, too...what a great gift!

  4. My oldest daughter had a "Holly Hobbie" house...she loved it!!
    Had her little table and chairs and tea set in there!!

  5. That is just waaaay too cute! She'll love having her own little space. Adorable.

  6. Sooo cute! I love Vivian. I want to squeeze her. :)

    1. I will gladly squeeze her for you, Jennifer!!!

  7. Lots and lots of fun in that cute circus tent. We have to go to Ottawa for Ikea and I must admit I've never been to one of their stores, been to Ottawa many times though.

    1. You should go Crafty...it is quite an experience!!


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