Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hadn't Used It For A Few Days.....

 Picked up my camera this morning...

Hadn't used it for a few days..


About a week or more...

I knew something was missing!!!


I found these pics in there...

Saw this vignette on the kitchen counter....

After Easter...

And found it rather interesting... 


This will be my post for today...

I love the Blush on the Apples...

And the shine from the Clementine dimpled skin..

The Milk Glass always makes things look Romantic... 

One of my Gerbera from before Easter....still smiling! 

Hope you are all having a great day...

We had a great storm last night...

Plenty of rain...thunder...and lightning...

Just what the Garden ordered...

I hope to get outside in the next few days...

Need to see what's "UP" in the Garden...:o)

Saw my first Goldfinch this morning...that is always a good sign...

And...2 Robins chasing each other around...hopefully will build a nest...

Must fill the Bird Bath...Robins do love to splash around...

That's it from my end...

Thanks to you all... for all your well wishes...means a lot!  

My appetite is returning...so...sent my boyfriend to the grocery store...

On the menu tonight...easy peasy dinner...

               Roasted Pea Meal Bacon...roasted potatoes...roasted asparagus..

All in the oven....all easy....all delicious...

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                              Cheers!  :o)



  1. Great to see that you are up and around..
    Love the milk glass!

    1. Thanks Linda...
      We both have a weakness for the milk glass, eh??

  2. Oh this is such good news. I guess the chicken soup worked! :) Do NOT overdo it my dear. You still need to recoup. Be gentle with yourself. From one who knows.

    1. It did!!! Thanks again, Leslie..
      I promise not to overdo!

  3. It is always interesting to find photos that you had taken awhile ago. The milk glass looks lovely.
    Sun and cloud today, we had some rain last night, but not thunder & lightening. More rain moving in tonight. I've been moving a few pots from the garage to the plant tables as the rain will be good for them. It's still too early to plant any seeds, though might do a few peas next week.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

    1. It is raining here again...I love it!!!
      I envy you...working around with the plants...
      I think I am on the mend for sure!!

  4. I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better. I like the citrus colours in your photos and the beautiful milk glass dishes. We had snow today. Enough to cover the ground and stick! It will melt tomorrow though as it warms up again. So tired of this weather. No goldfinches here yet but robins, killdeer, red winged blackbirds and song sparrows are back. :) Take care. Hugs. Pam

    1. Snow!!! oh my gosh...you sure have had your share down there...
      We are under a Winter Storm Watch starting on Thursday....geesh...

  5. Yahoo......she's up and around!!! Hope you are feeling somewhat better but you do have to take it easy and don't be out there rooting around in the garden!! I saw robins as well and just a beautiful cardinal. Even here, spring has sprung but...snow expected Thursday and Friday. Yuk!! Rest up!!!

    1. Don't get too excited, Ann...spent most of the day on the couch crocheting...I could get used to this lazy lifestyle!!!

  6. Those photos are very pretty. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer...much appreciated!

  7. Glad to see you are feeling well enough to post a new blog. That means you are on the mend! Fabulous! Take it easy and do less than you think you can. You don't want to relapse!

  8. Thanks Devon...and that potted flower you gave me...absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I think it is a Begonia...am I right?
    Beautiful blooms...
    Between you and Leslie, I will be spoiled by the end of all this!
    I really appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Glad you got it. Didn't want to disturb your rest so just left it on the step. I loved the the container the plant was in and the furry pussy willows! Be spoiled and enjoy it all! :)

  9. The camera should never be far away, especially when you are at the beach. :)

  10. Hey, how are you feeling?

    I love bowls of fruit...nature's always best, isn't it? Just beautiful!

    I keep saying I need to fill our bird bath, too, but haven't yet!

    1. Better...but I still tire easily...gosh am I old or what??hahaha!
      Our birdbath has some water now...from the rain!!

  11. those first pictures of the daisy with the fruit ~ oh my gosh. the colors! love it.
    yup. you must be feeling better. like a painter with her brush. can't keep creativity down too long.
    hope you keep getting well soon!

    1. You know me so well, Tammy...
      I promise to take it easy!

  12. What beautiful photos Linda! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better!!!
    What a relief!! Take it easy though, and don't have a relapse!!

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