Monday, 23 March 2015

Last Week With Miss V.....♥️

When Miss V visited last Thursday...

We decided it was craft day...

But first...she asked if she could wear the new dress Papa and I had brought her from Florida...

I said "absolutely!! your Minnie Mouse dress is perfect for doing crafts"

Up we went to put it on...

Then....we got started...

First the Easter window clings...she loves putting these up!


I told her we were going to make Easter cards...

For her Mommy and her Aunts and Uncles!!

This was welcomed very happily!

Lots of pretty Easterey stickers...


Sparkly stickers...

Worked away like a little artist!!

Can you see her Minnie Mouse dress?? and her Dora band-aid!!

She showed me how her Mom had polished her nails for her!!

Said she wanted to do her toes like Nana...hahaha!!

I said in the summer we will see about that!!

All done!!

Don't they look great!!


On with one of the new cowls I made her while away...

Looks so cute ♥️

Off for a walk with her Papa...

Up to the park...



Before lunch...

And a nice long nap....

After her nap...

A nice crispy crunchy apple fits the bill...

Along with her many necklaces!!

And a play with her house and people...

Had a great day...

SO glad to be back with her again...

Here she is with her Auntie Lissa...

The day they all came over...

She looked spectacular in her Minnie Mouse dress!


What do you buy a 2 1/2 old???

Why...a Minnie Mouse dress of course!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and are enjoying your Monday...

Busy today...still clearing out the cobwebs...cant believe we have already been home for 10 days...

I have a peameal bacon roast for the oven...

Accompanied by some scallopped potatoes, broccolli, and some brussells!

 Have a coffee cake in the oven...

Will have a piece of that around 3pm...yummy!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                          Cheers!  :o)


  1. A day in the life of little Vivian. How adorable is she. I bet those Easter cards will be a big hit with everyone. Something to treasure. This was such a cute post, Linda. I'm hanging family photos on the stairs today, just where you come up to the mouse house. It doesn't feel like home without them. Enjoy the start of Spring. Hugs

    1. HI was really fun doing them with her...she picked the colours for each person!!
      I know how you feel about your family Deb...very heartwarming ♥️
      tell you miss your house???
      Or...too busy to think about it...

    2. I miss the space but I'm busy making this tiny-dwelling comfortable so I'm not thinking too much about it. Funny enough, Gary is and always was more attached to our old house. I was ready to move long ago but stayed put for the kids. They really liked where we were so I didn't want to disrupt them. I think once the main house is built I will feel very much at home here.
      Hope we get some warmer weather soon. It's below freezing here again.

    3. I figured women are resilient,eh?
      Plus....that property holds so many fond memories for you....
      I am sure it will be beautiful when completed....
      When does the main house get underway?

  2. Sounds and looks like perfect day had by all ! Oh my Miss V is such a cutie pie ! Lovely photos . who had the nap really Miss V or Papa lol !!! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. Ha!
      Both did Elaine...a few head nods by Papa!!

  3. Miss V is sure growing up isn't she? Crafts are so much fun, I'm always on the lookout for some to do when our grandkids come by. It's a sunny and cold day. It looks so nice through the windows but unless we are in the sun trap area of the garden it is cold and windy.

    1. She is such a big girl now...can hardly believe it!!
      Cold here too Linda...hang in there1

  4. And those are pretty snazzy cards Miss V made!

  5. Such fun!! And, those precious little fingers working so hard on cards for her family! LOVE it. =) Man, the food sounds wonderful around there! Wish I could just drop in at three for cake! ;) blessings ~ tanna

    1. You are welcome any time Tanna...door is always open...plenty of food for all!!
      Cake was pretty darn good!!

  6. I'll be by at three... oops... that's right now! Sweet pics of Miss V - she is quite the artiste!

    1. If you had a car, you could have come out!!
      How do you get out to the west end, Suzanne??
      yes indeedy...she surely is!

    2. Sometimes a cab or TTC or a friend drives me. All depends.

  7. I am sure that she has grown masses since you were away!!! She looks so grown up now, it is amazing isn't it. The Minnie dress is very cute. Looks as though you both enjoyed your crafts! xx p.s. I am back now! xx

    1. Yes big!!! But...still so huggable!
      We did have fun!!

  8. Oh so cute! I love the they'll make their way onto some refrigerators!

    I LOVE her coat....little vines, flowers and BIRDS? I want one just like it! ha.

    1. Yes Betsy....birds....looks like one of your paintings!!
      It is from GAP...

  9. A girl can never have too many necklaces...glad to see Miss V is starting as she means to go on!
    Love the Easter cards!
    Jane x

  10. Love the photos of Miss V and I can see she loves her Minnie Mouse dress.
    She is growing up very quickly. isn't she.
    She draws and creates those Easter cards beautifully.
    Have you bought a first pair of flip flops yet so she can be like Nanna . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      She is growing TOO quickly...enjoy Peter while he is still small!!
      She had flipflops last summer...had a hard time navigating with them! hahaha!
      she called them her "toe toes".....I guess cause your toes go in them....♥️

    2. haha . . . I should think she might flip flop base over apex if she tripped in flip flops.
      ToeToes ~ how funny. . . . . and because your toes are visible when you have them on may have caused her to say that. . . . :)

    3. I did a post on it last summer...she had them on the wrong feet! So cute!

    4. Yes . . . . I think I remember that now . . . :)

    5. The post was August 28 of last year....
      Not sure if they will fit her this summer....
      Better get done new ones! Hahaha!

  11. She is a darling indeed.
    I would love that dress..Since Noah came back from Disney..not too long ago..he would love that.
    Look at her nails..eyelashes..
    We just had Lucas..not more than 1/2 hr ago..
    And I feel at such total peace..when I am alone with him..doing French composition♥
    When he will be 15 instead of 9.. he won't be drinking tea doing French comp w/ nana.
    Her little cowl is so sweet:)
    Love doing crafts with the Littles too I do.

    1. Thanks Monique...
      When we were at Toys r Us in Florida....and I saw that....I was thrilled!
      I think my boyfriend thought I was crazy!
      So nice that you get to spend so much time with your grandson....
      I made her 3 new cowls for the Spring....they do look pretty cute!
      Enjoy your evening....

  12. oh my gosh what a sweet heart, and very talented! I love that minnie mouse dress!

    1. Hi Laurie....
      I tried to see your blog, but the post had disappeared!
      A budding artist!

  13. Loved the cards - you're such a sweet Nana (smile).

    1. Why thanks Dixie....
      I have a sweet granddaughter!

  14. Oh how I miss little girls. You know we only have 3 our of our dozen grandkids. And those sweet girls are adults....Don't think they would wear an adorable Mickey Mouse dress. She looks so precious in that. What a sweet grandma you are ~~the cards are adorable and I know those Aunts and Uncles will love them.
    Dinner sounds good too. I'm in leftover mode to empty the frig before we leave Sunday for OR. Sending love and Hugs

    1. Perhaps some great granddaughters in your future, Wanda...
      Have a wonderful trip!

  15. isn´t she cute?? she is adorable and always look happy in pictures.
    I love her polished nails!! haha!
    She is adorable!! love this age!!

    You have to see my header with my roses !

  16. Yes...she is a happy child....thank goodness!
    Your Roses are beautiful....gorgeous colour!
    Can't wait for Summer here.....

  17. She does look very cute in her dress! Too bad they didn't make them for Nanas as well! It would be fun for both of you to dress up. :-)

    1. really? hahaha! you are silly BIrdie!!

  18. You must see big changes in Miss V when you return from Florida. She just gets more and more adorable, she is a lovely child.

    1. Thanks forget how quickly they grow I am joining her class at the bowling alley!! should be fun!!

  19. Well of course a Minnie dress is perfect for crafting!!!!! She is so darling! I bet you are both I. Your glory being together again!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Yes Kris....I do think she missed us too!!

  20. What a wonderful day you had with Miss V! That must have been so much fun and so satisfying to know that she enjoys and loves her time with Nana and Papa! Such happy memories you are having with her. Oh, and she looks adorable in her Minnie Mouse dress!

    1. Awwww...thanks Devon...are you trying to make me cry? hahaha!

  21. Oh how you're enjoying your time with Miss V. She is adorable. I sure miss my little grandsons. You and V made some sweet Easter cards. Just precious.

    1. I think the kids will love their cards!!


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