Thursday, 26 March 2015

Last Weeks Cottage Drive......

Whenever we pass this place...

We are always looking for the Horses...

We got lucky...they were putting them thru their paces...

And these Canada Geese  are looking for water!!

The pond just near them, was still frozen!!

It was a brighter day last visit...

A bit less snow...we were able to jump down to the beach...

It has melted to a layer of sand...not very attractive!!

Hope that has melted more for this weeks visit...

My boyfriend took a pic of me on top of all the ice at the shore...

Hope this has gone too!!


Probably not...the weather has cooled down again...although much warmer down in Niagara..

I found the first piece of Beach Glass for 2015!!

Quite a large one too.... 

Added it to this pitcher...we have plenty more!!

Perhaps I should do something will all of it...

From can see most of the snow is on the West side of the property...

This will take a long time to melt...unless we get a heatwave!!

YAY!!  Let's hear it for a heat wave!!!   heat wave...heat wave...heat wave...

I can't hear you!!

Here's me...




Can't really put the furnace on yet...

Hopefully in a few weeks...

When my boyfriend can get the water on...

Then we will be in business!!

This is coming down the Niagara Escarpment into Beamsville...

This is Lake Ontario...

On our way home...

One of our favorite thrift shops is there...and...of course...

I needed to stop in!!

Hope you are all having a great day...

We have Miss V today...she is napping...what a great little sleeper she is ♥️

Tonight is Fish night!!!

Light the smelly up the windows...HAHAHA!

My favorite choice the last few months has been Cod...

SO darn tender, moist and flaky...especially after bathing in buttermilk...

{Just had to say that!!!!}

And rolled in Panko crumbs...

Rice and sauteed mushrooms and peppers on the side...

I think a Ceasar Salad to start...with fresh grape tomatoes....

And thinly sliced red onion...yummy!!

Have a great day!!

What's going on at your place??

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. What lovely shots. You are just too cute Miss L. Loved the pictures of you! I wonder if I can find any beach glass in Brookings? Is that something you only find on the East coast? I love that emerald green... (My birthstone....haha) Have a great day.... I'm a packing!!

    1. Why thank you Miss W!♥️
      Not sure about the beach glass..I never see any in Florida!
      I hope you have a wonderful many days drive??

  2. Great photo with the mirrors!

    1. HI Karen...welcome...and thanks!
      Hope you visit again...

  3. Nice photos, Linda. I love your cottage and I like that you have lots of mirrors. It makes the rooms feel larger. Dinner sounds kind of meal. We are just doing more decorating of the mouse-house. And...hanging more bird houses. Have a great evening. Hugs

    1. Yes...the mirrors do make things seem larger...
      Most of them have been thrifty buys...never pass up a mirror!
      Hope you get some renters in your houses!

  4. Love all these, but I am entranced with the first photo - looks like a painting. Beautiful. Wish I could paint! Great pics of you, too. Today I am running a few errands and looking out at a very grey sky. Kinda grim but I hope the sun will shine soon! Enjoy your Thursday.

    1. Oh too Suzanne...watercolors!!
      I am so envious of people who can paint...I keep threatening to try...but, too chicken!!
      Grey here as well...except for the glow that emanates from Miss V♥️

    2. One of these days I am going to take a painting course. I don't think I have that particular talent, but I'd like to try.

  5. Heat wave...whoop whoop..heatwave...whoop whoop...heatwave...whoop whoop.
    Is it working?
    Jane x

    1. Uh...err...Yes it is!
      A tropical heatwave......
      Everybody! sing along!!

  6. Great action shot of the horse and rider and those geese are so big .. . .
    Hope it brightens up some more so you can enjoy the cottage.
    Shame you didn't keep the teeth ~ you could have kept them in the pitcher . . . lol
    Hubby took a nice shot of you . . . . :)

    1. I see you are trying to clone yourself in that mirror shot ~ if you repositioned slightly there would be infinite Linda's ~ too many blogs for us to visit . . . haha

    2. Hi Eddie...
      We love to drive by that stable, and hope for some action!
      Boyfriend buried the teeth down by the beach chairs!
      Will look for them next February!! hahaha!
      NEVER say too many blogs....I was thinking of starting up another one...with a different slant...hmmmmm...

    3. A different slant . . . Italics ? . . . . . haha
      Seriously, that would be interesting, wonder what that might be . . . . :)

    4. My mean cynical side.....evil Linda!

    5. Gosh . . . how terrifying and so many of you too . . . . lol

    6. He means that... in a good way ;)

    7. You think?
      Perhaps an evil Linda blog would be fun!

  7. I love that pic of you.
    I am always overjoyed when someone gets a pic of me I don't want to tear up.
    So not photogenic.I am.
    And when a fiend send you a very awful low light pic? And it's from a phone? And she's not a photographer?And doesn't edit?
    Not a true friend:)
    I only send good pics to people..why depress anyone..
    That is a cute cute pic!

    I collect sea glass for my Ontario friend on the FL beach and give it to pretty!
    It's raining..and we did a Costco run~
    I had my scarf..on too..and not wool today!

    1. Oh are gorgeous! I cant imagine a bad photo of you...
      I take selfies, then I can decide what appears here...hahaha! didn't even put my soft Doris Day lighting on this one!
      Are you talking about the one in the mirror???
      I have never seen any beach glass where we must be further south...when do you go???
      We did Costco yesterday...hence the rotiserrie chicken yesterday!!
      Don't you just love scarves???
      You can never have too lots of patterns...
      Nothing like a warm neck.....

  8. such lovely and tranquil photos!

    1. Hi Dez....
      Thanks...glad you found it lovely and tranquil...I agree with you...

  9. Nice blue sky and sun!

    You have a portal going through that mirror tunnel! ha.

    1. Eddie says too many Lindas'!!!
      I'll fix him....

  10. Beautiful photos, Linda. The lake is still looking too much like winter! Come on, spring; get your act together :)

    That is a great shot in front of the mirror. Very creative.

    1. Oh I know...enough with the snow already...
      I think Miss Spring needs a good kick in the arse!! hahaha!
      Thanks about the picture...

  11. Oh supper sounds delish ! Lovely photos I especially like the one of you in the mirror . Lots of pretty beach glass you have there ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Thanks Elaine.....
      Yes....LOTS of beach glass....2 other big jars!

  12. I don't know where your horse was going through the paces, but many years ago My Darling's nanny used to work at the race track in Fort Erie. I've never been to the races but one day we drove past the barns. It looked like an interesting place.

    Beach glass already? I should go check out my beach, except it's probably still frozen... maybe.

    1. Between Smithville and Dunnville...on a corner....
      Yes...beach glass....the beach up near the concrete wall, was bare of eye went right to this HUGE piece!
      Gonna go out there tomorrow.....think there might be fresh snow! yikes!
      How are you making out?

  13. You look very cute in 40degrees. =) Oh, yes, bring on the heat waves! We enjoyed some really warm, sunny weather the first part of the week... then back to cool gray days... supposed to be sunny again today! Yay! I'm about to head out to pick up Miss B for the day. Oh, the joy! hehee blessings ~ tanna

    1. Hope you had a great day Tanna....

  14. Nooooooo! No heatwave! I've been trying to get away from our heatwave since last September, Linda :) Coming over for some cool...
    Love the first picture of the horse and snow - looks like a Christmas card. And also Love Love Love your beach glass - isn't that pretty?
    Cheers, P.


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