Thursday, 24 November 2011

Our Goose In The Fall

This is Fall for sure....our "goose" was a birthday gift to my husband about 10 years ago...made from an old log by some has become part of the landscape at the Lake, and we truly cherish it. It is becoming kinda raggedy, so I hope she hangs in for a few more years.

Need to do some raking...Hope to do some this weekend!
How is this for a late afternoon Fall sunset...  :o)


  1. Awesome fall sunset pic!!! Wish I was there sitting watching the water and listening to the rustle of the grasses in the gentle breeze. Love the goose :)

  2. What a sky that is! I'm glad that the goose looks after the place when you are not there. I wonder if he keeps the real Canada Geese from camping and occupying your property? What an expansive garden you have there. So much work!

  3. oh my word. that last picture of the sunset at the lake.
    well. i actually have no words!
    only goosebumps!
    i guess in honor of the goose who is the 'star' of this post. lol.
    that picture is amazing linda.
    i'm so enjoying your blog! i don't even know if you'll see these comments
    on the older posts. it doesn't matter. just lovin' it!


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