Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Log People

 As we drive along HWY #3, towards Dunnville, we have noticed these 2 " Log People",  some very talented person has put together, on the boulevard in front of their house. I finally stopped the other day, to take a few could you ever describe these guys, without some documentation!!
This guy is sitting in his chair, reading a book..with  his legs crossed...on an ottoman!! How comfy is that!!

This looks like a caterpillar...or perhaps a centipede..very happy fellow!!

His hair is a piece of tire tread...his teeth are an old brush..and his eyeballs are golfballs
but the best "Stick Guy",  is the one that we made at the cottage!! 
We "made" this guy with a log from our tree trimming...his hat is from an old bird feeder, his eyes and nose from a "tree face" that the moustache fell off of....and the mushrooms in his mouth are courtesy of Mother Nature....

Hope you enjoyed the  "Stick People" as much as I did.....I am on the hunt for more interesting photos to share with you......

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...ain't life grand??


  1. The log people were awesome. As I was reading the post, I thought, you should make some of your own, and lo and behold, you did! Yours is the best one!

  2. When I first saw that photo I wondered if you'd planted "the mouth". Mother nature is so clever! You too!


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