Saturday, 12 November 2011

The aftermath of a vicious wind storm at the lake

We took a drive to the cottage yesterday, to see if "the old girl" was still standing, after that big wind storm on  Wednesday night. I have never mentioned that the cottage was originally built in the mid 30's, and has even survived Hurricane Hazel ,when it blew up through Lake Erie, in 1956,  I think it was.  When the rain and wind come from the South,or even worse,  the South West, you know there will be trouble!!  One year,the lawn was covered in stones from the beach, and even tossed a huge log onto the lawn, which I quickly used as an edging  for one of my flower beds!  When we first bought the cottage, the previous owners (who were reeeealy old), told us about all the wooden shutters we had to install every fall. We actually put one over the living room window that year......and that was the end of that!  It was so dark and cold inside..very uninviting. There weren't a lot of fallen twigs this time,  as Greg gathers these up, to use as kindling for our fire pit, or inside fireplace.

The waves were still pretty high, as the wind was coming for the south West

Most of the leaves blew away in the wind

The milk Weed is just cracking open...the seeds fly like feathers

Grasses on the rod side are turning a lovely yellow..they will stand all winter long

Smaller Miscanthus near the deck

The damage is evident. The waves drag stuff from everywhere , and dumps it anywhere!! One year somebodys dock rolled in!!!

Greg surveys the mess...his tarp for his woodpile, was tangled in the neighbours rocks

In the end,  we breathed a sigh of relief, as no trees down...or trees through any windows or the porch screens. We now await the arrival of our "handy-man" to start work on refurbishing the sun porch.

We drove home through hail, freezing rain, and even some snow! Went through Vineland and took a shot from the hill down into town, and the lake is in the far distance...Lake Ontario that is!!


  1. You must invite me down to the cottage when a storm is expected. I would love to watch the wild goings on!

  2. Do you ever find sea glass on your beach? I love sea glass and wonder if it ever washes up on your shores, or is that only on coastal seas?

  3. yes, we do get sea glass...greg finds the most..the pale turquoise ones are my have just given me ANOTHER idea!!


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