Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Afternoon

After returning home from the grocery store...unpacking and putting everything away....I started to "putz" around....which inevitably leads to me taking pictures!!

First...I lit my new Maple smelly candle...It really smells gooood!
When I looked out the living room window, the sun was just catching in the grasses
The huge container of Mums I bought weeks ago, is still blooming

Then to the kitchen table, where I had my avacados and tomatoes warming in the afternoon sun

Upstairs on my computer desk...2 of my violets keep me flowers right now!

Then back down to the living room, for the big finale!!!!

The female was in the hedge, but I couldn't get her in the shot

Feeding the birds is one of my greatest passions....the rewards are endless... 

Have a great weekend everyone....mine has already started....:o)


  1. I'm going to work on finding a collection of Christmas Cacti this weekend! You should really never have just one :)

  2. Only you would warm your tomatoes and avocados in the sun, L! And then take a gorgeous pic of it!
    I can vouche for that lovely maple candle! I can still smell it!

  3. Nancy Jane Louise24 November 2011 at 18:13

    I think we need to talk about how the plants keep you company???


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