Monday, 14 November 2011

Forgot This Little Stick Guy!!!

When I did my post yesterday, I forgot to add this little fellow, that I met in July. He appeared on our of our lawn chairs. At first we thought it was actually a stick!!!! but on closer inspection (after he clung to greg's arm, after trying to remove him from the chair) , we realized he was an insect. Not sure what he is called.....but pretty cool, none the less!!

You can actually see his front legs...they look like claws!!

ain't Nature grand??!!


  1. eeeeeeuuuuwwwh! I prefer the wooden guy who looks like the tin man in wizard of oz!

  2. hey
    it's a stick bug!! i don't know the latin lindy, sorry!!
    really that's what they are called
    too funny
    they belong to the same family as walking sticks
    they are cool too!

  3. Amazingly stick-like! Trust you to get pictures of a bug and make it look cool! :)


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