Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Incredible Native Milkweed

 I have long been a fan of the native Milkweed plant. I remember them mostly from my childhood....blowing the feathery seeds in the Fall. A few years ago, some Milkweed started growing at the cottage, and I became enthralled with it , all over again. I have actually done some research, to make this post more credible... other than just a bunch of photos I have taken. This is almost, a lesson, you could say,  in the more lesser known facts of the Milkweed.

What I have growing, is called the Common Milkweed...or..."Asclepias Syriaca" ( pretty good, eh, Honor?). It is the host plant for the Monarch Butterfly, and mandatory food source. I have also seen Hummingbirds loving it, as the flower resembles a Lilac.

This is the beautiful flower it produces in June.
This is how it looks when it first emerges in the spring. This was in the lawn!

These are the pods that appear before the flowers....these are the Milkweed Bug.."Hemipteran"..they lay their eggs on the seed pods in May
I removed a branch to the beach,and they continued to feed and lay their eggs there

The flowers really are extraordinary

The bees also love them

When fall comes, the pods crack open, and the seeds and feathery bits fly away. Apparently in the second World War ,   schoolkids would gather the fluff, to stuff life preservers for the Armed Forces in the Pacific. You can buy quilts today, stuffed with the Milkweed fluff!!


This is how they look all winter...."til spring, when I cut them down
 I hope I have enlightened you to the mystical world of the Native Milkweed....I enjoyed learning more about them.

Have a great day!!


  1. The things I never knew about Milkweed! Gorgeous photos, as always, but also an educational post! I am impressed!

  2. Of course I've seen milkweed all my life, but I'm not sure that I've ever seen the flower part. This is fascinating. If it were not such a thug of a weed it would be lovely in urban gardens. I'm just remembering fields of the fluff floating along in the autumn air spreading it's fluffiness throughout the Ottawa Valley. Great photos.

  3. i hadn't thought nor seen milkweed since my childhood.
    i don't know why but it brought tears to my eyes!
    this is a beautiful post. thank you.


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