Sunday, 27 November 2011

Friday Night Sleepover At The Lake

  We arrived at the Lake around noon....the wind was howling, and the waves were big. Although it was 14 degrees, the wind made it feel a lot nipplier! We got our stuff in...turned on the heaters...lit the stove...and most important of all..turned on the electric blanket!

The ducks are plentiful
The grass is still green
 There is never a shortage of leaves in the fall in is just the way it is!!
Well......Greg got busy.....I was running around checking out my gardens, to see where I needed to remove the leaves. If I leave them 'til spring, they are wet and soggy, and really hard to rake out

I gathered some twigs and logs from the beach, for our little firepit

Then I took silly pictures of my shadow!!

This is our great little fire pit...put it anywhere, and fire it up. To have a bonfire on the beach, the wind has to be just right, or you end up smoking everybody out...including ourselves!

The day got warmer, as it went along. The sunset was lit up the grasses

The setting sun makes the grass look red...

The windmills or wind turbines, as they now call them...looked great in the sunset

Took this last shot from inside the cottage. Once the sun had set, which unfortunately was at 4:45pm, we were forced inside, as it got too chilly.  We had a lovely fire inside...piping hot chili..greek salad, and delicious bread.....a few beers to go with that as well!!!

Best of all....we got to stay over one more time....and I got to dance with my boyfriend!!

                                                 Eat your heart out!!!!    :o)


  1. So lovely! The sunset pics are gorgeous! Your posts are so vivid and colourful...I can see, smell and feel everything as if I was there!

  2. I love the part about dancing with your boyfriend. Glad you kids had such a great weekend.

  3. i know in my heart that YOU know how very lucky you are!


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