Thursday, 17 November 2011

One Minute It Is Fall....And The Next........

even our pumpkin looks disgusted with the situation!

I took this photo this morning....grasses still nice and green

wait for it.....

And then the Snow.......makes you kinda feel like......

checking out my new little elf, santa, stockings and hat

Picked these little treasures up last weekend at the Port Colborne Sally Ann!

Let's hope we get a few more sunny, warmish Autumn days....but I do believe, I will start rooting thru my Christmas containers, to see what I have...and of course...what I need for this year.


  1. I noticed that crumpled up pumpkin yesterday and was entranced with him. He knew what was coming our way!
    Gorgeous pictures again!
    Christmas is coming too, too quickly! Stop the train and let me off...
    Glad I am first here, yet again ;)

  2. Devon, you little DevIL :)

    Yes, weren't those snow showers something else!? Thank heavens they didn't stick to anything. That pumpkin looks like he lost his dentures! Love your Christmas collecting. You are so hysterical!

  3. Nancy jane Louise24 November 2011 at 18:11

    My fav in this series of artistic photos is the 1st one with the delicate colours of pale pink and light green. Beauty photo Linda!!


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