Monday, 7 November 2011

The Incredible Christmas Cactus From Bud To Bloom

 I have 4-5 Christmas Cacti, that I have had for several years. They are an extremely easy plant to grow, and reward with " out of this world" blooms. Mine always bloom twice a year,and not always at Christmas!! My Mom had a few when she used to winter in sunny Florida, and they called them Easter cactus.

. I have white ones, pink ones, and the most beautiful peachy coloured ones. 

Such a fantastic bloom....
Almost looks like a writers quill...ready to be dipped into the inkwell...

Mine choose to bloom at "whatever time" they feel like it. I noticed one in particular, that started showing some "buds" around the beginning of October. I have tried to capture some photos as it has progressed over the last month. This particular one is the pink one....I am sure the others will follow soon.

Hope you all enjoy the flower will certainly be the subject of most of my blogs...that is what I love to do.......and I want to share with you....


  1. Glorious! I need to get a Christmas cactus...they are sooooo beautiful. Love the always!

  2. Now I'm wanting this variety! I had no idea of the variety of colours. Then again, little green thumb you....I'd kill them by November! I don't do well with indoor blooms :) You are an inspiration though.


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