Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We have a house guest

We are cat sitting again!! my son is away in New York City for a series of seminars, and we have "Buddy" for a week. He usually comes when Ryan is away ,as it is easier for us to have him here. He usually hides under the couch for a while, and then slowly joins in, and thoroughly amuses us with his antics.
he first visited when our Kramer was still with us...Buddy is the small one....click on any photo to enlarge
as you can see, they were almost identical

Kramer had "toy envy" whenever Buddy visited!
Taffy...... ahhhhh Taffy....used to hiss at Buddy ..... and Kramer for that matter....even though they co-habitated for 17 years
this is how Buddy looked in 2007...always with his little buddy by his side!!

And this is how he looked yesterday!!!

All kidding aside,we enjoy having him as a guest....My daughters each have 3 cats,so I go to them to feed and keep company. Look forward to further "cat" posts,as we have them coming out our ears!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I wonder if our cats were related! Don't they look like Kizzie? Buddy is a guy after my own heart...move in and relax! It's all good :)

  2. You are too busy cat sitting to visit with me!


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