Sunday, 10 June 2012

Awesome Rainbows and Sunset....

We started the weekend early....on

Got to the Lake around the car unpacked...had a bite to eat..

And then it happened!!!

Out of nowhere....the most awesome
Rainbow...that stretched from one side
of the the other....

I think that this might be the best 
darn rainbow that I have ever seen...

           EVER....... and as you follow along...there is actually 2 rainbows..


I took pictures, as it started to fade...and the clouds came in...

And then look what happened......

To the East...
To the West....

The most awesome Sunset Ever.....:o)

And this was only Thursday.....

A whole weekend ahead of us.....

How fabulous is that!!!

Hope you all had a great

Here is a photo of my fern patch at the cottage...Awesome...[ok ok..I used awesome too much....but it really is awesome....tee hee hee  :o)]

                        Cheers!         :o) 


  1. Wow! Just WOW! I've never seen a full arch of a rainbow before! That is just awesome. And it seems even more special stretched out over water like that! What a neat what to start your long weekend! You really got some beautiful photographs of it, too! :)

  2. It was really glad we were there to see it!!

  3. What dramatic and moody skies, did a storm come by or what? I enjoy sky scapes like this, makes me want to whip out the water colours and splosh away!

    Pleased you enjoyed your time together!

    1. It rained shortly afterwards....but only a soft rain..
      the next day, it rained ALL DAY!!!

  4. What a lovely, inspiring sky! That rainbow was 'awesome'! Really!

  5. That is an awesome rainbow. I love watching the sky and taking photos too. I'm sure you had a fantastic weekend.

  6. I love rainbows and you sure had a beautiful spot to see this one. I heard the other that there are always 2 rainbows and the second one just isn't always visible. Huh. You sure have a beautiful spot on that lake!

  7. thanks Pamela....I know!!

  8. Wow 2 rainbows?! It seems the sky has been doing some crazy things lately...



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