Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Workin' The Front Yard....

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Yesterday afternoon, was spent working on my gardens here at home.

I started at the front...seems logical enough...first sweeping, re-arranging, watering and generally tidying up.

Lots of Pine needles from the big old Pine tree, as it had been pretty windy the last couple of days.. 

Took a few shots of the front walk..with the big hostas...I also planted a pot..right by the first step...with succulents...and they are loving it there...

My big planter has a Perennial Grass, which I will plant in the fall...I added some different things to the planter...including some variegated Nasturtiums...which should look great when they start to flower..and trail down...


 As I made my way to the back a MUCH bigger garden....this scene struck me as rather beautiful...when I opened the back gate, the Ivy was actually growing along the pathway...and everything looked rather lush and I paused...and took a picture of course!!! :o)

Kind of an odd day weather-wise....cloudy...humid...and even a shower around noon...hope you all enjoyed your day...what ever the weather....long weekend coming up.....supposed to be fantastic weather....:o)

                  These succulents are in the backyard.....

These 4 little guys are at the cottage...with sedums in them...aren't they hilarious!!! We got them at a thrift store about 5 years ago...and they have been blooming ever since...they are...from left to right..
   Captain Ahab
   Lawrence of Arabia
   Henry the Eighth

                    They are part of the landscape at the cottage...and we love them!!

                       Enjoy the rest of your day..

                                        Cheers!    :o)


  1. Your gardens are looking beautiful Linda. You are having some wonderful weather there so far. We've had so much rain this past few days that everything is waterlogged. I like your four character mugs with the succulents. Cute!

  2. Thanks Pam...Hope you dry out soon!

  3. Beautiful yard you have!

  4. Love the picture of your backyard as you enter through the gate, with the little lamb in the distance. Gorgeous! I love the heads with the sedums!

    1. Have a great weekend.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  5. Linda your gardens are beautiful. I love my gardens too so always enjoy your pictures. Thanks for sharing see you in class.

    1. Thanks Linda...Have a great long weekend...


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