Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sizzlin'...Sultry...Sassy.... Summer In The City...

What a way to start summer!!!

The thermometer is thru the roof!!!

So many flowers are wayyyyyy ahead of schedule....

Can you believe Day Lilies in June??

They usually wait until mid-July in my garden...but look at these babies!!!

Come with me....and see what is blooming...

This sizzlin', sultry, sassy First Day Of Summer 2012....:o)

Get comfortable....I had a hard time deciding on the pics...took these first thing this morning....

Off we go.........

I will be quiet for a while.....but ONLY for a while!!!tee hee hee...

My Blue Delphinium is amazing.....3 huge stalks...these are mid-summer bloomers, as per my resident garden expert....right Crafty!?

My Tomatoes here at home, are really getting huge...I have them in a big pot..along with some parsley and a few peppers...

Several different shapes of Evening Primrose...

Lovely Yellow Gerbera Daisies

So happy these little pansies are still going....since Easter!!! I have them in a very shaded spot...

On a sad note....
I found this on the front walk on my way out today....:o(

Robins seem to lose a LOT of eggs...I guess they must be very tasty!!  [sorry...I wasn't trying to be cruel...but they seem to be the only eggs I ever see on the ground....just saying ]
                             But....on a happy note...I found this 3 legged etagere at Winners....and it folds up to the nothing....$20...A good deal, I thought...I will take it to the lake, and put some morning glories to grow up it!!!  :o)

               After a very busy 3 days this lunch was my blueberry-lemon-banana loaf...topped off with strawberries, raspberries and no-fat vanilla yogurt.......yummmmmy....:o)

          Hope it wasn't tooooo many pictures for you all...but I just can never decide!!! So many beautiful little time....

               Hope you are all enjoying the first day of whatever you are doing....keep cool.....enjoy your day...

                    Cheers!        :o)


  1. There can never be too many photos. It is hard to choose what to share isn't it? It is "stay inside hot" today. But I have been popping out to water some fast drying pots. No cooking tonight, it's even too hot to stand at the BBQ!

    1. We are going to Swiss Chalet for dinner!!!
      And then off to the lake tomorrow..
      enjoy the rest of your day..

  2. Gorgeous! And I'm so excited to see that blue delphinium since I bought bulbs on sale and planted them a few weeks ago. Can't wait for next year! Lovely!

  3. Enjoy your first day of summer, Betsy...

    1. got all the guys in the pool today! It's a hot one!

    2. So glad they all went in...great entertainment for them...We are going in after we get back from dinner...and clean the sides of the liner and steps...always working!!

  4. I am loving your yard! I am in western Canada and it is still cool and nothing is growing. Your Delphiniums are absolutely beautiful!

    I get sad when I see things like broken bird's eggs but it made something a lovely meal.

    1. Hey Birdie....I didn't know you were Canadian...and a Hilarious one at that!!! thanks for the compliments...

  5. You have a lot of beautiful flowers in bloom right now Linda and I'm wondering if they are early, what will bloom in August? That gate is sweet and will look great with morning glories or sweet peas on it. You dessert looks yummy. Keep cool. I think your heatwave is about to end.

    1. well Pam...I guess the coneflowers, obedient plants,rudbeckia, mums...stuff like that...everything is so early...I'll just have to wait and should make for some interesting posts from across Canada, eh??

  6. LOVE the etagere from Winners! Do they have another?? Think I may pop over and see!
    Can't believe you had banana loaf for lunch ;), naughty girl!

  7. Devon...Didn't notice anymore...but , if you go to the one at dundas and winston churchill, it was in the far left corner..just near the shoes...good luck!
    Why not banana loaf with berries and yogurt??? And that was at 2:30...had a very busy day....have a great weekend..


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