Thursday, 14 June 2012

Update...Cottage Garden Walk-A-Bout...

Come for a walk with me...

Through the cottage garden...

Let's see what is "up"...

First....I see the white Campanula or  Bell Flower...very dainty...

I find, if I deadhead these...they will flower for a long time...

The blue lobelia is doing well...alongside the woodland geraniums...

This is the Blue Campanula...

Weigelia in full bloom now...time for a trim once it is finished..

I know this is type of rhubarb...I looked up a picture and it is called Poor Mans Parasol...seems to fit!!!

My tomato plants are looking very healthy...perhaps some flowers this weekend..
And the Parsley as well...yummy...
The beauty bush is massive...
The Sweet Peas have some tiny buds...:o)

The Spiderwort is blooming....blooming georgeous!!!!
Love the look of this tiny hairy!!!
Very tiny spider....the smaller the better...:o)
Geranium after the glory of blooming...still beautiful...

Summer Anemone taking actually spread quite a bit from last the dainty little flowers to come...
Hollyhocks are budding...
The Lilies are nearly ripe...
This bunch of Campanulas are in a more shaded spot...

I had to trim a few of these Poor Mans Parasol, as they were interfering with some of my perennial grasses....Can you believe how HUGE they are???
This Datura was ready to bloom....I probably missed it!!!  :o(

Looks like a fabulous weekend coming up...

Hope you all get outside...and enjoy!!!

      I will leave you with some hydrangeas from last summer...

                      Can't wait to see them again this year....

                                         Cheers!           :o)



  1. More lovely blooms. I see a hosta in a basket. Do you leave in in there all year or put it into the ground. I've acquired a couple of hostas and have put them in big pots for now so I can move them around to see where I want them, but I'm thinking I might leave them in pots all winter and ... sink into ground? move into garage? I've done both with other plants and both methods work well.
    As for you link within, can't think why it is doing that, so have you tried contacting them via their support button?

    1. Hi Linda:
      Yes...I leave the hostas in the baskets all winter...they always do fine..:o)
      Had written to the support thingy last reply...will try again..

  2. You must have spent hundreds of hours to get a garden so beautiful. I like the little spider. :-)

    1. yes...birdie....100's...if not 1000's!!!
      thanks for visiting...

  3. I am learning what I have in my garden from your blog. Thanks!

  4. Your gardens are so far ahead of ours. They are looking great. The leaves of the poor man's parasol are really huge! We are getting about 5 days of sunshine here. I love it!

  5. Your gardens are looking soooo pretty!! Love the hydrangeas, especially.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am just laughing at those rhubarb leaves! They are enormous! haha...what a hoot! And that hairy little geranium is new to :)
    I love the tours through your yard...both at home and at the lake! So fun!

    1. Thanks Betsy...It is nice to know it is entertaining...

  7. Yummy parsley..not so yummy! Where is your cottage?
    Sandy xox

    1. Lake Erie....Just love it there!!!

  8. Hi

    Today I have been visiting three open gardens for the British Red Cross, and I was thinking about your garden Linda, I had a walk around and a cream tea before heading off to the next garden. I picked up a few plants to bring home too , spent £12.00.
    Would you consider opening your garden for charity? Are they any schemes in Canada like this?

    1. Hey Lisa...We have garden tours here...but I am not sure who reaps the benefits...I know that some are thru local horticultural societies...only went on one, once...I actually entered a local contest once..for street scape...came in in the top 3...they asked me to be on the tour, but with the pool and all, thought it was pretty risky business...some old doll falling in the pool!!!


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