Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Painting the Kitchen Porch....and The Stick Bug...Again!!

My small kitchen porch takes a real beating in the Winter. The snow seems to sit right where you step up....the rain does the same thing.

SO, this was the day...last Friday get it painted. I had already picked up a can of blue, and I had the white from the sun porch...

Time to get to work...First I emptied everything off...cleaned the back it had a lot of  spider poop on it...swept 50 times, as everytime I was finished, something else would fall on it...arghhhh...finally I was ready...well almost...I only had small brushes...arghhh again...

Found something suitable, and got to work on the white railings first...

Waited a while...cleaned the screen door and mirror...and then got to work on the floor...

I think you will agree, from the picture looks a 100 times better...
       Good job Linda....why problem... 

As I was standing back admiring my work....I noticed something suspicious crawling up the post.....hey....what are you doing on my new paint job???

It was one of the funny little stick guys....I found one last summer, but he must have been older, 'cause he looked just like a stick...brown and everything...perhaps this is a baby stick bug....cooochicoo little stick guy...

He huffed and he puffed...and he crawled all over my freshly painted post..
Are you looking at me???
I'll fight 'ya with one hand tied behind my back...
I'll bet you can't do this....
Or this???
I'm the King of the world.....Allright little stick guy, now you are getting on my nerves....I am going to see what is new in the cottage garden this can do whatever you want...but I am done with you....And I never saw him again...tee hee hee   :o)

The flowering ghoutweed is actually kinda Queen Anne's Lace...

I had to look this one up...but, by golly, I found it...Beauty apropo!!!! [is that the right spelling] probably not...

These tiny yellow succulents are lush...

After a hard days work...I needed some "dream" time...

This magazine is wonderful...

All beach themes...just the way I like it...

Hope you all had a great Wednesday..
I did fitness...Wal-Mart...and got the rest of my baskets all potted up... they just need to grow!!!

Enjoy your evening

                       Cheers!                 :o)



  1. Your little stick guy looks like an inch worm. Do you know the name of the succulent with the little yellow blooms? I've got lots of it in pots all over the place, and it just keep growing and growing and growing. BTW, good job on the painting.

    1. I was over visiting you, while you were here!! What are the odds!
      If you check out my Nov 14 post, I have a pic there, and my sister says it is a stick bug...while I was photographing him, I thought he was an inch worm...maybe I should google him!! Back with the info!!

    2. You are absolutely right...there are some photos there of a brown one as well....learn something new everyday...hear that Honor???


  2. I am so looking forward to living in a place where I might get to see a little critter like this again.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Candice

  3. I thought that was an Inch Worm also !

  4. Me too, on the inch worm! But whatever he is, is he just so darn cute! haha. And I love your newly painted fresh and clean! Wonderful! I also love that you hung a mirror outside...what a cool just reflects nature...lovely!

    1. I was just over at your blog!!!I Have mirrors EVERYWHERE...and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! He is cute...isn't he!

  5. Hi Linda. Boy you sure had a busy day! Your porch looks very nice with a fresh coat of paint. I like the sweet table and the mirror. And little Mr. Stick Bug is so cute. I don't know if I've seen one before. I love that you got different shots of him as he travelled around. Looks like your garden is doing well. Have a good evening. Pamela

  6. Whatever the little green worm is, it is so cute. I am glad you took the time to notice him. There is a song by Anne Murray called Inchworm...

    Inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds
    You and your arithmatic, you'll probably go far.
    Inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds
    Seems to me you'd stop and see how beautiful they are.

  7. Don't remember that one...glad you enjoyed the inchworm...he is a cutie!!

  8. Love the porch! Have never seen an inch worm...uugh.... Flowers are beautiful!

  9. The porch looks really nice. A lovely colour of blue for the floor! That inchworm is adorable! Can't you just hear him talking to himself as he makes his way up the post?

    1. I did!!! I can't figure out how he got up there in the first place!!!
      Maybe he blew in with the wind!!

  10. Love the little inch worm. Cute as a button. The porch looks lovely!! Love the blue paint.


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