Friday, 31 August 2012

Beat It.....

Hopefully you will be able to "Beat It'
out of town...or to a beach....or for a picnic...or to the EX...or to see 

Anyway you look at is the weekend to do any one of those 

And this advice comes from Vivian..

So aptly attired in her "Michael
Jackson" onesie!!!

How cute is that?

I tool the other shots last week..
Celebrating 5 weeks old...


This picture was sent to me by Vivian's

After a rather exhausting night...

She would not sleep... you can see by her face...

She needs to!!! with a newborn...  :o)

             Hope you all have a great , relaxing, warm, sunny weekend...

                     Don't forget to watch the Moon...should be spectacular...

                                 Cheers!       :o)


  1. Vivian is so cute Linda! Our wee one is a month old today. We have company coming for Sat. for a family reunion so I am busy preparing. The day will be crazy busy but fun. I hope to get to the Fredericton Exhibition and/or Kings Landing Historical Settlement too. Enjoy!

  2. You have no idea how much there pictures cheer me!

  3. We don't head out on the roads or go near the stores on holiday weekends, just way too much traffic and people. We will enjoy a peaceful weekend at home. The grandkids are visiting this morning, then some gardening this afternoon, along with some knitting and reading in the gazebo. Now if only we could all sleep as peaceful as Vivian.

  4. I love the Michael Jackson onesie! Vivian is getting more and more adorable! Have a great long weekend!!

  5. Great pictures, Linda. I know you're one proud grandmama. We are working on our THIRD time through this as we watch our new GREAT-grandson several days a week. And it makes us realize how blessed we are, but also how OLD we are too!

  6. What a sweetheart! She's cute in any clothes, in any pose! ha. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  7. Wow she is getting so big now. She really doesn't look like a newborn anymore. Oh - how they grow so quickly. I suppose you can't wait to teach her some "stuff" and that's fun. What a glorious weekend. To the beach even to people watch and catch some rays!Take care...hope you had a lovely cottage weekend.

  8. I love Vivian! :) Great pictures, you and dad look awesome! :D Lissa


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