Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Don't You Just Love Tea Parties.......

    I know I sure do....

               Get in touch with a friend....invite them for a nice cuppa!!!

                        Enjoy your day....

                                 Cheers!  :o)


  1. I do love a good tea party! But for now I'm keeping them imaginary. Do you mind if I have a bit of bread and jam? I brought my own tea cup. :)

  2. Sure thing Martha...that is my "no-knead" bread...delish!!

  3. Everything looks so lovely! And I really love those sweet little dessert cups with the birds on them. Adorable!

    1. My daughter Lissa gave me those...they are nice and deep, to hold lots of goodness!!!

  4. Wish I were there! Love the tea cups! Say hello to Chief Willard for me ;)

    Sandy xox

  5. Lovely selection of tea cups and accessories. I had a tea party with our grandaughter this morning. We had bought a tea set for our house and she just loved being able to pour out the water into the cups and then sip it all up. You'll be having tea parties with Vivian before you know it.


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