Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Good Old Daisies &Gooseneck Loosetrife

I must say, that I am finding that the
traditional Summer flowers, are not
quite as robust and sumptuous as

Last year my Daisies were unbelievable.....this year...kinda puny :o(

Even though the Spring flowers were amazing...Peonies especially...I guess with all the warmth early in the year...

Nonetheless...I am posting these photos....

The Gooseneck Loosetrife is really poor compared to previous years....I find they
need the cooler night to keep them from
drooping..Did you know that the Loosetrife is a member of the Primrose Family...

Onward and upward.....Not my best gardening year....glad you are along
on the journey...

Anybody else out there feel their perennials aren't as full as previous years???
Perhaps it is because they seem to blooming out of sync with their usual blooming times....I dunno...just wondering....

 Thought I would add a few
clouds from last weekend at
the cottage....just before

Hope you all had a great day...

Less humid...but still kinda

Enjoy your evening..:o)




                                         Hope you all had a great day...

                                      Getting HOT again.....

                            Cheers!         :o)


  1. Daisies are my most favourite flower. I agree that the summer blooms just aren't as big and bountiful as usual and I attribute the weather for that. In fact I cut down a few clumps of flowers because they weren't giving second blooms even after deadheading. Vivian is going to have lots of dark hair by the looks of it.

    1. yes...especially the day lilies...what a mess...all crispy and flat on the ground...filled 3 bags with just those!!

  2. Lovely Daisies, mine have lasted over a week in the vase and are still looking as lovely as ever just like Vivian. It is amazing that any thing has grown here in the UK with the extreme weather cycles we have experienced recently. Your blooms always look wonderful, I like the fact that you bring them into your home to welcome your friends and family, wonderful!

    1. I enjoy making vase arrangements...with whatever is in bloom...a surprise every weekend..

  3. I am no gardener but I have to agree with you about the flowers being just not as lovely as other years. It must be the heat! I love the heat, though, and it is for such a short time. Will I get to see Viv before she turns 2?

    1. Perhaps I could set up a private meeting with her and her Mom!!!
      I will see what I can do!

  4. The last little flower pictured is the cutest, and doing the best too!


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