Friday, 9 August 2013

Family & Flowerey Saturday...

Last Saturday was awesome...

All my kids came out to the cottage...

Vivian was excellent in her playpen...

I had brought some of her favorite toys from my she dug right in!

She also had her time in the hammock, but no pics this time...

Her Uncle Ryan...Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lissa enjoyed her antics!!
She even stayed in the playpen while we all ate on the sunporch...

And she loves to play with her Mom's old phone...

Now for a few shots of what was blooming last weekend...

Finally saw some of my Morning Glories...this species is variegated, and I just love the foliage..

Tiger Lilies were blooming...but not as prolific as previous years...I wonder if the bulbs get "tired"...and produce less blooms... Anyone know anything about this?

Mona Lavender doing very nicely..

A nice deep burgundy Hollyhock..

The star of the weekend was my white Rose of Sharon...such lovely blooms...

Very impressed with this...and for the life of me...I don't even remember planting this shrub!!

Love the backdrop of the cottage...:o)

Small bouquet on the kitchen porch...Hydrangeas still going strong!

These next few photos were taken by my son Ryan...

They are excellent!!!

He was nice enough to let me put them on my post...

I didn't seem to take as many pics as usual..

Guess I was too busy chatting and such... 

He had no problem getting lots of giggles from his wee Niece..:o) 

My daughter Lissa sporting her gluten-free T-Shirt!!!
 Aren't these priceless??

Thanks Ryan....I luv 'ya!

Hope you are all having a great day...

We are off to the cottage...

Having company this weekend....very excited!!!

Supposed to be cooler...but...I don't care!!!

Hopefully we will get a fire-pit in!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

                                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. Hi Linda, I don't know if lily bulbs get tired, but if they are in a pot the compost might be a bit worn out, and if they don't get enough feed that stops the bulbs from storing enough energy to make flowers the next year. So it might be time to repot them in some new compost and give them some liquid feed as well.

    Great pics as always though. Hope you get your fire pit and have a great time sitting round watching the flames and keeping warm.

    Amy x

    1. Thanks bulbs are in the ground, but perhaps I will dig a few up in the Fall, and see what's what!
      We did have a fire!!! it was awesome!

  2. I don't know much about lily bulbs, sorry. I love tigerlilies, though, they're so bright and pretty. It looks like you all had a nice day, you're so lucky that V is happy in the playpen! Your son is a great photographer. :)

    1. She was that day....but that was the FIRST time!!
      We'll see what happens next time!
      Yes...he is!

  3. Flowers, sunshine and grandkids -- life is good!

  4. Hello Linda,
    Your tiger lilies still look beautiful :) I'm enjoying your photos very much and love your beachy setting. It looks so so relaxing and a great place for family, friends and adorable Vivian! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Jayne...we do love our cottage!!! and Vivian! ha!

  5. Lovely blooms and family time. I'm going to miss having all the family together, but it sure was wonderful while it happened. I don't think I took any bird or flower photos in 2 weeks but sure took oodles and oodles of kiddie photos. Enjoy the cottage.

    1. better get busy, Crafty!!

  6. Hi Linda. Glad you enjoyed a fun cottage weekend with the family. Vivian is so cute and just look at those beautiful big eyes! We are enjoying the grandsons for a few more days then we fly home. :( Mixed feelings for us and for our daughter too. Such is life. Enjoy the weekend at the cottage with your company. I hope the weather cooperates. Pam

    1. Don't despair will see them again in no time!
      The weather was fantastic!

  7. Love your little one playing in her playpen. Kid cages are always helpful.

    Do they still make Tiger Lilies? All I ever see anymore are the completely orange "ditch lilies". Well, I do see other ones in flower gardens, but I haven't seen a "real" tiger lily in a long time.

    Yes, that baby is gorgeous! I like her. :)

    1. Not sure about whether or not you can still buy them...these all came with the cottage!!
      I have moved them around quite a bit, but it just seems they are fewer than usual...
      Thanks...she is gorgeous!!

  8. Isn't it great that she loves her playpen? Very handy...especially when they start getting mobile...and fast! ha.

    That's a new variety of morning glory to's beautiful!

    1. Yes...the variegated one...I picked it for the foliage!!! The flowers are a bonus!

  9. what did i tell ya?
    in my comment about sweet cheeks?
    it's the dreamy eyes that win out!!!
    and those little tiny teeth. and the smile. and the eyelashes. and the silky hair.
    thanks yes ryan! what a wonderful family you have.
    and oh yes...
    what an amazing green thumb! they just grow for you. magic. gorgeous.
    cheers and love dear heart!
    and hello to the gluten free queen. lookin' like a movie star! i'll swear!

    1. She does look like a movie star!!! I keep telling her that!!!
      I love the pics with Vivian showing her teeth!!!
      The flowers take care of themselves Tammy....really...they do!

  10. On you tiger lilies ... the bulbs may need to be "split" which you should do in the fall, after they have bloomed and the green has faded. If you put a pitchfork in the ground and gently lift the earth the bulb will rise and you will probably see LOTS of little baby bulbs clinging to the "mom". You can take them off and transplant ... may take a few years for the newbies to show up but they should. Bulbs that bloom in the spring/summer can be split in the fall after fading. Fall bulbs should be split in the spring. This has always been my practice ;-) The pictures of your granddaughter are beyond words ... precious is all I can say .... you are SO blessed. Linda

  11. What a beautiful family you have Linda. Vivian is adorable! Priceless moments:)

    I see you have been given a solution to the tiger lily dilemma. I would have to agree. Your flowers are so pretty. I am really attracted to that variegated morning glory. I adore Glories and I have never see the likes of those! (I also adore moon flowers too:)

    Thank you so much for sharing your family moments with us, Linda...

    1. Ahhhh Moon Flowers...I also love those...have had them previously, and then they did not perform well...perhaps I will give them another try next summer!

  12. Out Tiger lilies are not as nice as last year but we have also been without any rain for over a month. Not sure if that is the reason.

    1. Hmmmmm...yes...I think that may have something to do with it!!! ha!


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