Thursday, 1 August 2013

Weekend Flower Arrangement....

Every weekend...

I try to...

Make a flower arrangement...


Whatever is in bloom...

Last weekend was no exception...

The Hydrangeas this year have been spectacular...

I have used them several times already this season...

I paired them with some ribbon grass, and a few Hosta flowers...

Of course...

Anything looks amazing in my tall Hobnail vase!!

Wonder what I will use this weekend???

Perhaps the Tiger Lilies will be blooming!

They always look great in a vase!

That small black stand was a "thrifty" purchase a few years back...$5!!!

The lady at the Sally Ann asked if I was a dealer! As I also picked up a sweet piano type lamp at the same time!

This tray table has wheels, and the trays actually come off, if you wanted to use it for serving!!

I use it to store candle holders, small vases,and...of course...

My weekly arrangement!!

I also make one for the wee 1/2 table on the kitchen that!!

I really should give it a good spray-paint...but...what colour??


Hope you are all having a great day...

I have been a busy little beaver!!.....hahaha! {perhaps that is a Canadian joke!}

I have chili in the slow-cooker...ready for Saturday at the cottage..all the kids are coming out...and it is supposed to be cooler this weekend...

I have cooked the ground beef...and will separate some meat-free for my son, as he is a vegetarian...and then add the beef for a few hours!

We will also have lovely sour-dough bread, and a ceasar salad...

I usually leave it up to the kids to bring their own snackies...

And usually some dessert!!


I have some ironing calling me...actually it is SCREAMING at me!! haha!
Better go do that..:o)

Off to the lake tomorrow....long weekend here...YAHOO!!!

On the menu tonight...

        BBQ"D skinless chicken thighs...

                 Fresh corn on the cob...crispy BBQ taters!

Enjoy the rest of your day....

Thanks to all of my new followers...I am really enjoying your blogs!!!

                        Cheers!   :o)



  1. I love the black cart and the milk glass...lovely was to hold your flower arrangements!

    I say busy little bee....but maybe I'm just leaving off the last syllable? hahaha....

  2. Enjoy your weekend company at the lake!

    1. Thanks Debra...hope you have a great long weekend as well!!

  3. Yup long weekend for us crazy Canadians lol My Hosta's and Hydrangeas are practically done for the year ! Lovely arrangement you have there ! Yes the weather is to be much cooler this weekend all though it has been cool this week as well ! Hope you have a good weekend at the cottage !

    1. Thanks Elaine...I will do an update after the weekend, on how my plants are doing at the cottage...Enjoy your long weekend!!

  4. Here in England we tend to be busy bee's, so I know what you mean about the beavers, I wonder what people call themselves in other parts of the world! Thanks for explaining what the horrible yelling noise is coming from my laundry basket - I didn't know that was what the ironing did when it was calling to be done...

    Have a good weekend with your family, beautiful flowers by the way.

    1. HA HA HA!!! I got thru 7 of my tops...2 pairs of shorts...and 7 of my boyfriends golf shirts!!
      Still more to be done...but...I am done for now!!

  5. That's a beautiful bouquet and I love the way it looks in the hobnail vase. I always laugh at you calling it the Sally Ann, it's a new one for me but we (my husband and I, makers-up of stupid names for everything) call it the Sal-Val. I don't even know why. I just know that when we were younger, furnishing the entire house and most of our wardrobes there, we started calling it that.

    1. The Sal-Val...never heard of that one!! makes sense!!
      Do you collect hobnail?? I have a few pieces...Love it!!

  6. Love the hydrangea bouquet with the ribbon grass. The cart is neat. Have a great long weekend!!

    1. Same to you Devon...wonder what the bouquet will be like NEXT weekend!?

  7. Your hydrangeas are very pretty and make a great arrangement with the hosta blooms. Do you find spiders or earwigs in your hydrangeas? I do. :( I shake them and tap them on the picnic table to knock them out. Gross! I love your milk glass collection and the old table. I hope you enjoy your weekend even if it's cool. I guess the Maritimes will be cooler too.

    1. Ewwww...I hate earwigs!!!
      I find that my Peonies have wayyy more buggies in them, than the Hydrangeas...
      Enjoy your weekend...away on your travels...

  8. You might like either a Tiffany blue color for the table or a strong Sunflower yellow.
    Or should I say, I would like those colors lol

    Next year when things bloom in our garden, I hope to be able to know their names. Right now, we are just mowing and cutting back and waiting for the painters to paint the house.
    That photo of the baby ... with that little hat ... you can just chew on her she is so adorable !

    1. I will mull that over, Candice!!
      If you post pictures of the flowers...I would be glad to help!!!
      Isn't she adorable....we love her!!!

  9. That serving cart was a fabulous find Miss Linda!!! I would paint it bright RED!!! Or bright YELLOW!!!
    The flowers are always so beautiful, that you arrange!
    Have a great time this weekend with the whole gang!!
    xo Kris

    1. Well....thank you Miss Kris!!!
      I will certainly enjoy having all my kids...and Vivian...and their partners for the day...makes everything worthwhile, eh??

  10. i dunno. i like the little table black. it's a great backdrop for the vibrant flowers.
    your energy astounds me.
    little blonde dynamo. what vitamins do you take?
    have a wonderful lake cottage weekend! i know you will!!! XOXOXO

  11. The white Hydrangea is gorgeous! I tend to say away from white flowers because I thought they were to blah but your Hydrangea has proven me wrong.

    Add some spicy sausage to your chili. I did that once when I had some in the fridge that needed to be cooked and everyone loved it. It was so yummy!


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