Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weekend Arrangements....

My weekly garden flower arrangement, is getting a wee bit harder to find!

Luckily my Hydrangeas are still going strong...

And the wild Susans are still plentiful...

I had forgotten that I had some Baby's Breath...

Otherwise known as Gypsophlia...

SO...I added some..


I think she had seen better days..

I made several smaller ones as well...

Just to use the Hydrangeas!!!


There are TONS left!! 

For another weekend...

How can you possibly go wrong with Hydrangeas...

I love the way they turn a lime green in the late summer...

Very pretty!!

 Last Friday, was a perfect  day on the lake...


No wind...


Had a lovely refreshing swim, as it was pretty hot, actually!!!

Met another neighbour!

But....no cucumbers to share this week...

I left 2 on the vine...{which is shrivelling up}...as there was no rain there last week..


The tomatoes were plentiful though...

And delicious and sweet...

The beach offered up a few interesting things..

A skeleton of sorts...must be fish bones....and of course a feather!!

This Cicada bug was attached to one of the umbrellas...

I was lucky enough to get one photo, before he took off...

 The day just got more beautiful as the afternoon approached Sunset...

After a delightful BBQ'd lamb chop meal on the sunporch...

We retired once again to the beach deck...

For a lovely firepit...

As the Geese meandered by...oh boy!!!...that only means one thing...

The dreaded "F" word....I can't even say it out loud...

I am not ready yet...so many more swims to swim...

Sunsets to watch...

Flowers to "OOOOH" and "AAAAH" over...

And of course...more lovely firepits...my very favorite!

For now...I am very content with the heat we are enjoying...


 Hope you are all having a great day!

I am posting early...as I am being Gramma today...

Picking Vivian up...hopefully a swim...a nap...dinner...and a sleepover!!!

On the menu tonight...

        Not sure yet!!! Perhaps we will venture out with Vivian..

            Treat her to Swiss Chalet....she loves the fries!! hahaha!!

Enjoy the rest of your day....What are you up to???

                                   Cheers! :o)


  1. I'm just in taking a break after weeding and cutting back some plants. Weeding is so much easier after a rainfall. We had a cicada on the deck a few days ago, never seen one up close and personal, and it stayed around for awhile Enjoy your time with Vivian. We like Swiss Chalet fries as well ... but the calories!!! The grandkids are coming for a day tomorrow, last chance before school resumes.

    1. Ewwww....weeding and cutting back...I think I like the Spring much better than the Fall cleanup, eh? She was great at Swiss Chalet...even did some coloring!
      Enjoy the kiddies!

  2. Your bouquet looks great. I love those Susans. Have fun with Miss V tonight!

    1. Thanks Jennifer...I love those Susans too!!

  3. Were your ears just burning? I was talking about you and all your cool thrift store finds. ;-)

    1. I was talking about you too!!! Were yours burning??

  4. OMG OMG !!!!
    i love your giant toes!!! well. only in the header. you have very dainty feet.
    and the picture of them by the nighttime fire . . . oh perfect.
    i have to tell you. did i ever mention it before?
    your pictures have sound too.
    I can always hear the waves lapping. and this time i hear the crackle and snap of the fire.
    that's how REAL they are. now if i can just get out of here without the cicada flying in my face !!!!

    1. Like I have said before, Tammy...you leave the BEST comments!!
      Watch out for the cicada! ha!

  5. Pretty bouquets, Linda. I love both of those flowers for arrangements. I'm waiting for my hydrangeas to dry a bit more before I cut them. Plus they probably have earwigs hiding in them!! Gross. They'll soon turn pink though and dry beautifully. What did I do today? I went to a funeral for an old gentleman at our church. A celebration of a life. It was good. Really. Tomorrow I go for my shingles vaccine. Ouch. I had shingles last summer and would rather not have them again, thank you. Enjoy the evening. It's a beautiful one here - warm and dark. :)

    1. I had shingles ...a very mild case...a few years ago...HORRIBLE!!!
      No earwigs now...cut those Hydrangeas!!!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous - the hydrangeas lovely - ours are over now - but how I love them! I adore the picture of the toes - your header!! happy to find you and follow!
    Mary x

    1. THanks Mary...welcome!
      Hope you visit often...we are a crazy bunch here!

  7. One of my very favourite colours, the chartreuse hydrangea in late summer.

    1. I am sure your s are lovely as well...did you miss your garden while you were away? Did your "crazy" neighbours water your plants for you?!?!

  8. I can't tell you how much I especially enjoy visiting when you're down at the cabin. I've been missing Long Island and her beautiful beaches all summer this year. Hopefully I will make it down before long.

    I too can hear the waves lapping ever so gently and I appreciate you sharing them with us. Your pictures are absorbing, Linda. Thank you for sharing...

    1. Oh Louise...thanks so much...
      We do love our cottage, and I love sharing it with my peeps!!
      I hope you get down to the beach...SOON!!!

  9. Beautiful calming pictures of the water.
    Our Hydrangeas are huge this year even with the lack of water.

    1. Hey Linda...
      Hope you are enjoying your summer!!


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