Monday, 19 August 2013

Tireless, Tantalizing,Tempting, Terrific, Tasty, Teeny Tomatoes...

At least those pesky raccoons didn't eat any of my sweet little tomatoes!!

Once again...

They bit into...

Pulled off the vines...



Destroyed any hope..

Of actually growing...

A Watermelon...


A cantaloupe...



Next year...

ANyway...these cute little tomatoes were delicious...

My boyfriend and I enjoyed them on Friday night...

All dressed in Olive Oil, fresh basil, black cracked pepper, black olives, some sweet sliced Vidalia onion.....topped off with some Goat's cheese!!!

They tasted so fresh and juicy...

And...there are lots left to ripen for next weekend....

Just put Vivian down for a nap...after our swim!!!

Boy she loves the pool!!! My boyfriend cranked up the heat...

Most delightful!!


Thought I would take this opportunity to talk about CUCUMBERS!!!

I have a million!!!

Well...not an actual Million...let's just say...PLENTY!!!

I even took to the street on Saturday mornng...


There is a cottage 2 doors down...they are new owners..perhaps 2 Summers..

I have met them briefly...they are a lot younger than us...and have a HUGE Dalmatian...and a baby...that...{to put it gently}...cries A LOT!!!...sorry!

SO...I heard the barking etc...and thought I would give them a few cucs...

Turns out...the people there, were renters!! I said..."You are not the people who are normally here"....And they replied..."No...we are renting for the week...we are done this afternoon"...To which I replied..."Here you are...enjoy these cucumbers from my beach garden....Whoever you are!"...hahaha!!! BOY...was I redfaced!!!
I then headed across the street, as there was a garage sale...

Introduced myself...bought some things...gave her...{Jane} some cucumbers!!! Very nice lady...

Then...another guy and his son...who were at the garage sale...introduced themselves as the new owners, of another cottage...and that they haven't met anybody yet!!!

Well...hello... Stan, Steve and his wife Gloria...Welcome to about some cucumbers!!! hahaha!

They ended up showing me their whole cottage....{yucky} and came to our place for a 50 cent tour!!! They were in awe of our wee cottage....told them it has taken us 16 years to get to this point!!!


Don't give up on your place...

Hope you all had a nice weekend...

Can you see the wee watermelon there???

I guess it wasn't meant to be...kinda like me and Picasa Creative Kit!!!

On the menu tonight...

  BBQ'D Sirloin Steak...potatoes...mushrooms...corn-on-the-cob!!

Hope to get back in the pool later...after her nap...

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Hot and Humid here...

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Ha! We have a neighbour that has a toddler/preschooler that cries all the time. Only it isn't really crying, it is more of a screaming for not getting what he wants. For hours. Every. Single. Day.

  2. I think you might be the Cucumber Fairy! :) Your tomatoes look beautiful, I wish I could grow them well here. It ends up being a huge waste of time and water for us. Your dressed tomatoes sound delicious!

    1. So....I am a Fairy now, am I???
      I'll take it! ha!
      The tomatoes were indecribabley delicious!!

  3. well.
    a cucumber fairy sounds so much lovelier than a 'pickle pusher!' you are BOTH! LOL
    i just clicked on one of your previous posts where you made your cucumbers into delicious pickles. with red onions and garlic. YUM!!! and so beautiful too.
    want more pictures of dreamy eyes in the pool! wake that little critter up!

    1. We actually got 2 swims in today!!1 Awesome!
      Pictures to come...soon!!
      Pickle pusher...not so sure about that one! ha!

  4. Your tomatoes look wonderful. I didn't get any in this year so am definitely planning for next year. Cucumbers!! I have a wonderful recipe for "Christmas Pickles" made from cucumbers that I would be glad to share. It is rather "labor intensive" but OH ... SO worth the effort. Linda

    1. Labor intensive??? Not so much...but thanks Linda :o)

  5. Well I am glad that ^£(*"!)^&£$ raccoon didn't get the toms or the cucs. Jennifer is right, you are a cucumber fairy - in fact a cucumber queen I reckon by the number that you have grown and still had loads to give away. I bet the renters and the neighbours will all be telling their friends about how wonderful this lady was who came and gave them cucumbers. Tom salad sounds lovely - v envious of homegrown toms!

    1. Or....what a crazy lady I am!! ha!
      Actually...Stan brought me a small basket of peaches and plums on Sunday morning!
      And...a Zucchini as big as your head!
      Cucumber Queen, eh? that is interesting!!!

  6. The Queen of Cucumber ... I'm thrilled to know such a person of Royalty. We were gifted a box of big field tomatoes, a huge red cabbage and some yellow beans on Sunday. I froze a lot of the tomatoes ready for winter soups and stews.
    Do you have a recipe for red cabbage? I've found one or two that I might try but would like to do one that someone has made and tasted.

    1. You are very welcome Crafty...hahaha!
      Red cabbage...not sure on that one...Green cabbage, now that I know!
      Good luck with that!!!
      Love yellow beans!

  7. lovely tomatoes...the shades of red are so nice! We've been enjoying ours with every to fix them up different ways or just slice them with s & p.

    How nice of you to give away cucumbers. I bet they all enjoyed them!

    1. When you a million...and you have already made 2 big jars of pickles...
      What is a girl to do???
      I hope they enjoyed them...'cause there are more on the vine!!! tee hee hee!

  8. Haha. Who'd a thunk that peddling cucumbers door to door would get you introduced to your neighbours? Cool. (as a cucumber) :) Lucky you to have so many tomatoes and cukes. Love them out of the garden. Drat on the raccoons though. Enjoy!

    1. Yup...We have been there for 16 years...and hadn't really met anybody other than a small be honest...we kind of like it that way...nobody hanging around ...if you get my drift! ha!

  9. I do love home grown tomatoes...we had them growing up in Singapore and I used to eat them straight off the vine. So nice of you to be giving away the cucumbers!

    1. Yo certainly have lived a lot of splendid places, Trish!

  10. Yea....cuckes look good! I am always afraid my neighbors will see me coming and hide!!! But now the garden is spent, except for the tomatoes. Yours look wonderful!
    Been gone, and am busily trying to catch up with things!
    xo KRis


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