Thursday, 29 August 2013

Colorful Coleus...

As we inch our way towards another long weekend...

I thought I would share a very good performer this summer...

This bright orange coleus is doing really well...

I planted in one of my HUGE containers down near our beach deck...

She sits nestled in amongst the tall Miscanthus, so, she gets some protection from the cruel winds we can get off the Lake...

I took these at the same time of day as the previous post...
Right when the sun was peeking thru the grasses...

It is recommended to nip off the tiny florets that form, as you will get more leaf growth...

And the leaves is the whole point of this spectacular plant...

This is the other coleus I have in a big pot...


On the other side of the deck, and he gets waaayyy more sun and wind...

A bit differently colored...and I see a floret that needs to be nipped!!

Hope you are all having a great day so far...

Hot and Sunny here...they say rain for the weekend...hope not!!!

Except at night...that is fine with me!!

Expecting all my kids out on Saturday...pray for nice weather!!!

Will have a nice family meal together...gluten-free of course!

And lots of veggies for my son!


A few Labour Day Weekends ago...

My boyfriend and I were in the middle of a "Haboob" of Dragonflies!!!

They were literally banging into us....going wherever they were going!!!

It was really cool!!!

In the morning...this little guy....was on our table...

Guess he didn't make the rest of the trip with his buddies!!!

I wonder who will be visiting the skies...this Labour Day??!!

Sometimes we see the planes from the CNE airshow...stalling over Lake Erie...

Waiting for their grand entrance over Lake Ontario...

Have a great weekend....relax and enjoy!!!!

                            Cheers!  :o)


  1. lovely coleus, mine are looking fantastic right now, wish I had planted more ... do you save yours over the winter?
    lsk??? s for stella?

    1. Sometimes I take a snip, and put it in water...and it roots...
      But not the whole plant...these are WAY too big!
      STELLA???? nope!

  2. Nice toesies on your header photo! I assume they're yours. I've always been fond of coleus.

  3. I like coleus for all the beautiful and bright colours it comes in now. The orange is nice for fall. I hope the weather is better than they're predicting as it's coming our way on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday.... Saturday will be sunny. We may go to St. Andrews that day. Haven't been there all summer!! Enjoy your weekend no matter the weather. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pam...the weather at the cottage was excellent!

  4. I'm so impressed with your coleus. I've seen them before where they grew like gangbusters and I wish mine had done that this summer! This was only first try with one so I'll just have to give it another whirl. :)

    1. Lots of water, Jennifer...that should help!

  5. Hope you have a good long weekend with your family - it was last weekend for us here in England. Happy gluten freeing - try my pavlova, that is GF! Depends on if you like cream and fruit as well of course!!! Have a good one.

    1. Not everyone made it out...they listened to the weather reports!!
      Which...were wrong!

  6. That dragonfly has something to say.

    1. Well...uh...err...he's dead Birdie...dead as a doornail!

  7. Well, your coleus is beautiful, but your pretty piggie header just steals the show! :)

  8. that dragon fly's name is cedric.
    i'd know him anywhere. he's a great guy. has glaucoma though. probably why he landed on your table.
    I think your he coleus wishes he was closer to your she coleus. for pete sake.
    does he have to be WAYYYY on the other side of the deck where he gets more sun and wind? he wants to be near she! they're both breathtakingly beautiful. but lonely.
    say hi to all the kids for me... your two movie star daughters and the tiny star.
    put a shrimp on that barbie!

    1. You are crazeeee!!!
      They didn't come out...but Ryan and Anna made it...YAY!!!

  9. Linda, your plants and flowers are all so beautiful!!
    Have a fabulous weekend at the cottage!!!
    We are heading up to the lake!
    xo Kris

  10. I didn't know both countries celebrated Labor Day, but I think that is cool.
    I have given up getting to Canada before mid September, but maybe one day this fall I will pack up an apple pie and head up that direction. There is always hope.

    1. will be seeing your new grandson...much better!!!

  11. LOVE the dragonfly picture!

  12. I missed planting Coleus this year and as I oogle yours, I wish I hadn't! They really are quite showy and now there are oh so many varieties. I must remember next year:)

    Very cool dragonfly. I haven't seen one in ages. Enjoy you weekend, Linda. Hopefully the rain will hold off until evening.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. We had spectacular weather, Louise...hope you did too!!

  13. Beautiful foliage! And how cool is that photo of the dragonfly.


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