Monday, 5 August 2013

Home Again....Awwwww, How Cute Is That????

Can you see him/her???

So tiny...

Would fit in my palm...

How cute???

I love this!!! 

Waiting for us to come home...:o)

 He/She ran thru the hedge...into my neighbours yard...nice grass!!!!


While I had my camera out...

Just had to...

Take a few pics...

Of these...




Had an awesome long weekend at the cottage...

The weather was great...

Lots done...


ALL my kids were there!!!

More on that later...

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Will try and get around and find out what you have all been up to...

                                         Cheers!  :o)



  1. AWE ! so cute ! We have quite a few of these little ones here . I call them teacup bunnies as they are so tiny they would fit into a tea cup lol ! Fall like weather here fresh and cool ! Glad you had a good long weekend with the family ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

    1. Teacup Bunny...that is perfect, Elaine!
      I have never seen one so small...I just assumed it was a baby!
      Also coolish here...great for sleeping!!! Chilly nights at the cottage!

  2. Aw so cute. We used to have bunnies run through our yard but then when Frankie the dog came all stopped.

    1. I have a "Frankie" Wiener dog... next door at the cottage!! And...she barks at everything! ha!

  3. Awwww! I want a bunny for my yard!

    1. Look tomorrow...I told him where you lived, and that you needed cheering up!

  4. OMG, the cutest little rabbit EVER! So sweet. I would have gone crazy for her!

    1. We were thrilled to see her/him...such a little cutie!!
      I wanted to pick her up...and give her a hug!

  5. He is so tiny Linda, I don't think I have ever seen such a little rabbit, we mostly have squirrels in our garden and some very rude pigeons, so your bunny is much cuter!

    Amy x

  6. Cute little Bun Bun!! Glad you had a good weekend!!'
    xo Kris

  7. I got some spare minutes to visit a few blog friends, Linda. Wow, are we busy. Those two grandsons sure keep this Grammie on her toes!! They are so cute too!! There are very large rabbits here in the sub-division. And I mean LARGE! I must try to get a photo of one. We saw one this evening while on our walk as it ate the newly laid sod on someone's front lawn. Since their habitat of wild fields and hills is now gone they have found slim pickings for food, except for the new sod going it. Little sweetcheeks is getting so cute and growing fast. Enjoy the summer days. Great photos of the lake life! Pam


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