Friday, 16 August 2013

This Morning In My Back Garden....

I always take my Jade plant outside for the summer...

He really loves it out there...

I just give him a good spray {bug} in the Fall...

And bring him back inside...

He lives in the dining room...

And enjoys the afternoon sun there for the rest of the year... 
tiny blue bug!!!

I have had this Crown of Thorns for a very long time...

He was looking pretty sad this year...


It was either..

Give him a decent farewell...


Move him outside..

He loves it!!

Hopefully he will be putting out his sweet tiny red flowers soon...:o) 

This hot pink tiny Kalanchoe,in one of my Siamese Cat planters.. had flowered in the house...I cut him back...moved him outside...and look at the lovely new flowers!!

They are certainly a hearty plant, indeed...These Kalanchoe have been in this planter since early June...

Still flowering!!!

And even putting out tiny flowers from underneath!!!



 No words needed for my Begonias...

Except.... for...


Hope you all enjoy your Friday...and have a great weekend...

We are off to the cottage...wonder what the raccoon destroyed this week..:o(

I don't think it has rained out there...

I am prepared for shrivelledness!!

Picasa Creative Kit still not working for me...DARN!!! 

                       Cheers!   :o)



  1. Replies
    1. Not really!!!
      They are just good plants! ha!

  2. If that raccoon has been again you better find a way to drown him that darned raccoon!! Lovely pics as always, I do love a flower, especially loving the kalanchoe that you have kept going and going, you are clever!

    1. He was at it again...ate the rest of my watermelons and cantalopes... there are no more, so perhaps he will go away!
      Love Kalanchoe..get yourself one!

    2. Naughty naughty naughty raccoon. I predict that the only way to solve this is to MOVE to to the cottage to keep the little blighter away! So sorry that he ate everything, that is so unfair for you.

  3. It's all looking so lush and healthy. I'm shaking my fist at that raccoon for you!

  4. Pretty, pretty flowers! Love how the cushions turned out.
    Have fun at the cottage!
    xo Kris

  5. Your plants are so beautiful and they all look so happy :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. THey are happy,Jayne...'cause I love them!

  6. Hi Linda. There's nothing quite like splashes of colour to brighten the summer and I hope you are having a wonderful one. Paul X

    1. Hey Paul....long time no see! Hope you are having an awesome summer!

  7. HANG the picasa creative kit! i don't see how your pictures could get any more

    1. Thanks Tammy...but I like putting my initials on them as well...and I do that in Creative kit...:o(

  8. It's always so delightful to pop in for a visit, Linda. This time I brought my coffee with me:) Your flowers are lovely. I'm especially drawn to that hanging basket though. Is it wrought iron?

    I started bringing in some of my house plants already this year. The nights have been quite chilly. Enjoy your stay at the cottage. I do hope those raccoons behaved themselves:)

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...

    1. It actually hangs in the wall...Don't think it is wrought iron...when I bought it , it was kind of a rust I sprayed it black!!
      My house plants can probably stay out another couple of months...


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