Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wonderful Women On The Water....And A Surprise At The End....

On the Sunday of the last long weekend...

I captured quite a few Women...

Out on the water...

 Doing their thing!

This gorgeous lady was doing the stand-up-board thingy...

Looks like she has it down pat!

Still think this must be really difficult to do!

Especially on a Great

The weather can change in 5 minutes...

And you could be caught up in a storm... 

She  certainly is in fine shape!!

This gal was playing it a bit safer...but nonetheless...needs a lot of skill..

This Fitness Guru...was actually doing...YOGA!!!!

I recognized the "Down Ward Dog" from my days on the Yoga mat... 


This is more my speed! HAHAHA!


I do prefer...



Hope you all had a great day!!!

I had a rather busy one...AGAIN!!! 

Made one of these this afternoon!!!

Got everything ready for Summer Fresh Pasta for dinner...

Then scooted down to pick up my sweet cheeks!!!

They were just coming back from their walk...I thought she would jump out of the stroller when she spotted me...Gosh...I truly love those moments!


 As soon as we got home...

We scurried upstairs to hit the bath!!!

Man...she loves the bath!

The last one really makes me laugh...

So typical of Vivian!

After getting dried...

Nice fresh jammies...

Hair combed...she loves when you comb her hair...
                              and she loves to comb it herself too!!

We headed down to the kitchen...

To get some dinner...

She spotted Grampa in the backyard...

"Hi Grampa"..."It's me... Vivian"...

" the window"...

"I'm all clean, and I'm gonna have some dinner"...

" how about you come in and feed me...ok?"

And he did!!!   
So....that was my day....Oh yeah...Erika and my son Ryan joined us for dinner...and Vivian entertained us thru the WHOLE meal!!!

What did you do today???

Anything exciting???

The weather was quite but sunny...
The heat is due back this weekend....YAY!!!

Enjoy your evening...

                                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. I cleaned washable marker off a pair of very green lips. Not mine. :)

  2. oooh....I want that dessert. :) yum.

    Love the pics of Viv in the bath...SO cute. Nothing like a little one in fresh jammies just out of the bath! One of my favorite memories. And so cute that she spotted you and got so is just sooo sweet!

    I worked an auction today! Then had the bigs kids home for dinner. Lovely. :)

    1. It is nice having the kids for dinner, eh?
      Takes me back...
      Yes...when she is happy to see me, it feels wonderful!
      And...clean from the bath is awesome!!

    2. love the yoga on a surfboard, too....that has got to be a lovely experience!

    3. I t was awesome to watch!
      She was pretty far away...I zoomed in...took a lot of pics, but only chose a few!
      I'll bet you could do that!

  3. Vivian so getting so cute. We also had a fun time at the dinner table with our grandsons. They are so cute and funny and really enjoy eating - one with fingers and the other with a spoon or fork or fingers.

    1. SHe still eats with her fingers....but ..of course...tries to grab the spoon!

  4. Replies
    1. I went outside to take that one! She was surprised to see me, as she thought I was behind her!

  5. I can barely do a downward facing dog in a solid and firm surface. I am impressed.

    The last picture of Vivan made my heart swell. Oh, how lovely to be a grandma!

    1. Tell me about it! I was really into her routine!
      It is lovely, really is!

  6. Well if she isn't just the cutest little thing!!! Such personality in those eyes!!! I know she adores her Gramma and Grampa!!!
    I cannot buy blueberries without making that delightful cake either! And I think of you, each time!!! Wish we could sit and enjoy a big slice over coffee or tea together!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Awww gosh...thanks Kris...I would love to have a piece of cake with you, Kris...
      So...when are you moving to Southern Ontario!? ha!
      Stranger things have happened, eh?

  7. Cutie Vivian, looks so happy. Has her Mom adjusted to back to work?
    Glad I'm not out on the water being captured in photos, no one would want to see my ripples :) ... I prefer to be behind the camera.
    We had a wonderful drive on Wednesday ... back roads in the county, store browsing in Picton, cheese factory for yummy extra old cheese, roadside stands, lunch at a favourite restaruant and more.

    1. Her Mom is doing ok at work...her company is very sensitive to the issues of a new Mother...:o)
      I am sure you are exaggerating about your ripples, Linda!
      I just love to pretend to be Papparazzi!!
      Your Wednesday sounds perfect! Did you take any pics?? Of course you did!

  8. crap.
    i mean sorry.
    but crap.
    i am speechless. what is there about that baby? !!!
    personally i like my 'noodles' with pasta sauce.
    if it wouldn't ruin her life
    which we all know it would
    you should take vivian to Hollywood. she's a born star.
    but then look at her grandmamma.
    and her beautiful mommy.
    ah. well.
    she will simply have to be ours to enjoy.
    i am president of the dreamy eyes fan club!

    1. Well...President...Can I be the Vice-President???

  9. Oh, I love that last photo of her! She has a beautiful smile.

  10. That yoga stuff looks scary to me, I just know that I would have fallen off head first into the water and been a right sight for all to see. I think that a walk with sweet cheeks has to be a much better plan. Stick to dry land or the noodle, don't yoga on water is what I say!!

    1. I thought it a bit scary as well...considering how far out she was!
      I will take your advice...I will take the Noodle!! ha!


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