Friday, 1 November 2013

On This....The First Day Of November....

As the sun was rising this morning...yes...I was up!!

This the first day of November...

I felt compelled to take a few snaps...

Everything looked all yellowy and glowy from inside... 

I even stepped out front...

In my housecoat...

Much to the alarm...

Of Mom's walking their kiddies to school!

Come on along....

 obelisk with black-eyed susan vine...still lovely and green!

Mona Lavender came home from the cottage.....but...she is sooo big...not sure what to do with her!

HUGE pumpkin stalk!!!

 Cabbage in planter....still wet from the rains....

What a crazy couple of days this has been....

people sick....

babies sleeping over....

record high temps....

crazy winds and rain....


Thank goodness it is Friday...♥

Think I'll make my self a big cup of tea...

And relax...with a piece of Vanilla Cinnamon, Banana, Blueberry loaf...

                    With brown sugar and walnut struesel topping!!!

                          Doesn't that look delish!!!   {eat your heart out Devon!!}

Hope you are all having a great day....

How is the weather where you live???


On the menu this fine Friday evening...

                Grilled Strip Loin Steaks.....Buttery fried mushrooms & onions...

                        With a few wee potatoes thrown in!!!

                            Tomato, Avacado,RedOnion,Olives,Goats Cheese,Basil Salad


             Enjoy your weekend....

            Off to the cottage is winter shutter time for the sun porch!

                      Will have a look at the new roof!!! hahaha!  :o)

                 Hopefully a few good photo ops!

                                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Beautiful autumn leaves, and the vanilla cinnamon loaf looks utterly divine.
    Have a great weekend at the cottage!

    1. It was divine....
      Only spent the afternoon at the cottage...brrrrr!

  2. That is quite some stalk on that pumpkin, it looks like a tortured stem for sure. Hope that the roof is all done and watertight! Have fun putting up the shutters - yeh right I hear you saying! - you will love it really. Hope you have a great weekend. xx Oh, why are you so scary in your housecoat?!?!?!?!

    1. My boyfriend and I have done the shutters ourselves for 16 years....
      We finally asked for some help...and the job was a lot easier...♥
      Roof done....shutters thing will be to turn the water off...:o(

    2. Glad that the roof is done - finally - and good on you for getting some help with the shutters, many hands make light work hey! xx

  3. Lovely photos . The winds were very damaging in some areas over this way . The sun didn't peek out till later this afternoon for us then it clouded over again . Vanilla Cinnamon, Banana, Blueberry loaf looks YUMMY and tea goes with everything lol Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend

    1. Lots of large branches down at the cottage...and the waves must have been very high!
      The cake was very satisfying!

  4. Gorgeous...we had that same golden glow coming through the windows here! Love it! Crazy weather, too with warm temps and storms. Sun today though...lovely!

    I'll take a serving of that yumminess!

  5. I love this golden time of year and I would go out in a housecoat to get pictures too, if I had a housecoat... and if I didn't have to be at the bus stop myself.

    Here's hoping the big wind is over for now. Looking forward to the weekend. Have a good one!

    1. No housecoat??? Really???
      Oh....I love my toasty housecoat ♥

  6. It's such a beautiful time of year. I hope you have a nice weekend at the cottage, and that shuttering isn't too much work. Good luck with that roof!

    1. Only spent the was pretty nipply there...strong North wind...
      Roof is done...shutters are up!!
      All is well in the world! ha!

  7. I'm on my way over for a slice of the delish loaf. Oh's all gone :( Darn! Enjoy closing up the cottage with the shutters going up! It will be like a 'barn raising'! Everyone coming out to help! Fun!

    1. I took another one of the freezer!!!
      You know me....always make 2!
      It was freezing...rainy...damp....4*c....but we had some of my homemade chicken soup!

  8. Wow, those are gorgeous photos. I love the late blooming flowers. We're getting what you got. Still +16 and very windy but the rain has let up. Have a great weekend.

  9. I can't get enough of the glow of the fall leaves! If only they lingered a while longer on the branch.

    1. Hi Sylvie....yes, it can be so beautiful this time of year!

  10. What pretty photos of Fall in your neck of the woods! Hope everyone is well now.
    It has been a very busy week here. Tomorrow is Carl's funeral. That is all we have planned so far. Sunday will probably be a day to rest. I have sure been burning the candle and both ends!!
    xo Kris

    1. Better....but Erika still sick..:o(

  11. Linda I can't believe is november!!! Here is hot :( we are in spring ! I love your Fall and love your pictures you always have awesome pictures! Have a lovely Saturday!!xo

    1. Why thanks Gloria...I appreciate that!


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