Sunday, 3 November 2013

It's Shutter Time!!!

 When we arrived at the cottage...

On Saturday...

Around 12:30...

The roofer was just finishing up...

The wind had been gusting all week...

And it took longer than anitcipated...

Due to poor weather...


It is all done...

And looks great...

Onward & upward!

Before tackling the vacuuming and dusting...

I opted for a quick garden walk...dodging raindrops!!!

Can you believe this awesome Cleome is STILL blooming??

Lots of leaves this week...

 The beach looks like it took a real pounding from the wind and waves...

Looking West...the Fall colors are still visible...

 No sandy beach this week...all stones...

 Found this awesome shell...

Look at the color inside... 

I love when the stones on the beach are wet...

Shows off all the different shades of color...♥

Time to work my way back up to the cottage....get some work done!

To be continued........


With pictures of people.....

Other than ME!!!

They came to help my boyfriend put up the porch winter shutters...

Usually something we do ourselves...


This year...

We asked for a hand!

We saw this beautiful rainbow on our way home....♥

 Hope you all had a great weekend...

Weather could have been better....

Lots of rain...and very little sun!

Today is sunny...but quite chilly....brrrr!

Have the Ham bone in the slow-cooker... 

How about some split-pea soup???

Pictures....if there is any left!?


On the menu this fine Sunday...

      Summer Fresh Pasta...remember I featured it a couple of weeks back?

                 Ceasar Salad...

What are you making for dinner tonight??

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                          Cheers!  :o)


  1. beauiful rainbow and nice pictures Linda!

  2. Yum, split-pea soup is one of my favorites. The rainbow photo is so nice. Have a good week!

    1. One of well...
      haven't made it for a forward to it!
      You have a good week as well...♥

  3. I have a whole list of things to say!

    1. love love love your shoes! Divine.
    2. When I saw the cleome, before I read your comment, I thought, gosh, her cleome is still going - and then you said the same!
    3. Looking forward (I do so hope) to a picture of toothless!
    4. Love the rainbow
    5. best of all! Love the picture of you! You look great in that outfit.

    Hope that you have a great great great week Linda! Love ya xx

    1. do love
      Thank you for all your lovely comments....much appreciated!
      No pic of toothless...gone forever...I hope! ha!

  4. Wonderful photos ! Yes we still have some colour here west of your cottage but nit for long trees are becoming more bare now . Glad the roof is all done for you and you had help closing up your cottage . Oh Yum all the food sounds delish ! Supper tonight was shake n bake chicken breast , mashed potatoes and mixed veggies and now we are having our evening cup of tea . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

    1. I noticed that at the cottage as well....lots of leaves down, from those windy days...and now the shorter days..:o(
      Hope you enjoyed your supper....and cuppa!

  5. Very pretty pictures of a rainy autumn day at the cottage. I like the one looking out at the water with the blue basket on the deck. The colours are so pretty. That's a great pic of you too! I like your sweater and scarf. Much needed that day I'm sure. Have a wonderful week Linda.

    1. Thanks Pam....getting harder to find colorful shots!
      Glad you like my scarf....I LOVE scarves!!!

  6. Beautiful photos!
    Have a nice day, RW & SK

  7. Oo a pebbly beach! Sorry the weather isn't ideal but still looks lovely nonetheless.

    1. Thanks Trishie...there are lots of beautiful pebbles to be collected!

  8. That shell is so beautiful, it is always a treat discovering natural beauty. All gorgeous pictures. I was surprised to see such lush trees so close to the water, I'm used to seeing wind bent straggly ones, if any. It looks such a relaxing place to be.

    1. It is for sure, Tracey....we ♥ it there!

  9. The lake is is always beautiful and I do love the rock beach, it's those tiny shells (not in your picture) that I wonder about. Too bad my camera battery died last time we went to Windmill Point. I assume the lake is incredible when the water freezes too, but I've only chanced to see that once (in Crystal Beach) and I must have been seventeen.

    1. I think you had better ask Santa for a back-up battery and charger!!!!
      You always miss a lot of photo ops....ask James!!!!
      I love when the lake freezes mid-air!!! The waves themselves freeze....beautiful!

    2. I do have a backup battery now, but the last time I was on your side of Lake Erie was at least a year or two ago.

  10. The cottage sure does have a Fall look to it. I'm sure the water is cold but it is still bringing you in lovely treasures.

    1. Very cold, Linda....but ...there is always next year...right?

  11. Wonderful photos! But where are your rain boots girl!! I have the same sweater in burnt orange.

    1. Tell me about it, Linda!!!!
      I see them everywhere....but never buy!
      Perhaps I will look for some....pretty ones, of course!!!

  12. Linda, you photos always grab me! They are so descript, even without any words at all! The colors in your area around the cottage are so beautiful. Nature really does put on a show!!! Looks very cold and blustery!!! Love your warm outfit!!! Glad the roof is done. What a mess, eh?
    Do you visit the cottage in the winter?

    1. Yup....usually drive out every couple of weeks...take a few photos...enjoy the air!!

  13. All your pictures are so pretty. Makes me realize we are full on into Fall with no turning back.

    1. That is what it looks like, I'm afraid....

  14. Gosh Linda, you never cease to bring me home with your photos. All the flowers I remember as a youth/teen, and my deep love for the cottage. Been west here for 34 years and I still miss "home". That is our dream also to retire to a cottage life. Thanks so much for making my days. PS...Love those Vivian photos, she's a charmer.

    Dot - Cochrane, Alberta

    1. Thanks so much Dot....
      She is a charmer....isn't she?!

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