Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Friday At The Cottage....Brrrr!

When we drove to the cottage last Friday...

It was THE dreariest day so far...

Everything is still pretty green...

And yellow...

And reddish....

But the lack of Sun is the worst part...

We got all the yard stuff put away for the Winter....

Even got the Miscanthus dug up from the beach garden...

The sun came out for ...like....5 seconds...

And I managed to get a few sunny shots....

Follow me down to the beach....

Past the awesome Miscanthus Grasses...


Must have been very rough...I guess with all that wind last week....and the stones are piled high...and no sand beach at all...

This trip I brought my awesome rubbery shoey thingies that my Son gave me for Mothers Day....Very comfortable...and...DRY!!!!

This Oak tree is courtesy of the Squirrels!!!

Thank you!!!

The Yuccas stay green all winter...

Wonder if they will bloom again next year?

Hydrangeas dried to a lovely shade of copper..♥

Doesn't that look like a winter sky???

It actually snowed for about 10 minutes....

So....here's me again...in the shed!!!
Must wear glasses to take pictures....

We got a lot of stuff done that day...

Even put up the last shutter on the sunporch...:o(

As I was writing in my book...{I do an entry everytime we go...weather,wind,sun etc...what we did that day/weekend}
I looked back to last year at this time...

It was in the teens...right up until December...and we didn't shut the water off until December 28th!!!

And had sleepovers right up until that date... 

Doesn't look good for any more sleepovers this year.....TOO DARN COLD!!!

So.......this wee guy made his annual appearance...

And....thanks to Pic Monkey....I added some snow!!!

Hope you are all having a great day...

Sunny and windy here today....0*c...the coldest day so far...

I got myself up and at 'em today...finally returned to Fitness classes...I had not been for nearly 6 months!!! The girls all welcomed me back, and made room for me in my old usual spot....A special thanks to Hester, for putting up with my indecisiveness...:o)...We'll see how I feel in the morning! Ha!
I am booked in for another class tomorrow morning...:o)


So...today is my boyfriends b'day....we already celebrated on Sunday....all the kids came over, and we had a really great day....Pizza all around...even a gluten free for my daughter...it is always so nice when everyone comes over...I really enjoy that family time ♥
I did not take nay pictures...I know...unbelievable...but my son did, so I am anxious to see those...


So....at my boyfriends request..♥

  On the menu tonight...

        Crock pot Roast Beast...Potatoes, carrots and onions...

            Great meal for the coldest day so far...:o)

       Enjoy the rest of your day...

          I plan to!..My friend Devon[also my fitness teacher!] is coming for tea and
                 cake...Butter Pecan Banana Cinnamon Raspberry loaf...
                          with  brown sugar cinnamon walnut struesel...

                                        Y U M M Y !!!!

                                            Cheers!  :o)


  1. Brrrr indeed! That does look cold. Love that faded hydrangea.
    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks....I love any kind of Hydrangea♥

  2. Happy Birthday Boyfriend (yours, not mine!), sounds as though you had a great time together with the family. It looks as though it was soooooo cold at the cottage, very wintery and little bit bleak even :( Shame there won't be any more sleepovers. Next year will come again though. Love little snowy man with his snow, hope his scarf keeps him warm!! xx

    1. It was a wonderful day...and Miss V had a riot....playing with all her Aunts and Uncles♥
      Perhaps squeeze in another sleepover....never say never, eh?
      The Snowman will be toasty all winter...:o)

  3. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! It does look cold there, just the pictures look chilly and raw. Stay warm (with your boyfriend and your pot roast!) :)

  4. Lovely photos! Love the grasses, the big seed pod and the squirrels' baby oak tree!

    1. Yes...the Oak tree is a bonus!
      There are actually 4 small trees on the property...we are trying to baby them!

  5. It sure looked chilly at the cottage last weekend. We had our coldest overnight so far this season, it was sunny this morning but is clouding over now. We had crock pot roast beef on Sunday, got enough left for another dinner .. that is my kind of meal planning. Good for you for getting to fitness class. We've been doing our own fitness and food watching program. Lost quite a bit of weight so far.

    1. You are like me, Linda...
      I will make Beef and Barley soup from the leftovers :o)
      Good for you losing weight...not that I would know...I have never seen you...except behind the camera!
      Enjoy your evening...

  6. It sounds like a cold day at the cottage Linda but you got some great photos. Funny how the weather changes from year to year on a certain date. I keep track too. Starting Thursday it's to warm up here and will be 10 Friday, Saturday and Sunday with mostly sunshine. Weird. Rain for next week and still mild. Have a cozy evening and Happy Birthday greetings to your boyfriend. :)

    1. I love tracking the weather...another hobby for me!
      Will pass on your greetings to the boyfriend!

  7. Here is a teeny tiny snowman for you for your wee bit of snow.

    1. Doesn't look like a snowman to me....what the h*** is that?

    2. ⓢⓝⓞⓦⓜⓐⓝ

  8. Happy Birthday to your boyfriend (again, via blog this time)! I am sure you enjoyed your lovely dinner. It sured smelled good!

    1. It was darn good...and now I have soup simmering!
      All in a days work, eh Devon?

  9. Well, happy birthday to that boyfriend!! :)

    Lovely photos...we've had some chilliness, rain, wind and finally snow! Even your feather looks droopy and cold! ha. Stay warm!

    1. No snow here...but you sure got a lot!
      You better stay warm..♥

  10. (1) Happy birthday to your Boyfriend, (2) isn't it sort of an oxymoron that you'd serve that delicious sounding pastry to your fitness coach? LOL and (3) just a question about your beach ... since I don't live on "big water" ... so you have to put sand down again in the Spring/Summer because all those rocks washed up on the beach and eroded the sand? Or does the sand just "come back" in the better weather? Always wondered about that .... Linda

    1. 1. Thanks
      2. Yes....but we LOVE having tea and cake together..♥
      3. The beach changes every day...one day there is a deep sandy beach...next day..GONE...all stones...it is an everchanging scene...part of its charm♥ I can't imagine bringing in sand! It is also the shallowest of the Great Lakes...so plenty of sand bars to keep you going!

  11. We woke to just a sprinkling of snow yesterday. "As we speak" there are flurries approaching:) Did you say you dug up the Miscanthus? That must have been some job. I would love to dig up mine.

    You really did get some nice shots, Linda. When I lived on the beach, I rarely braved the cold to get any pictures. I sure wish I had though. There's a chilly silence that can compare to none other.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. In the spring...I managed to "pry" a wee bit away form one of the bigger plants...I had planted it on the beach, and wanted to save it...in the winter, the waves are very high, and take anything and everything in their way!
      Why do you want to dig yours up??

    2. That was a good idea. I should try to do that so I can put some around my Lantern pole. I would like to move the big ones because they are beginning to take over the back of the flower garden. Thanks for the tip Linda...

    3. No problemo ~~louise~~...just remember to get it early in the spring...from around the edges!


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