Thursday, 14 November 2013

Me & My Crochet.....♥

 Time for an update on my Christmas crochet projects....

Finally completed this large Granny Square for my son....

Don't worry...he NEVER reads my blog!!!


He is my technical advisor!♥....

He loves anything these colours should be perfect...

I like the gray with the orange and brown...

I had planned on making him a "Ripple" pattern..


For the life of me...I could not get the hang of it...

I think that will be a good pattern to learn, while I am in Florida...

When....I will have time to fiddle with it...


I wanted this ready for Christmas...

SO...went with the good old Granny Square!

Hope he likes it!!  :o)

Sooooooo.....2 down....ready for under the Tree...

Still haven't put the finishing touches on the Cotton Popcorn Pillow covers...

But.....Very soon....{ I hope...still can't decide whether to make 2 pillows, and back with fabric...or just one pillow, with 2 crochet sides...}

Here is a sneak peek on something I started last night...

Very easy...

Very cute...

Very Vivian...ooooops!

That is all you get right now!

Hope you are all having a great day....

My boyfriend and I took Miss V for her vaccination today...


All is well now....she is napping♥♥

Sunny and still pretty breezy today....high of 7*c...NICE!!

Apparently the winds out at the cottage are in excess of 80kms/hr...


We will be heading out there tomorrow...

Fingers crossed no trees down...the beach will be a MESS!!   

I am hoping for the last the temps are rising...

Keep good thoughts that I get my way!  hahaha!  :o)


On the menu this fine Thursday evening...

          Slow-roasted Filet of Salmon...

              Marinated in Honey, Grainy Mustard and Soy Sauce...

                   Boy Choy....Chinese Rice...Loaded Spinach salad...


Thought I would bring back something I always used to do on my blog in the early days...

Feature a beautiful flower...
Just for you!! 

Had these cut Gladiolas this past summer...

Isn't she beautiful???

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Whatever it is that you have on the go...

Hope it was a great one   ♥

            Cheers!   :o)




  1. Your son's blanket is beautiful and I am sure he will love it! Hope the winds aren't too destructive at the beach.

    1. Thanks Jennifer...I do hope he likes it!

  2. Your son will love it I'm sure. I remember seeing a ripple pattern on U Tube that you can follow.
    Google and see what you come up with. Still busy making socks...... Must get back to my Tunisian crochet that I started last spring. Christmas is coming too fast.

    1. I tried that, Linda....but couldn't get my head around it!
      Wish I could make Mom used to...on 4 needles!♥

  3. All of your crochet projects are beautiful. Do you want to come and finish my big green for me - you are so quick! I like your new header, but I am missing the pine needles already - I loved them! Hope that the cottage is safe and sound and not to blown around when you get there. xx

    1. I'll catch the next plane!
      Changed the header....I wasn't that keen on it, after I got it up!
      How do you like the new one?
      Fingers crossed for the cottage!

    2. Still missing my pine needles, but I like this one better, especially the three little birds in a row - your three children?!! xx

    3. is!
      A gift from my daughter a few years back...there is also 2 BIG & the Boyfriend!♥
      They are presently on the living room table...they do get together every so often!

  4. Your crocheting is beautiful, Linda. Aren't you brave to take the grand to the dr. Glads are one of my favorite flowers, next to the daisy. Have a good weekend. Deb

    1. Why thanks daughter couldn't get anymore time off work..:o( worked out fine...My boyfriend got his flu shot!
      Those Glads were beautiful, eh?

  5. Great feeling to have projects finished and ready for wrapping. I've actually done a good portion of my gift shopping, that feels great too. Been out looking around the stores and seeing all the trees and decorations ... might have to think about starting a bit earlier this year. Lovely sunny day but windy. Hope the weather is good for you at the cottage. Enjoy your last sleepover there for this year.

    1. I know what you mean!
      I actually started thinking about it seriously today!
      have to get crackin'!
      Not too sure about the sleepover...still pretty darn chilly! :o(

  6. You should be able to have that one last sleepover at the cottage. Supposed to be nice and warm, yippee! Enjoy and report back, blog-style!

    1. I'm hoping Devon.....not too sure,though...
      The winds are supposed to be from the SW is not good news...:o(
      Whether I stay or not...will report in!!

  7. Beautiful work . The winds here have been awful this old house has just been a creaking and a cracking . Hope all is ok at the cottage and no damage winds are worse so close to the lake . Temps are to warm up. Supper sounds good . Lovely photos and your header is wonderful ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

    1. Thanks Elaine!!
      Hope the winds didn't do any damage...glad you like the header...dinner was especially good!

  8. I picked up my latest crochet project today, a small blue blanket, and noticed two skipped stitches several rows back. I played what my mom referred to as "rippy-outie" I hate finding mistakes. I will never be done with this one in time for Christmas. I think I'll paint snowman decorations instead. :0)

    1. Oh...I do a lot of "rippy-outie" Martha!....goes with the territory!
      I want to see your snowman decorations!!

  9. Thank you so much for visiting me today, I came right back to visit, Your crocheting is beautiful, I loved doing these granny square throws when I could still see, the color combo is very retro, he will love it! What a beautiful blog you have, and such a lovely family, I will enjoy following along,

  10. Pretty afghans Linda. You do a great job of crocheting. We're in for 4 mild days in a row here. We'll be putting up the Christmas lights outside on Saturday but not turning them on yet. Have a great Friday and nice time at the cottage.

    1. Mild here too...but the darn wind really affects the temperature!
      Hope this whole winter isn't windy!!!
      December 1st is a great date to turn the lights on!
      Can't wait to get festive!!

  11. I still want to learn how to crochet but I need someone to show me. I just can't learn by looking at pictures of even watching a video. One day...

  12. Your son's blanket is fabulous!!!! He will love it! And if he doesn't, send it to me!!!!
    xo Kris


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