Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Second Leg Of The Trip...Truro and Halifax Nova Scotia...

The drive from Moncton to Truro,Nova Scotia, was...to say the least...dreary!!

Lots of rain...

This is the road that we drove out to visit one of my boyfriends customers!!

The car was a muddy mess!!

The evening we spent in Truro was very uneventful..

Raining so hard, that we ate at the restaurant in the hotel!!

The only NICE thing I have to say to Truro, is...

They have wooden statues all around the town...this was the only pic that came out...due to all  the rain...

Good bye Truro....lets go to Halifax!!!

As you can see...

The clouds were still with us the next morning...

As we approached Halifax, there was a defininite clearing!!



Still chilly...:o(

The first night...we walked to a very nice Irish pub...

That is...after walking around for about an hour!!

Halifax is very hilly...so...best to go up and across...and then up and across again...you can get very winded...if you are out of shape like me!!

Perhaps this DELICIOUS Lamb Shepherds Pie is one of the reasons I have lost my shape!!

It was really good...and there was also entertainment!!

We sat at the bar....of course!!

The next day, my boyfriend went to see a few customers, so I struck out on my own!!

Up and down...






What is that I see up ahead???


I had to stop!!

After all...

It had my name on it!


They were so good!!

With extra Cajun seasoning!!

The Starlings and Pigeons loved them too!!

On my walk that day...

I was able to capture a wee bit of the Maritime Architecture...

Just love this look!


Our second, and last night in Halifax...

My boyfriend and I walked down to the Harbour to have a drink before heading UP the hills to find a place for dinner...

It is very beautiful down in Halifax harbour...

And we had a guest join us...

We were freezing!!

We found a Keg restaurant, up one of the hills...

Well worth the climb!!

Our salads and steaks were delicious!!


One more day in the Maritimes...

We made a drive the next morning...will share that soon!!

Hope you are all having a great day!!

Some rain this am...but dry since then...

Sunny and breezy....perfect for our annual court get together...

Burgers..sausages...salads...desserts...just what the old bod needs! hahaha!!

Enjoy your evening...

                 Cheers! :o)

ps...managed to get a mani and pedi today..thank goodness!!


  1. Linda these are cool and beautiful pictures!! And the food delicious!!

    1. Hi Gloria...
      Wish the weather had been better!

  2. Very eventful and glad the weather bucked up a bit . . .
    Glad you did not get too lost.
    When my wife and small daughter (then) were in Krakow Poland I got separated from them for a while I found myself alone, not being able to speak Polish (my wife was Polish) and it felt weird . . . and then I saw them . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie!
      My MIL was Polish....imagine that!

    2. Must be where you got your hazel eyes . . . and good nature . . . :)
      I love Polish people . . . and I really loved my MIL as much as my own mother . . . :)

    3. Eddie...my MIL...my Mom was of British decent!!
      My boyfriend has bright blue eyes,that he got from his Irish Dad...
      My Dad had blue eyes...I got the hazel!!

    4. LOL . . . . Aren't I a silly Billy? . . .. saying you got your Hazel eyes from your MIL . . . . lol
      A senior moment . . . . another one!!! . . . lol
      Where did you get your Hazel eyes then? , , , :)

  3. I likeeee the cajun w/ the fries..!
    I was going to ask you if you went to..


    I cannot believe the transformation of the family;)

    Go look.

    1. We did not go to PEI Monique....only New Brunswick and Nova Scotia....would love to go someday!

  4. You can't go wrong with a good steak and baked potato. And that shepard's pie looks yummy, too! You know, I've never made one!
    I wonder what that is...yummy comfort food.

    the lunch truck is cute....I can almost smell those fries!

    1. Yes indeed....yummy comfort food! I am surprised you have never made that!
      I make mine with ground beef.....but the best is the ground lamb....
      Fries were fannnntastic!

  5. I have to agree that the Maritime architecture is really charming. Glad you got to visit some pubs. That's usually where you find great food. Those birds are probably still looking for you, Linda. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) Deb

    1. Hi Deb.....hope you had a great birthday!
      I did not share any fries with those birds! Hahaha!

  6. I have never been to Halifax although I have a standing invitation.
    Perhaps one day I shall strike out on my own and find myself knocking on the door of someone I love dearly.
    Ah, well... I did mail a package off to her on Saturday.
    It has the coveted grandson designed paper plates inside.
    Perhaps they shall one day, not long hence, hold some Fish and Chips.

    1. According to the map, you were not too far from Pepperell Street.

    2. Your MIL and I chatted on FB....seems she lived near my boyfriend years ago!
      It would be much closer for you to show up HERE!

    3. Yes, and I do plan on doing that.
      Throw me possible dates so I can set the time aside.

    4. Oh Martha...I have no idea!!
      Best if you tell me...you are the working gal!!

    5. Okay, I will know better after tomorrow.

    6. Fantastic!
      Good luck tomorrow....
      Which of us will need our passports? Hahaha!
      Tell Betsy to start driving!

  7. hmmm. is that a guinness i spy? that's the marine's favorite.
    well. it's settled.
    i'm in love with halifax.
    that fish and chips looks so yummy too.
    am sure enjoying your trip. LOL.

    1. Nope...Rickards Red...boyfriends fav!!
      More to come...well, one more day trip too Mahone Bay!!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a marvelous tour. Thanks for taking us along. Love old cemeteries. You had a great tour on your own. Loved all the pictures and that steak and salad dinner...to die for.

    1. I LOVE The Keg...beat steak EVER!!

  9. That wind off the Atlantic in Halifax can be DAMN cold!

  10. First time I have seen pictures of Halifax, and it does look interesting (if cold!) Maritime architecture is very attractive, as is that beautiful church. Even the graveyard looks beautiful. Linda chips - how could you not have those!! Do I see a touch of the Irish there? The lamb shepherd's pie looks the business. Happy times and happy memories. x

    1. Everything was delicious!!
      Loved The Irish pub...

  11. Such a shame about the weather. The architecture is beautiful though isn't it. Glad you found some tasty things to eat though!! xx

    1. Never lack for good food,eh Amy?? hahaha!

  12. It is lovely to see other parts of the country, even in the rain. The food looked delicious.
    It has been rainy here, but did get nice and warm yesterday afternoon. More rain for the end of the week. Yikes, plants are getting waterlogged.

    1. Sunny and cooler today....breezy!!
      Lets hope the gardens dont dry right out!!

  13. looks like you had a wonderful time, the whole province has such a down home quality to it doesn't it, I love the artsy character it has,

    1. Yes...love the houses and the landscape...especially around Halifax...

  14. Loved the wonderfully photoed rainy tour . . .
    However . . . I am feeling very hungry for some sweet potato fries with Cajun seasoning early in the morning . . .

  15. Takes me back to my many visits - just love the Maritimes. Always wanted to live there and one day I just might. Yummmmmm to the cajun chips.

  16. I loved this post. So much food. And wow, those fries have your name on them.
    That's pretty good. Now, if I could reach in and just grab one, or two, or ...

    1. That is why...I just HAD to have some! hahaha!

  17. Hmm...liked your joke about "Bud the Spud." Lovely photos, the Maritimes were always a favourite place to visit. I even loved Newfoundland, so unique! Sounds like you had a lot of walking, so it was okay to enjoy those yummy meals. Thanks for the fun travelogue, LSK...

    1. Never been to Newfoundland, but the commercials sure make it look beautiful!
      Happy weekend to you Hester!

  18. Linda, I missed this post and when I was commenting on the latest one I noticed it but forgot to scroll back and look at it. Here I am hours later and I remembered it! Love these photos of your visit to Halifax and Truro. Both are beautiful cities. I am thinking the wooden statues in Truro may have been carved from dead elm trees but don't quote me on that. That town was known for its elms as was Fredericton but the Dutch Elm Disease killed most of them off. May as well make carvings out of them I guess. :)


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