Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last Friday....And A Kitchen Porch Arrangement...

 Last Friday started out looking like this!!

So....after putzing around 'til nearly lunch time...we headed out!!

First we had lunch at Harveys in Port Colborne, then we headed for Welland, as they have a mall there...with a Winners!!

When we returned to the cottage, around 3 pm, things were looking much brighter!!

I took a stroll down to the beach...

The Milkweed has begun to produce its flowers...

Very pleased with this, as the Monarchs and the Hummingbirds love this Native plant...they grow wherever the seeds drop...and I could not be happier!!

The Perennial Lunaria, are starting to form their Silver Dollars...the seeds are can already see them...I will get a picture in the Fall, when they are in their glory!! A very pretty specimen...again, they grow where the seeds land!
these all happen to be on the beach...

You can see that things are beginning to brighten up...

These Coleus, in a planter down by the beach deck, are almost Neon!!

I hunted around, and found a few things for a Kitchen Porch Arrangement...

Ferns...Hosta leaves...Gout Weed flowers...a few Chive Flowers...and...I think a Yellow weed!! hahaha! But...the flower resembles an Evening Primrose to me!! 

And...of course...a Bee!!

While dinner was in the oven, we found a sunny spot at the road side of the cottage...this is where the sun the West...a nice spot at the end of a day..

We were also able to eat dinner on the sunporch, as the sun was streaming in there...almost the longest day of the year!!

Saw this adorable Dove up in the branches of one of our Evergreens...

This is for you Deb!! 

Just had to add another shot of that amazing Begonia!!

Soooo beautiful!!

And the Sunset over the Lake was pretty impressive too!!

Hope you are all having a great day!!

A beautiful one here! Plenty of sunshine, and a lovely breeze...

Did a Costco run, and nabbed 2 rotiserrie chickens!

One for the cottage tomorrow...and one for the freezer!

Such a good deal...we can never resist!

Chicken soup on the stove...also for the soup for the weekend!

Gonna have panko crusted crispy pork chops..with roasted yams, carrots and onions...and some fresh asparagus with parmesan cheese!!

Perhaps we will dine by the pool again tonight...did that last night, just makes the meal so much more delicious!!

Don't you agree??

Have a great evening...

I will wrap up LAST weekend tomorrow...geesh...I have a one track mind lately...cottage....cottage....cottage!!

Can you blame me??

Cheers!  :o)


  1. You certainly had a gorgeous day! Love all your blooming flowers....and the little bee helping himself to a little nectar. I wonder if nectar for bees is like catnip for kitties? You haven't seen any of them go loopy, have you?

    1. Hi Laurie!
      Not sure about that....hahaha....maybe!

  2. Lots of activity and beautiful photos and so much nicer with the sun shining.
    Here we have just passed the longest day already ~ wish it would last and last like this . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes...our longest day was Sunday....right now it is 8:30 pm....still bright out! Love it!
      We ate dinner outside, and just came in....beautiful day!
      It would be nice if it stayed like this!

    2. Sounds like you had a beautiful day . . . lovely . . :)

    3. Have a great weekend Eddie....

  3. Milkweed/ aka/JoePye is a true butterfly magnet!

    I miss Silver Dollars/ La Monnaie Du Pape/Lunaria..~ I was maybe 6 and went to my mom's aunt's home on St-Vaiteur in Montreal..she had some growing and I never forgot it..we had a bunch..always ..all rubbed and shiny somewhere in the house I grew up in until I was 10..
    I must plant some again!
    I did about 25 years..ago..How could I forget?

    Do you freeze the Costco cooked chickens?

    Never thought of that!
    Just flash freeze?

    Just saw a disturbing video ..Ryan Gosling..and Costco..did you see it?
    Aol ..

    National holiday here today..went berry picking w/ Mylène and Noah.
    Glorious day~
    Dinner? Home made pizzas.

    1. Monique....I can mail you some seeds! No me your address, and when they "silver" up....I will mail them to you!
      I let the chickens cool first....put several bags...from Costco....around them , and then freeze...they come out just as delicious!
      I will google the Ryan Gosling thing...
      Hope you come back to see my reply....
      Have a great evening....
      We sat outside FOREVER!

  4. The day at the cottage turned into lovely one after a slow start. Busy here today, packing lists, last minute shopping and trying to figure out what had to go in those 100 ml containers for the plane. The last time we flew those restrictions weren't in place. What is this world turning into????

    1. Have a great trip!
      Not sure what you mean about the 100ml.....we just flew to the Maritimes, no problems!

  5. Wonderful photos Linda ! Nope cant blame you at all as I love your cottage by the lake it is lovely . I find food always tastes better when you eat it out side in the summer time I have no idea why ? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. We are off again tomorrow Elaine....can't wait!
      Maybe you should drive over for a visit!

  6. The begonia in the header is an absolute beauty!
    Jane x

    1. sure is Jane.....welcome back!

  7. Never ceases to amaze me the variety Mother Nature provides. And you always capture her so beautifully, Linda. I love the photo of the cottage too... So welcoming. Mmmmm chicken! I am off to get groceries so who knows what I will have for dinner!

    1. She is wonderful, eh Suzanne?
      Groceries? At this time of night? are a city gal! Enjoy!

    2. Oh....what picture of the cottage? You mean the shed? Hahaha!

    3. Ha!!!! Yes... The shed! I was looking quickly on my phone, not the computer, and thought it was the cot-tawwwge. Well, the shed is welcoming too! Had smoked salmon and cream cheese on a toasted sesame bagel for dinner. Yum.

    4. boyfriend loves that!!

  8. The Lunaria is really something, eh! I've never seen anything like that. Love your photos, as usual. Sounds like your summer of cottage-life has now begun. Thanks for the beautiful Mourning Dove. Mine have been absent for a few days so it was nice to see yours. It looks like lots of the early Spring birds are returning now. I guess their nesting duties are over. I'm like you and leave enough food out in feeders just to keep them popping by. :) Right now I'm enjoying the chipmunk family. Cutest darn things. Have fun at the cottage this weekend. Hugs, Deb

    1. Hi Deb!
      They are a perennial....actually, a bi-ennial....Spring time are purple flowers, then the "silver dollars" appear....they were used in dried flower arrangements in the '80's....also called Money Plant!
      We have a chipmunk....not sure if it is a family....seen him a few times!
      Have a great weekend!

  9. My favorite photo is of the sunset! So pretty! Hope you have lovely weather at the cottage this weekend! I think we might be getting more rain! ha.

    1. Oh Betsy....such a cheap date! Stay tuned....Saturdays sunset was INCREDIBLE! More rain? Geesh.....

  10. I would be cottage cottage, cottage too . . .
    Love the Mourning Dove picture . . ..
    And your baskets of flowers are so delightful . . .
    Green vase of hosta leaves and others is yummy . . .
    And then there is the Begonis, oh my . . . so lovely!

    1. Hi Lynne...
      We are off again today..yippee!!
      Supposed to be rainy on Saturday, so must strike while the iron is hot!!
      Hope my baskets are ok!!

  11. It looks like you had a lovely time at the cottage. The plants are looking great and your baskets are thriving, as always. I LOVE begonias! The dove in the tree is cute. The sunset is beautiful.

  12. It's so nice to see the milkweed growing and hopefully will be a successful plant and attract butterflies and hummers. My mother in law used to have lots of the silver dollar plant and I still have a dried bouquet from them that must be 20 years old now! They are so pretty when the covers and seeds are removed and it's fun to do too. Beautiful photos as always.


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