Tuesday, 9 June 2015

First Leg Of The Trip........

Day One....

We flew out of Toronto Pearson Airport, on a cool, cloudy Sunday afternoon...

Arrived in Moncton New Brunswick, just before  dinner time...same weather conditions there...cool, and rainy!!

Walked out to eat...did not take my camera, as we were huddling under an umbrella...hiding from the cool rain and windy conditions...

I took a photo...the next day...of the restaurant we ate at...

"Catch 22" Lobster bar...

It had been featured on the tv show"You Gotta Eat Here" on Food network...

Very nice East coast decor...but we weren't that crazy about our meals...

We each had a platter, with shrimps,scallops,salmon and cod...

Nothing really stood out as delicious...perhaps it was the "beeping" of the microwave that turned us off!! Hahaha!
Oddly, and nicely enough, there was a gorgeous sunset out our hotel window...

So ends our Sunday...

Day Two...

On the road early to meet up with Pam in Fredericton New Brunswick...

About a 2 hour trip...along the Trans Canada Hwy...

At least the rain had stopped for the drive...but, very cloudy...

I managed to grab this photo of the St John's River from the car...

You can see the huge clouds...

I met up with Pam around 11:30am...

We talked and talked...finally ordered lunch...

Delicious chicken club panini and fries of course!

I had crocheted her this cowl...a new invented pattern...I love the way it turned out...hope she gets some use out of it this Winter!!

I made her a card from one of my photos...

and I do believe she loved it!!

Pam gave me a lovely bag of goodies!!

Lovely linen napkins, stencilled with a blue bird...a stack of her fabulous photos made into cards with envelopes...love these!! Some lovely paper napkins and a handpainted magnet for the fridge!! This is already on the fridge at the cottage!
Thanks so much Pam! you are very thoughtful!

My boyfriend arrived back to pick me up...after about 2 hours of gabbing...well, as I said before, mostly me!! I am a talker!!

We headed back to Moncton, where it was still dry, so as it was nearly dinnertime, we took a short walk, and I got a few photos.

This park is right beside where we stayed...

These Tulips were outside the RCMP offices...

Beautiful, eh??

The sculpture of the ship, was built where there used to be an old ship building business.

Pam told us that her great grandfather used to practice his skills here, and we found his name on the monument!

Pam is very proud of her Maritimes heritage, just one of the many things I liked about her!

We walked up Main Street, and found a great place to eat...

Boyfriend was in heaven!!

He had this board with raw oysters,steamed mussels,smoked salmon with red pappers..,smoked trout/capers spread...all with some crispy bread alongside...

I had fish and chips...delicious!!

If we can get a seat, we like to sit at the bar...more friendly there...and you can meet some interesting people!!

This was where we ate...

If you are ever in downtown Moncton...

"You Gotta Eat Here"!!!

Last night in Moncton...

Off to Truro Nova Scotia the next morning...

Another gorgeous Sunset in Moncton...

Hope you are all having a great day!!

I worked all day!! Laundry...vacuuming...and I fixed up Miss V's room a bit...she does love visiting here...to have her own space...
I still had my oldest daughters wee table and chairs, so i finally got that up to the room...she will be so excited when she visits next!

Well...the sun is finally out...after another rainy cloudy day...
The humidity seems to be building up...
Hope to get out tomorrow, and run a few errands...

I have skinny beef soup on the stove...smells delish!!

We are gonna have an oven meal tonight...

Pork Chops...roasted yams...fresh asparagus...

Have a great evening...

Welcome to a few lovely new followers, who came VIA Pam's blog!
Glad to have you here......

                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. what a cool trip! beginning with the glorious picture of the white puffy clouds... right on down to the last sunset.
    and now i want fish and chips! LOL.
    i must google the places you went. moncton looks beautiful. and i want to see more of truro. thanks for the ride along! xo

    1. Three more days to go! Truro was the "low" spot....POURED rain....and I mean POURED!
      We ate at the hotel!

  2. LOL the mcrowave beeps;)

    I bet you are excited to see Miss V's reaction to the table and chairs;)

    Mine have almost outgrown J's set when he was a child..

    Fun trip Linda!
    Lovely cowl..gift exchanges in person are so sweet!
    Love the hat you brought back for Miss V:) Those eyes:)♥

    1. Hi Monique!
      So cool that you have your husbands table and chairs!
      The next 3 days to follow.....

  3. Very interesting account of your visit and meet up with Pam.
    No stop talking for 2 hours (mostly you) . . . made me laugh . . . and you say you are 'a bit of a talker' . . . jeepers. . lol

    Loved that last sunset shot . . .and hey I don't b;lame you having fish and chips . . . I don't like sea foods.
    Will visit Pam soon . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes...I am a chatterbox!
      I like shrimp, scallops and lots of fish....but not the "snotty" things in the shells! Hahaha!
      Enjoy your evening!

  4. Great to see more of your trip and the lovely things that you and Pam gave each other. Your cowl is beautiful, I am sure that Pam will wear it a lot in all the snow that she gets! The things that she gave you are beautiful as well. Sounds as though you had some good things to eat on your travels! xx

    1. Thanks Amy...I have made several others since then! Will share my made up pattern! I am just like you! Hahaha!
      Yes...lots of good food....my waistline is proof of that!

  5. The weather might have been crummy, but you did get some lovely sunsets!
    The Mister loves his fish and chips...he just had them yesterday for lunch while eating out!
    I love them, too...something I don't usually make at home! I should...it's been a while!
    Love the gifts you and Pam exchanged....especially your linen bird napkins!

    1. Yes....but I could only see them in Moncton! Just lucky the way the room was facing!
      It was a real treat for me! Beer battered! I usually bake or BBQ fish....without the fattening crispy crust...delish!
      The napkins are lovely....she is a sweet gal!

  6. I WANT bf's meal - love it!!! Beautiful gifts you exchanged - what a gorgeous cowl. Sunsets were stunning - just look at those pinks and lavenders. And the ship sculpture is my favourite. So creative and evocative.

    1. He LOVED it!!! And....it was my suggestion!
      Yes....the ship sculpture was cool....

  7. Sound like a fun first leg. there is something about meeting blog friends and making them "real" that is just an incredible experience.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Miss V at her little table.

    1. It was an incredible experience....for sure! I will cry when I meet you, too!
      I can't wait for her to see it! She has sat at it in the rec room....but, this will be special!

    2. Soon now. July is not far off.

  8. So glad you had a good trip, despite the cool and damp weather. The rain seems to have stopped after 2 solid days and the sun is trying to come out now. Hubby loves fish and chips too, but I can't eat seafood due to allergies. Don't know what I would eat if I visited the Maritimes. The cowl looks lovely, you will have to share the pattern so we can all make some.

    1. We had brilliant sunshine since 4 pm...
      I will share the pattern....absolutely!

  9. Thanks for the beginning travelogue. Love the thoughtful gifts that you exchanged with Pam and yummy seafood photos. Almost expected you to show up at ladies coffee this morning, how's that for making you feel guilty, ha, ha. Your dinner sounds wonderful, glad that this BF made stir fry with chicken, ready when I arrived home from tutoring. Take care...

    1. No time, Hester! Did a lot of work today!not that it hasn't crossed my mind!
      I want your boyfriend to cook for me! Hahaha!

  10. Those linen napkins are gorgeous, Linda. You'll have to have a dinner party just to show them off. Funny how you and Pam both like to make your own cards. Your photos are all really nice and I could dive right into those fish and chips. Deb

    1. Hers are beautiful! Fabulous photos...great fish & chips!
      Enjoy your evening!

    2. Linda, I should have told you the linen napkins were made in Canada but I'm not sure where. The store I bought them at - Savour Decor - has them with different stamps on them too. :)

    3. Good to know, Pam....
      These 2 are perfect for boyfriend and I...♥️

  11. This is a nice post post Linda and the pictures are lovely!!!!

    1. Thanks Gloria! You are sweet.....

  12. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos -- we're going down to the Maritimes this summer. We're staying one night in Moncton but at the Travelodge on the #1 Hwy so don't know if we'll actually get into downtown Moncton before we head off again.

    1. If you can...make the extra trip...not that far from the hwy to downtown...the restaurant was awesome!!
      Hope you take some pics!!

  13. Oh what fun Linda! It looked like a great trip. How fun to meet up with a kindred spirit. What a thrill it would be, for me to meet up with you!
    I will have to go meet Pam and read her blog.
    You and the boyfriend had some yummy meals it looked like!
    I am sure your sweet little Miss V was excited to have you both home!
    I have missed you so much!
    xo Kris

    1. Oh Kris...me too!!
      Hope you are finally well...too sick for too long!
      I have another post to do...Some more great eating in Halifax!!

  14. Fabulous sunsets! You have had a great trip, Linda. The crotchet cowl is beautiful, and Pam will love to wear it. Your gift bag of goodies looks so nice too. My mouth is watering with the fish and chips - it is my favourite meal!

    1. Ha!!! love fish and chips!! More great meals to come! hahaha!

  15. Great post Linda! I enjoyed seeing your photos, especially of the food. :) Also the one of the ship monument is nice. I have a photo of it taken from the other side but not the whole ship. I really need to eat at the Tide & Boar sometime. We always seem to go to Hynes Restaurant on Mountain Rd. which has home cooking. Have a great evening.

    1. You should try this place....excellent food!

  16. Sounds and looks like a wonderful few days "getaway!"
    Meeting Pam sounds delightful too . . . (Same last name, no relation.)
    I would be over the moon with all the fish and seafood, .. . . (deep fried too!)
    Little Miss V will love her visits with you . . . I am sure?
    Aren't you thrilled that you have the little table and chairs . . .
    I sense a T-Party very soon . . .

  17. Should have been a ! instead of a ? . . .
    nothing is perfect I guess, not even the iPad . . .

    1. Hahaha! I have the same problem with my Ipad! Even changes words for me!
      Miss V was here today....she LOVED the way I had changed "her" room.....
      Sat at the table and played on her "tablet"....so cute!
      I must get her a tea set for her b'day...she will be 3 in July....
      Enjoy your evening!

  18. The sky pictures are heavenly. Love the food, too. Really, the whole
    nine yards, looks good.


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