Monday, 30 November 2015

The Weekend....

Starting with the full Moon on Thursday night...

Off to the cottage on Saturday...

Very bleak,dark,chilly and wet...

At least the winds were calm,which made it less cold!!

We decided not to close the cottage yet...

The weather is still on the warmer below freezing expected in the next few weeks...

At least this way...

The door is open if the urge comes over us, to have a sleepover...well....ME more than the boyfriend! hahaha!

She will be ok for a bit longer...I have emptied the fridge, except for a few essentials...that won't take any time to finish up...I left the bed made up...just in case!!

the beach was really low that day...I love when there is no wind!!

Found a few interesting things on the beach... 


This piece of Birch Bark perfectly rolled up...

And...I think... a Gourd of some sort!!

Those beautiful Yellow flowers are still blooming!!

Wish I could remember the name!!

My boyfriend took some old boxes of "papers" to burn...

It was a great day to do I said...NO WIND!!

He found a few interesting things in a few of the boxes...

Will share later!!

While he tended the fire...

I got busy, and snipped from fresh greens from some of my evergreen trees...

I used them today, to make my front door planter...

And one in the backyard...

Aren't those Pine Cones crazy big!!

On son came out, to put up the Christmas lights for me...

He and my boyfriend were busy outside, so I put together a vegetable lasagna for our dinner...
And I must was darn delicious!!

My Halloween and Thanksgiving Pumpkins are still holding up...

I know as soon as the frost turns them to mush...RED will get his big face in there!!

Miss V and her Mom stopped by...

She added some Christmas spirit to my kitchen windows...

They also stayed for dinner...

after Miss V helped her Papa and Uncle Ryan with the lights!! 

tee hee hee!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...Thanksgiving...and a lovely day today...

On the cool side...but lots of sunshine makes a big difference...

Got my tree is in the garage...soaking up a pail of water...

Hope to get it inside tomorrow... 

         Enjoy your evening...

                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. I love when Miss V puts the stickers on your windows..the water was low!
    Very festive Linda..enjoy !

    1. Yes....very low....until it gets rough again!
      Miss V loves those window clings!

  2. Try as I might, I can never get a good moon picture. What's your secret? What's your camera?

    Love those pretty boots!

    You can keep the lipgloss, but I'll take a few pine cones and bows.

    1. I have a Canon Power Shot..SX500IS....has a great zoom feature...and lots of settings...I love it!
      Those boots are great, for when it is soggy!
      You should take a walk around your place...cut a few things!
      My planter looks awesome!

    2. I am....going to take a walk around my place, that is. I have some cedar trees and magnolias that I'm going to use this Christmas. Oh, and some holly trees.

    3. OH my.....magnolias? Gorgeous! Very pricey show!

  3. Lovely photos and Christmas lights . It has been chilly here on and off but lots of sunshine , rain and 10C for us tomorrow ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Yup....same here Elaine...
      Enjoy your evening...

  4. Love the fresh greens...I need to do that! Maybe in a week before the mister's office party here...our back yard is lined with pine trees...should get some pretty boughs!

    The moon was lovely, wasn't it? It's been grey and raining ever since!

    1. That would be perfect! And the price is right! hahaha!
      We had some sun today...supposed to rain tomorrow...gonna sort thru my gifts, and see what I have !!!
      Perhaps look thru a few Christmas containers...pick a few things to put out!

  5. I'm glad you might get more time at the cottage. Still marvelling that we've been so lucky with milder weather this November.
    Those boughs and cones are gorgeous. I can almist smell them!
    Just got home from a delicious Thai dinner and a fun concert of a new theatre production company that friends of mine have launched. It was great entertainment and helped fight the darkness outside.
    Love Miss V and her stickers!

    1. Yes..for sure...November has been great!!
      Glad that you are out and about again have had a rough road these past few months..
      Lousy weather today :o(

  6. Ooo, your Christmas lights display is looking good Linda. HB put some of ours up yesterday, getting in the festive mood. I'm pleased you will be able to go again to the cottage: it is so gorgeous there, no wonder you are drawn back to it. Those flowers look like ones we call Gazania in Australia, very tough, and will grow anywhere.

    1. I will look that up Patricia...thanks!
      The tree is in the LR...warming up!!

    2. I googled it...I do believe that is what they are!! Thanks for solving the mystery Patricia!

  7. Yes, let's enjoy this mild weather for as long as it lasts! And those pine cones are crazy, man.

  8. Nice moon shot.
    Your sea of 'tranquillity' looks very low and the shore reveals some interesting things. No false teeth I note. . . . lol . . . maybe only in Florida.
    It sure looks a different place compared to summer days but glad it is still quite mild for you.

    Tell Miss V I like the stickers . . . :)
    Nice lights too.

    I might invite Peter to help me put up the Christmas Tree this year ~ the first time I have felt like doing it after the loss of dear Maria . . :)

    Have a good rest of day . . .

    1. Hi Eddie... false teeth!! only in America, eh?? that was so funny when he found those!!
      We buried them under where our beach chairs are...will look for them!!
      Will tell Miss V tomorrow...
      Oh yes...get Peter to help...he will have a ball!!
      You can tell him about his Gramma while adding the decorations♥️

    2. LOL . . . so when you return to Florida you are doing a spot of archaeology digging up the false teeth . . . rofl.

      Yes, looking forward to doing the tree with Peter ~ hope he does not knock it over driving his car . . . :)

    3. If we remember....hahaha!
      He drives in the house?

    4. only a little push along car . . . with clean wheels . . :)

  9. Lovely big pinecones. The house looks festive with all the lights on it. I started some decorating today, got the village up. We had ice rain this morning but now it is just rain, rain, rain. I've been working on a couple more projects for Christmas.

    1. I got a few things done today...less is more...I say that every year! hahaha!
      Right is so foggy, you can hardly see across the street!!
      Not much rain here....

  10. A great weekend! Your lights look great don't they. Those pinecones are quite something!! xx

  11. oh my
    those wonderful green boughs and pine cones! i can smell that heavenly smell from here.
    oh wait... no. maybe it's the mouth watering veggie lasagna too.
    i hear according to the weather service that it's going to be unseasonably warmer this winter in your area. maybe?
    so you might get even more weekends at the cottage! one can always hope I guess.

    1. You would love my tree!
      The house smells like balsam....lovely!
      I hope we do.....truly!

  12. Love those boughs and cones . . .
    Lights . . .
    All . . .
    Happy December days . . .

    1. Aren't they nice???
      Got 2 planters done...
      You decorating??

  13. Oh it does look bleak at the cottage. It's nice that you'll get another visit or 2 in there though. Love your Christmas lights on the house. Very festive. Cold and rainy here today after freezing rain this morning delayed school by 2 hours. Snow tomorrow - maybe.

    1. Bleak is a very good word, Pam!!
      Snow??? Nothing here...wall to wall sunshine!!


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